25 Ways to Grow Your Permission Based Email List

In the light of requirements for data compliance privacy and protection policies, multiple email lists were affected. Permission-based mailing lists are the email contacts who have consent to be contacted for marketing a particular product or service. Providing a privacy-compliant email database has increased the pressure to gain higher ROI for every contact in the email list. The need for consistent data cleansing and updates to keep up with the regular data changes has become a priority for data providers.

Why are Permission-Based Email Lists Vital?

Businesses that do it right and establish permission-based email lists get higher open and click-through rates on their messages and increase sales and revenue from their marketing efforts. Businesses that get it wrong notice low open and click-through rates on their email campaigns, which means they're missing out on sales and profit opportunities.


• Procure enhanced Click-through and Open rates

On average, email campaigns direct their marketing messages to consented email contacts, seeing higher open and click-through rates.

• Retain maximum deliverability rate

Sending marketing messages to contacts without their consent is legally wrong, and it also increases the chances of being marked as spam.

• Get higher ROI

Opt-in contacts have a higher response rate as they are looking forward to receiving marketing messages for your service or product.

How do Data Privacy Policies affect Permission-Based Mailing Lists?

Data privacy guidelines were designed in response to the rapid growth of the internet and the exponential rise in data shared online, unwanted solicitation, reported spam, and even data theft. These standards establish some very essential guidelines for email marketing and digital communications in general in the future. Permission will become one of the most critical factors for marketers to consider before adding the contact of a potential audience to their mailing list; therefore, opt-in email marketing will become more vital.

Users now have the right to view and know how their data is utilized. They can also revoke their consent, request that their data be transferred to another service provider, and demand that firms educate them about the data they collect. Users can now have their information rectified, object to data processing, restrict processing, and be notified about any data breaches that affect them, among other things. With all of these elements at play, considering the concept of permission is more crucial than ever. Users must actively opt-in to know how their contact data is being used and can express their consent.

1. Maintaining its prominence above the fold

Ascertain that your sign-up form is visible to subscribers. It's possible they won't discover it because it's hidden in the footer. Maintain a high level of visibility for your sign-up form, preferably above the fold.

2. Providing a valuable exchange

Consumers expect value from brands to which they entrust their data in the post-compliance marketing landscape.

3. Entice more people in your business with lead magnets

Using a calendar or eBook to collect email addresses is a great way to start. In exchange for marketing permission, offer this content for download.

4. Include a link at the end of an email

Every email sent by your team member is an opportunity to expand your B2B marketing list. Along with your email signatures, add a subscribe link.

5. Buttons for posting on social media

Include buttons for social sharing in your emails. People will notice how excellent your email content is if it is shared, and they will consider joining.

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6. Sending an email to a friend

Include a button to email a friend as well. This is yet another method of reaching a larger audience. Make sure to include a subscribe link at the bottom of your emails. Friends who receive your email will be able to sign up directly from their inbox.

7. Emails are collected in-store

Another strategy to expand your email list is to collect emails in-store. To comply with GDPR, make sure individuals understand what they're signing up for.

8. Present special discounts

A good deal is something that everyone appreciates. Use the promise of exclusive discounts on your sign-up form to entice users to join your email list.

9. Use your imagination when composing an email

An innovative, on-brand copy will get people's attention. Make them want to hear from you again.

10. Excellent content creation

People will share your email content if it is exceptional. You can reach a larger audience if your email content is shared. Those who view it must first join up to participate in the process.

11. Hosting events

Hosting after-hours in-store events is an excellent method to expand your email list. It's a no-brainer to give away free tickets for marketing permission.

12. Avoid asking for too much

It's crucial to keep your email sign-up forms as straightforward as possible. Avoid asking too many questions as they will get hesitant to subscribe.

13. Audiences with subscriptions should be targeted

Segment the people who see your sign-up forms so you can send them personalized messages. Your sign-up forms will become more relevant and likely to be remembered.

14. Clarity on the advantages

It's critical to understand the advantages of joining your email list. Make it evident with the initial presentation.

15. Gated content promotion

Make careful to market your gated content if you've opted to use it to generate email sign-ups. To accomplish this, run advertising across all of your effective marketing channels.

16. Putting together a blog series is a great way to get your ideas out there

Having a blog series that people can subscribe to is an excellent method to get people to join your mailing list.


17. Putting a unique spin on it

Giving your email newsletter a catchy, on-brand name is a great approach to get people to sign up.

18. Making use of social evidence

You may utilize social proof to expand your email list by using the power of fame. Show how many others have already done so to persuade potential audiences to sign up.

19. Adapting it for mobile

It's critical to make your email sign-up form mobile-friendly. Don't lose out on sign-ups by causing mobile consumers to become frustrated.

20. Blogging for a third-party website

You can reach a larger audience by blogging for third-party sites. Make sure to include a sign-up call to action at the end of your article so that satisfied readers can hear from you again.

21. Continuous testing is required

As with every part of marketing, continuous testing is the key to building a successful email list.

22. Your call to action should be evaluated

It's critical to test your call to action (CTA). Audiences respond to words in various ways. A/B tests your call-to-action copy to see which one converts the best.

23. Create a unique experience

Authenticity is the key focus when it comes to selling your product. Offer your users something they can't find somewhere else to entice them to sign up for your communication cycles. This could include product previews, member-only specials, or sneak-peeks at new products.

24. Requesting input

Another option to gather email addresses is to ask for feedback on-site. Make sure you get marketing permission as well.

25. Creating expectations

It's critical to set goals. People must be confident that you will not spam them and that they can quickly unsubscribe.

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To wrap it up!

Ensuring you have permission to deliver marketing messages to specific prospects is a crucial component of email marketing. With the rise in concerns of privacy compliance regulations for email lists, the game has changed for B2B marketers, but the outlook of email marketing is upheld. All that is required of brands is to change their email marketing strategy. Concentrate on establishing trust, clearly delivering information, and persuading prospects for your marketing content. To ensure you deliver consented contacts in your email list, process your database with multiple verifications and keep the mailing list real-time updated with data changes.

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