Some of your emails may only be relevant to your local subscribers, such as invitations to shows, workshops, other events, or even certain products. Inviting all your subscribers shows those who are too far to attend that you’re unaware of or unconcerned with how distant they are. Instead, segment your list geographically and send the invitation only to subscribers within driving distance.

Getting the right message to the right audience is one of the pillars of effective marketing. By achieving relevancy you increase the chance of response and the potential for making a sale, which helps to boost your ROI. In fact, geo targeting can drive up to 60% of your campaign’s success. In addition to enhancing your bottom line, the insight gathered from targeting provide companies with a more comprehensive view of their market and their customers.

Determine your target area(s) based on any 1 or a combination of the following criteria: Geographic – proximity to your business, City, County, State, Postal Code etc.

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