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  • Why targeted mailing lists are beneficial for B2B market?
  • What is B2B postcard marketing?
  • How to build a direct mail list to reach B2B Audience?
  • How to segment the mailing lists to reach B2B Audience?
  • How to use mailing lists to reach B2B audiences?
  • What are the best B2B direct mail best practices?

Do you know, your B2B marketing strategy misses one of the most essential components of B2B marketing, and that is direct mail marketing? If you don't know what is direct mail marketing, allow me to explain it to you. Direct mail marketing is all about sending advertising materials to your target audience or existing customers through an email. On the other hand, direct mail is the advertising mail that none of your recipients requested; you send them to invite and attract new customers. Almost 75% of the B2B marketing professional has included direct mail marketing as one of their B2B marketing strategies, and now it's your turn to do the same.

Why targeted mailing lists are beneficial for B2B market?

It's difficult for B2B marketing professionals to directly reach out to B2B buyers, as they are not openly looking for your products or services like other usual customers. Hence B2B direct mail marketing is the easiest way to reach them. Let's see some of the other benefits of including direct mail marketing as one of your marketing strategies.

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  • Highly targeted - direct mail marketing is highly targeted. You can purchase a targeted mailing list from mail service providers such as InfoGlobalData and you can send a customized mail to all your targeted audiences.
  • Highly measurable - direct mail advertising is highly measurable. You can easily measure the results of your multiple direct mail campaigns, as unlike other strategies, turnover comes quickly from direct mailing lists. You can see the difference in a week or so. In short, the outcome of direct mail campaigns is not far-fetched.
  • Individualized - B2B direct mail marketing can be easily individualized or customized as per the requirements. You can design direct mail campaigns to directly address consumers by name, therefore you can write the name of a particular person to whom it is addressing to build a better relationship. Recipients always welcome and open the mails addressed directly to them.
  • Cost-effective - direct mail advertising is one of the most cost-effective B2B marketing strategies. You can design a colorful and appealing mail and send them to your B2B customers.
  • Highly flexible - you can easily include as much information as you desire in a direct mail campaign. Hence you can say its highly flexible.

What is B2B postcard marketing?

B2B postcard marketing is all about increasing leads to your business. You can use postcards to generate leads, repeat sales, and maintain B2B buyers. Through such postcards, you can invite prospects to special events such as seminars, webinars, live product and service demonstrations, and many more.

How to build a direct mail list to reach B2B Audience?

There are predominantly two ways through which you can build a direct mailing list, encourage customers to sign up and buy your products and services.

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  • Build your direct mailing list- you can encourage your B2B Audience to sign up for your mailing list by using incentives, newsletters, and promotions. You can also offer them your free service or a free sample of your product or a good discount to build the list. Remember that the quality of your list matters. Information that is necessary for you to gather names, mailing address, gender, age, and, if possible, email ids, and phone numbers.
  • Purchase the mailing list- second and the easiest way to build a mailing list to reach out to the B2B Audience is purchasing the list from the experts. The targeted mailing list contains mailing info of your targeted B2B audiences. You can purchase any kind of list from mail service providers such as InfoGlobalData, Hoovers, InfoUSA, and more.

Also, based upon their interest, purchase history, and preferences, you can further segregate them.

How to use mailing lists to reach B2B audiences?

Direct mail marketing is the most ideal way to get your company's name in the hands of customers who are interested in your products and want to hear about your latest offers, services, and products. There are four ways to target direct mail list to reach out to the B2B audiences.

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  • Understand your target customers - for targeted direct mail marketing, it is crucial to understand your target customers. If you understand their attitude towards your products, marketing, and trends or their lifestyle, there is nothing better than that.
  • Target your ideal customers - your ideal customers are those who respond to your marketing, or show interest in your products or services. You need to identify them distinctly and target them differently.
  • Pick a target mailing list - after you have understood your audiences and targeted them separately, you need to gather their info and create a target direct mailing campaign. Analyze and select the list accordingly and make the correct use of it.
  • Create a targeted mail - create your target direct mail message. Make sure that your message reveals what you are selling, who you are a dhow you are different from others. You can also hire experts like InfoGlobalData to provide an authentic database for your business.

What are the best B2B direct mail best practices?

Pay Utmost Attention To Privacy And Security- when you are making use of direct mail list, make sure that your systems are extremely secure. Also, try to make use of mail marketing tools that are approved. InfoGlobalData can lend you a helping hand in drafting a secure mail for your marketing purposes.

Pay Attention To mail Frequency- as per marketing experts, it is advisable not to send too many emails to your prospective customers and face the danger of losing out a good client.

Segment Your direct mail Lists Well

As per marketing professionals, the most effective direct mail marketing strategy is to segment your mailing lists well. The reason behind this strategy is relevancy, and the more segmented is your list, the more relevant your messaging would be.

Wrap up statement

B2B marketing is all about making new customers and retaining old ones. Direct mail marketing is the easiest and most cost-effective way to create organic leads and grow and prosper at the same time.


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