• Business Email Lists and its importance
  • Different ways to build email lists
  • List segmentation and its importance

Everyone wants better sales and high conversion rates. But what is the best way to achieve them? If you are a small business owner, its always better to start with something, which is a low cost and delivers more results. Start by sending emails to your customers regarding your products and services. Believe it or not, no strategy has earned more business than business email lists. So, how do you start with it? Start by collecting email addresses from your past, present, and future customers. If all these things sound too much to you, let's dig a little and see how you can do it.

Let's start by learning what business email lists and its importance are.

Verified Business Email Lists and its Importance

Business email lists are database of customers' contact details like name, job role, phone/fax email address, company name, address etc. The file contains all the contact details of customers, especially the email address. Businesses can get this list from any email list service provider such as InfoGlobalData and make maximum use of it.

Sending targeted and personalized emails is one of the cost effective methods of marketing, but it's still not obsolete. It is an ideal way to reach potential and targeted audiences and save on resources and time. Its other benefits are:

  • Reach the perfect target audience- through list vendors like InfoGlobalData create business email lists after going through dozens of search selections and demographic information. They prepare the list that helps you target the right audience and thus boost sales.
  • Save time and resources- when you have the most accurate data, you won't waste any time and resources on chasing the incorrect ones. Thus, well-created business email lists save on a lot of resources and time and give maximum results.
  • Better ROI- business email lists are highly affordable and derive more business than one would have ever thought. Thus if you target the right audience with your email list, you can improve your campaign’s ROI.

Now let's see how you can build email lists.

Simple Steps To Build Email Lists

  • Start as soon as possible- this is not a step but practical advice, start as early as possible because the sooner you start, the sooner you can begin and get results.
  • Start by listing the ones you know- you must already be having some emails with you of your past and present customers. Add the first to your list. You can start by sending your business-related emails to them and see how it turns up for you. If you hardly have any email address, then it is better to get the list from one of the email service providers, such as InfoGlobalData.
  • Create a blog- create a compelling blog and invite subscribers to your site. Make them fill in their details, including the email address to sign in. This serves as the best way to add new people as well as an incentive to subscribe.
  • Add an opt-in incentive- there are some people who don't prefer sharing their personal information, you can get them by offering some opt-in incentive. You can offer a free eBook download or a free sample or some discount to them to get their email address.
  • Make people sharing- add a share feature in the body of your email content. This way, you can get more email subscribers.

After you have created your business email lists, your next step is to segment it. If you think this is too much, take the help of an email service provider such as mailingdatasolutions to get your list segmented. Let's see what list segmentation is and its importance.

Business Email Lists Segmentation And Its Importance

Email list segmentation is a marketing technique where you or your email service provider divides your business email lists into segments. The division can be based on several conditions such as age, gender, location, etc. It helps to send relevant information to relevant people. The only point behind having segmented email campaigns is to drive response by sending targeted and relevant emails to a specific segment in the list. Sending the emails to segmented people helps receive more results and, thus, more business.

After you have segmented your list, now is the time to use it. Let's see how you can do this.

How to Use Email Lists ?

Now, be aware of how you use this email list. You have already invested your time and resources to prepare the business email lists. Now is the time to put your business email lists to work. A single mistake can bring your entire campaign down. Therefore, be careful how you use it.

  • Send meaningful messages- Don’t send anything meaningless to your customers. They have a very short attention span. If they find your emails meaningless, they will take no time in unsubscribing.
  • Lure them to your site- offer your customers a limited-time deal, or inform them about the ongoing offers, and discounts. This is the easiest way to grab their attention.
  • Share useful information- it is not always about sales and numbers. You can also send your customers some useful information such as a video related to your product, or a story based on it. Such useful and entertaining information keeps them interested in your business.
  • Send a reminder- remind your customers about upcoming events such as discount dates or an upcoming webinar.

Its high time now, you must be excited to see how your email campaign is working. Is it proving to be beneficial or not.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is one of the simplest ways through which you can compare and conduct careful experiments. You can see what types of emails and content get the best responses. You can easily figure out which part of your campaign worked well and which didn’t. The testing can help you to develop stronger email campaigns.

Final Words

Email marketing is one of the easiest and most affordable marketing. You simply need to get the things done right. It is the best way to improve business and generate more sales. Hence get the best services from InfoGlobalData who can provide you with targeted business email lists and can also create compelling emails to lure your potential customers.


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