• Creating High Quality and Unique Contents
  • Provide Personalized Touchpoints
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Work Closely with the Sales Team
  • A/B Test

The B2B marketing team's fundamental objective is to generate quality leads that can be lifted into the sales pipeline. The more leads they generate, the more sales they will get, it would enhance the growth of the business.

Lead generation is the most important KPI for the B2b marketing team to measure the ROI of overall marketing expenses. A lot of things depend on how effective your B2b lead generation strategy and how effectively you can measure the ROI from it.

61% percent of businesses are saying that lead generation is their biggest marketing challenge, as per HubSpot’s State of Inbound report.

Why lead generation is a notable paramount in B2B?

Without lead generation, the business will struggle to get sales; it will adversely influence the revenue and the expansion of the company. Perhaps, today's B2b companies are heavily dependent on the lead generation as it generates traffic into their website, through this the company can convert the leads to customers.

Being said, a good lead generation system can conveniently measure by KPIs. Content marketing is the major domain of a solid lead generation, through the regular update of the relevant content would help you to earn the trust of the customers.

B2B Lead Generation- Few tips and Strategies

Create High Quality and Unique Content

Content Marketing is one of the interesting media to get the attention of the leads. You can share different types of content such as videos and articles. Making it worthy, you need to do a rigorous research on the customer's interest, behavior, and so on. It would help you to create some decent content.

Learn your targeted group to provide them with quality content. It can help you to get great search engine optimization for the website. SEO is all about increasing the page views in a generally untargeted way so that many potential leads will find your website through search engines.

Image Source: Ontarget Interactive

Provide Personalized Touchpoints

Today customers are craving the human touch that enhances them to cultivate an intense connection and more relation with the brands. The survey conducted by SalesForce of 7000 consumers, 57% of the respondents said they are eager to share their data in exchange for personalized offers and 53% for personalized product recommendation and 52% would like to share their details for the customized purchase experience.

Personalize Social Media Accounts and Connect with the Audience

An average person has 7.6 active social media accounts and they spend a minimum of 2 hours per day. You can take advantage of this to get in touch with the leads and convert them into sales. Start a Facebook group and have a regular conversation about the current trends of your business. Hashtags are one of the techniques that help you to get in touch with people who are interested in your products. LinkedIn is another platform to communicate with the leads and explain to them more about the product.

Encourage Online Reviews

92% of consumers read online reviews before they buy a product. Keeping a testimonial page or a review page would be an advantage to get more contact. It creates an opportunity for your leads to understand more about your products and services.

Work Closely with the Sales Team

If the marketing and sales team is working together they can come up with different and unique strategies to increase the lead generation. Sharing different ideas and collaborating would help to understand the targeted audience their interest, pain point, and behavior. Picking up different ideas from different perspectives will ensure to combine strategies in various aspects such as SEO, PPC, ABM, Web, social media, and so on.

Optimum use of Email

Still, email has a vital role in B2b marketing. Super Office’s State of B2B Email Marketing reported that 77% of B2b marketers use email marketing to drive leads. In B2b business, website tracking deserves much attention. It would help to reveal the actual business prospects that have checked the website.

Study the Target Audience

The customer's behavior won't be the same all the time. It is a huge responsibility for you to study customer behavior according to the time. Study the targeted group and develop a buyer persona based on the findings such as interests, pain points, challenges, goals, and behavior. This would help you to come up with services according to the needs of the leads.

A/B Test

An experiment that can ensure you a better comparison of two versions of the campaign to see which performed better. A/B test will give clarity to you about the weakness and strengths of your campaign. A/b testing will provide you an actionable, measurable, and immediate result.

Developing a quality lead generating strategy is the major component of B2b. A convenient lead generating campaigning can ensure a strong foundation for the business. Utilize all the lead generating strategies mentioned in the blog to get more ideas. On the other hand, lead generation campaigns would work differently to different businesses set up based on the products and services. Figuring out the best strategy for your business is completely up to you. It's all works based on your understanding of your targeted audience.


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