IGD DataListX Prospecting Platform

​DatalistX is an amazing AI-driven marketing data platform with 37 million verified contacts across the globe. This help companies to do targeted account based online marketing to reach ideal prospects. DatalistX empower sales teams to target and reach any key contacts across the globe with 65 company data points and real-time business updates and sales opportunity alerts. Your sales and marketing team can boost the efficiency of prospect research and sales lead generation campaigns with verified key contacts details in an online platform.

Reach Ideal Customer Profile ( ICP)

Create ideal customer profiles to generate and keep the sales cycle short for better. By identifying your target ICP correctly will increase your sales revenue significantly

Increase Your Total Addressable Market (TAM) Reach

With the help of DatalistX platform you can easily locate your targeted companies and key contacts to increase your reach across the globe. You can easily import these contacts in your CRM platform like Salesforce, MicroSoft Dynamics, Zoho etc.

Save Prospecting Time and Accelerate Sales Revenue

DatalistX helps you to automate sales prospecting while seamlessly exporting your ideal prospects contact details to your CRM in real time. You can easily integrate with the sales and marketing tools you are already using with any technology advances.

Track Communications

Our real time sales monitoring helps you to understand sales team performance. You can check the data export details and usage history in real. This real time monitoring can Increase the Transparency s and reduce fraudulence thereby enhancing your team’s productivity.

Real Time CRM Database Updates

With DatalistX you can update your CRM data virtually anywhere from any device. Fill your CRM with up-to-date, human verified contact and account details to help your sales team to stop wasting time on updating the information.

Improve Marketing ROI

Reduce your sales teams prospecting time with DatalistX platform for prospecting and sales lead generation, which results in increase in ROI.


Our Pricing

Basic Version


Per user per month, billed annually
  • 1000 contacts per month
  • Prospect data import and customization
  • Emailing + Access to tracking platform



Per user per month, billed annually
  • 5000 contacts per month
  • Prospect data import and customization
  • Emailing + Access to tracking platform
  • Custom Fields, direct dials, Email and domain filtering


Contact Us

  • Advanced account targeting and email validation
  • Unlimited usage license
  • Customized security settings
  • Web Visitors tracking
If you are interested in buying an accurate, up-to-date, verified B2B database,
please email us at sales@infoglobaldata.com or call us on +1 (206) 792 3760.

Success Stories
Expect more from your marketing data

I have used InfoGlobalData for my company (a mergers and acquisition firm in Toronto Canada) and have being using the data daily since. Very accurate information (over 90% accuracy in my data set) and very detailed.

Jacob Fletcher

Managing Partner

We have sent 73,000 Emails, 571 Conversations and Successfully Generated $1.2M Pipleline in 70 Days using InfoGlobalData Services.
We are able to reach 18K unique contacts and more than 4600 companies and generated around 24% new sales pipeline.

InfoGlobalData is always immediately responsive to initial inquires and works quickly to get the counts and quote you need to evaluate your options when you’re sourcing lists for an e-blast to a specific audience.

Kristin Fayer

Marketing Manager

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