• Arrival of New Tools & Strategies in Marketing
  • Understanding B2B Email Marketing Strategies
  • Getting the Reach and Recognition During Pandemic

Many articles and studies are talking about the global economy and the on-going pandemic these days. The effect of the corona virus outbreak on the global economy has been disastrous. Consequently, the world economy is anxiously looking for a global recession at this time. It can be the visible version of the global business. In another hand, the business has a magical power to adapt situation and come with suitable strategies to gain the revenue.

The arrival of new tools and strategies in marketing

The marketing team of B2B companies is hit by three different paradigms shifts at once: COVID 19, a staggering economic hit and working from home. Subsequently, companies had to find alternative tools to get a better outreach to their marketing and sales. The tool should applicable to remote working as well. At this point, digital platforms played a meaningful role in B2B marketing. It has given a new definition to B2b marketing.

Listen to the words of experts about email marketing during the pandemic

“Many marketers in our panel faced similar challenges, conferences cancelled, retail storefronts shuttered and the list goes on. But the new lead generation is expensive and many businesses are already under extreme financial strain. This makes email, one of the few channels you actually own, increasingly appealing" says Kara Inglis from Nextiny Marketing.

According to the direct marketing Association, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective B2b marketing tactics. The average ROI is 40:1; a study conducted by Message System has concluded that 63% of the marketers cite email as the channel that offers the best ROI.

Email marketing would ensure the marketers to build and nurture the relationships. It will act as a catalyst to build brand awareness and trust, boost lead generation and enhance the social interaction.

This cost-effective method got a high acceptance during the corona virus outbreak since the remote working became a mandatory policy in companies. Email marketing can help marketers to drive sales, building brand loyalty and to educate the customers. With the developments of marketing software and big data, Email marketing continues to get more sophisticated and effective.

A comparison with other social media, email has a longer life span in the marketing domain to get sales and closing a deal. 100 billion business emails being sent every day and 73% of the marketers are strongly believe that email marketing is core to their business to get more revenue.

Make it Convenient

Before jump into the pool of email marketing, you need to understand the B2b email marketing plans and strategies. Moreover, you need a thorough knowledge about drafting an email which can get the attention of the reader without delay. You need to build a strong foundation to survive in the midst of the biggest sharks.

COVID-19 and Email Marketing- Few Guidelines

“During the first few weeks of COVID-19, my inbox got utterly decimated with every single business I had given my email in the past 10 years, which included a hotel from a holiday I went on nine years ago,” says Caterina Bidini, creator of Sydney, Australia-based Bidinis Bags. These words are enough to understand the importance of email marketing during the corona virus pandemic.

Experts had to come up with new mailing techniques to get high reach in the campaigning. Being said, the number of mails are increasing every day, thus getting the attention of the viewers are pretty difficult. It became mandatory to use best practices to run an email campaign.

During this pandemic, it is important to send absolutely necessary emails; in fact, you can ignore the least important emails. It wouldn't make any sense if you're trying to flood your client's email with a number of mails. A bunch of relevant mails would develop a good impression on the client's mind. Understand one thing you're trying to help your client through your service.

An email regarding the pandemic or addressing the Coronavirus outbreak would make a significant difference in the customer's behavior. But it shouldn't sound so salesy. Rather, a brief explanation about how the company internally and externally doing at this time.

Email marketing would help B2b leaders to get feedback from the customers. Especially this time, when the whole world is going through a crisis it is important to get genuine feedback and the changes they need in the current B2B setups.

Let's work together to pave a strong foundation for your b2b Email marketing strategies

  • Understand the audience and situation, because we are going through a pandemic. Accordingly, build an email list or you can always go for trusted b2b database providers such as InfoGlobalData to get instant marketing lists
  • Focus on the subject line. Catchy and personalized subject line always stands out
  • The email should be precise and short. People are they don't read lengthy messages in the current situation
  • Make your email mobile-friendly and review your mail on a mobile phone before sending it to the customers
  • Measure the campaigning performance without fail. Adding the CTA (Call to Action) button will help you analyze the campaign performance
  • Time matters. Send the mail according to the reader's time zone. It would help you to get responses
  • Email marketing and campaigns got a pretty much reach and recognition during the period of the pandemic. Many of the experts and marketers have already commented on the cost-effectiveness of email marketing. B2B companies are clueless about how long the pandemic lasts and when their marketing and sales teams can get back to the office. They are finding a better way to cope up with the remote working with the help of email marketing. Perhaps, email marketing is pure bliss for them.


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