B2B Marketing best practices for 2020


  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Conversational Selling and Live Chat
  • Building Authority through Thought Leadership
  • Guest Posting, Speaking and Influencer Marketing

B2B marketing is changing and evolving dramatically. The marketers now can no longer afford their marketing ideas to be boring. With the competitors embracing digital transformation and using it to the very best, you need to develop a marketing strategy that would help you flourish in marketing in 2020.

The marketer's for selling with their B2B marketing in 2020 is continuously learning and absorbing the newest strategies and tactics to cope with the ever-changing nature of B2B marketing.

For targeting today's B2B buyers, it is essential that you understand how they behave to different channels, and trends in marketing. This makes it necessary for marketers to keep an eye on the pulse of current and future marketing trends. So, here comes the question how can you keep up with the ever-changing nature of B2B marketing? How can you formulate your B2B marketing strategy that would attract more buyers? To know about the key strategies that would help you formulate a successful marketing campaign, go through the details given below.

Marketing to businesses is entirely different from marketing to individual consumers. This is why B2B marketing is essential. Here is a list of the most important B2B marketing strategies for 2020 that will help your business generate more leads and ROI.

1. Account-Based Marketing

With the increase in the customers preferring personalization in B2B, account-based marketing is no longer unknown to anyone. Account-based marketing helps B2B firms target high-value clients with higher chances of converting and making a significant impact on ROI. In short, you give a customer a personalized user experience and then connect them with sales in real-time.

This marketing makes the lives of salespersons much more relaxed as they have to create content and cabin for targeting specific prospects but not for everyone. Formulating a personalized content is an effective way to appeal to potential clients. This is because the clients' needs are understood deeply, and the solution provided to them is unique.

It is a no hidden fact; to grow your B2B business, it is essential that you created personalized user experience. For serving the purpose, account-based marketing is the best option for b2b business. Thus, the account-based marketing a tremendous B2B marketing strategy for 2020.

2. Conversational Selling and Live Chat

The live chat in B2B is as effective as in B2C. They are far beyond the chatbot automation. This is because, with live chat, you can engage with your customers in real-time.

Live chats serve as a beneficial customer service channel. A report stated that about 92% (higher than any other communication channel) of the customers are satisfied with the live chat experiences. There is no denying that live chats are the fastest and most comfortable way to respond to customer queries.

Not just this, by putting in a little effort, live chat can become your most potential and productive sales channel for B2B marketing. It is found that people using web chats are 2.8 times more likely to convert then you once who don't use. You can use a channel to resolve the hassle of seeking around your site. Ask or answer the questions of your customers through live chats and then expeditiously figure out the solution to the problems.

Thus, with little effort and ideas, you can make conventional selling and live chats b2b marketing best practice for business.

3. Building Authority through Thought Leadership

Providing buyers with an expert opinion on issues relevant to your field is nothing new. But with B2B marketing evolving nature, it is more productive now than ever.

Thought leadership is essential for any business type and marketing strategies. Thus, it is the most effective way to reach out to the potential brokers within target businesses.

As per the reports of LinkedIn and Edelman, about 58% of decision-makers read thought leadership content every week within one to four hours of publication. Also, about 47% of C-suit executives stated that after reading thought leadership content, they had offered other contact information.

It is surprising to see buyers are getting engaged and enjoying thought leadership, while vendors are still in the decision- making process. Only 39% of the sellers believe that thought leadership can help their business to generate leads. However, from the marketing point of view, the sooner a company realizes the benefit of thought leadership, the better it would be for them.

4. Guest Posting, Speaking and Influencer Marketing

These three disciplines might seem different, but they share a common theme of providing the business the advantage of third parties to promote their brand or product.

These three marketing strategies effectively implemented could help you grow your business. This is because all the three disciplines take advantage of external platforms like events, social accounts of websites that already have a bought in the audience.

For instance, an amount of $105,000 was generated in a single year by the content marketing platform at the cost of $10,000 from guest speaking. Also, about 89% of marketers have stated that by using proper influencer marketing, they have generated higher ROI. Seeing these stats, it is of no surprise that almost two-thirds of the marketers are planning to spend more or influencer marketing in 2020 and beyond.


You will come across many B2B marketing strategies, but for effective B2B marketing in 2020, you shouldn't rely on any one of these strategies. Instead, experiment with these strategies for your own business and then choose the most effective one. Use the strategy in the most effective way for your business to make the best out of them.

With the increase in the complexity of B2B marketing, it is expanding with every passing day. It is hard to assume or estimate what will happen next in the field of B2B marketing. So, it is essential that you consistently keep up with the new B2B marketing strategies and B2B marketing ideas to grow your business.


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