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The success of email marketing depends upon sending the right email to the right person at the right time. Your target audience will certainly open, click, and make a purchase from your website if they receive correct information through the right channels. Also, targeted email marketing is an imperative aspect of email marketing because if you send emails to people or businesses that do not need your facilities, then all efforts will be in vain. Hence it is necessary to target the right audience for email marketing campaigns.

Companies like InfoGlobalData can help you in optimizing your email marketing strategies. Besides, here is a list of things that you can do to get responses from your target audience through targeted email marketing techniques. But before proceeding further, let's take a quick view on what is targeted email marketing.

When you send to a specific set of subscribers your marketing emails using well segmented business email marketing lists based on job title, revenue, location, industry etc the practice is known as targeted email marketing. Companies like InfoGlobalData provide their clients with business email lists, which they can use to send highly targeted emails automatically to their target audience to generate more sales and develop better relationships.

How can well-targeted email marketing prove to be beneficial for companies?

  • Instead of sending each and every customer the same promotion or newsletter, you just send only one highly relevant email to a set of customers.
  • Targeted emails get a higher response from your target customers, as they are more likely to interact with your brands than any other random customer.
  • When you send offers to your tailor-made audience, you boost your sales by generating more conversions.
  • Well-targeted emails help build relationships as customers at that personal effect through such emails, and they feel the sense of care for them.
  • Targeted emails also help in retaining customers, getting new subscribers, and also winning back customers who once left their cart empty.

Now lets come to the main question, how do you target your target audience for email marketing campaigns? In order to take advantage of targeted email marketing, it is always better to divide your audience into segments. You can divide and organize your subscribers into targeted email lists based on the info like job role, specific technologies companies are using, company revenue, business industry you have about them.

How can you segment your audience to create a targeted email marketing campaign?

Target email based on customer type- there can be basically three types of customers, potential customers, new customers, inactive customers, and loyal customers. If you know the stage of your consumer or customer, you can send targeted emails to them, which will bet unique and accordingly personalized.

Potential customers are the ones who have not bought anything from you till now but may buy in the future. You can send an educative email to them explaining about your brand, products, and services.

New customers are those who have bought from you only once till now. Your target should be to get new customers to become regular customers who repeat buying from you. You can send them emails offering discounts and bring them into more shopping and eventually converting them into loyal customers.

Loyal customers will come back to you every time and buy your products. They give regular feedback and bring more customers. They are the most valuable customers as they keep investing in your products and services. You can send them freebies or special offers so that they remain loyal.

Inactive customers are actually dormant ones. They are the ones who bought from you in the past. But did not return and are not active or buying anymore. You can invite them for a webinar or ask them certain questions by sending them an email. You can also send them to survey emails to understand why they are not shopping anymore.

Target email based on location- the real-time data is the geographical data that you can use to target your customers. You can send them customized emails. This way, you can avoid making the mistake of sending the right info to the wrong subscribers. Targeted email marketing based on location can help you send emails to people residing in the locality where your store is, and you can compel them to purchase from your store. It boosts your in-store traffic, builds a stronger relationship with customers, and increases sales.

Target emails based on engagement- when you build targeted data, you will notice that some subscribers are your big fan and open each and every email sent by you. While there are some who never bother to open your email, by using several tools, you can segment your targeted business lists based upon the activities of your subscribers. After you have segmented them, you can send them an email if they would like to continue subscription with you. You can mention in your email why they should stay, and if they decide to leave, allow them to leave without creating any fuss. If you receive no response from them, you can simply remove them from your targeted email lists and save money on what you are paying to your email service provider, such as reliable email list vendor like InfoGlobalData.

Targeted email marketing might seem complicated, but when you start implementing it, nothing will be complicated. It is the most effective and affordable way to boost business and sales.


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