Identifying the Right Decision-Maker


  • Types of Decision-Makers
  • Using LinkedIn to Leverage Connections
  • Using advanced search tools and navigators
  • Making use of CEO Email Lists

Do you know, as a salesperson all your efforts are in vain if you are not in touch with the right decision making management or a decision-maker of any buying company? The decision-maker is a person or group of people who make all the buying decisions and give purchase orders. And any company or a salesperson approaching such company must get in touch with them to crack a deal. If you are talking to a company’s employee to get a deal, you are seriously wasting your time there. Hence, it’s imperative to connect with decision-makers who can actually help you get some business.

First you need to learn to identify the correct maker. A company might have a title for such decision maker or may not. The title may vary widely depending on the size of the company or may not even be there where you are hunting. Many startups and small companies don’t even have one. Either the owner or the decision making management makes all their purchase decision. Hence learn to identify them through their types.

Types of Decision-Makers

There are predominantly five types of decision-makers. These are listed hereunder.

  • The initiator - the initiator is the person who decides to start the buying process. He makes decision for all the purchase requirements and makes the final order. Most of the times, in a company an initiator has the power to make the purchase decision, or to say, he is the decision maker. So, connect with decision maker to get the order.
  • The influencer - these are the people who are not in the purchase department or the management of the company. They are mostly the employees of other department who tries to convince others they need a product. They are usually the end-user in a company. They understand the inefficiencies with their procedures and hence make the requisition to the person concerned. Salespeople can get in touch with them, so that these influencers can raise the requirement for the product or services they are offering.
  • The decider - the decider is the person who most of the time makes the final decision. The initiators and the influencers most of the time get their requisition finalized with such a decision-maker. He is the most important person in the sales process to be on your side. Try and track them to get the orders.
  • The buyer - the buyer is the person who actually makes payment to you. He trusts the deciders, initiators and the influencers to make the best decision for the business. If they have given any vendor’s choice, he also obliges the same, and after being satisfied signs the check. So get in touch with the buyers of the company.
  • The users - in a company there are many people who use products purchased from you. They might have no saying in the buying process but still their reviews for your product matters. They can also be the initiator or the influencer. They can convince their friends and decision making management in the company to purchase your product. Hence trace and target them accordingly. Tracing them efficiently can be a game changer for your sales strategies.

Now, let's come to the most important part of the discussion, how to connect to these different decision makers? Go for modern techniques to search and connect to them. And for all the answers read hereunder.

Step 1 - Use LinkedIn to leverage common connections

LinkedIn is an online platform to build business connections. You can use it to find any common connection between you and your colleagues at your targeted company. If you find any common connection, consider yourself to be lucky enough as now you may not have to go through other steps. You can ask your colleague to get yourself introduced to the decision making management or any other types of decision-makers.

Step 2 - Map the organization

If the step1 was not fruitful for you, you can come to this step. Start mapping the organization where you are interested to sell your products. Use advanced searching tools, sales navigator, and visit profiles of people in the company. With some in-depth research you can make an educated guess on the likely decision making management or the individual decision-makers. When you have the idea, start to connect with decision maker.

Step 3 - Visit profiles to narrow down the search

If you failed in step2 also, don’t lose hope, take help of the next step. You must be carrying a list of leads. Start diving into their business as well as personal profiles. You predominantly need to check two things, one is their length of service in the organization and secondly their skills and endorsements. By applying these two things, it won’t be difficult to reach B2B decision makers also, as most of the time it is challenging to search them. Target for people who have served the organization for longest and have the skills to make this type of decision.

Step 4 - Start your sales campaign

By now you must have an idea to who to reach out and who can be your targeted decision maker. You can accordingly start your campaign and reach the decision makers across the USA, UK, Canada and global markets.

If till now you are clueless and have no idea whom to target and approach, proceed with step 5.

Step 5 - Build and Target with CEO Email Lists

If you are not able to identify the correct decision makers use some outsourced services. InfoGlobalData is the one of the leading providers of C Level Prospects data. Their primary objective is to provide business development professionals with the active CEO Email Lists from the across the global markets. They make your task simple and directly handover to you the email ids of the right decision-makers. They also help you reach B2B decision makers through their email lists and connect with them.

Concluding Point

For your business growth all you need is a good sales connection with the right people. They will help you grow and become your promising customers. Therefore, make all your efforts count and take the best measures to reach out to them.


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