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What is Psychographics?

Psychographics are similar to demographics or firmographics where they describe people's personalities. Your buyer's preferences, hobbies, spending habits, and values may all be considered psychographic knowledge. Demographics describe "who" the customer is, while psychographics describes "why" they shop. Sex, age, income, and marital status are all examples of demographic data.

You can only reach your target audience successfully if you know their demographic, psychographic, and firmographic information. The synthesis of these sets of data begins to shape the buyer profile – a detailed portrait of the individuals and businesses lets you deal with the now and the future of your marketing.

Here are some variables and segmentation of Firmographic, and Psychographic Data to help see the difference.

Firmographic Data Variables:
  • Industry
  • Annual revenue
  • Company size
  • Geography/Location
  • Various stages of the sales cycle
Psychographic Data Variables:
  • Activities
  • Interests
  • Personality
  • Social Status
  • Lifestyle
But why are psychographic records so crucial?

Essentially, if you know how businesses choose and compare products and services that are in your category, you will know how to structure and prioritize your approach:

  • If you know their deepest beliefs, you can align all of your marketing messages more closely to them.
  • If you know what they do not want, you can automatically dismiss those very messages away from them.
  • If you know what they would read, you know where to reach them.
  • And this can go on.

How to use Psychographic Data in your Marketing:

1. Enable a Refined Social Media Audience -

If you are a business that runs social media campaigns, such as Facebook Ads, you'll know how granularly you can target prospective customers. You will know what their political preferences are and how their affinity towards a certain product is. You can launch these campaigns in alignment with these factors through psychographic data.

2. Take the Chance to Write Emotionally Compelling Ads -

We all know that using emotional stimuli in online ads can be extremely successful. Imagine how much more effective your advertising could be if you knew more about your target market. If we can write emotionally convincing ads with the bare minimum of detail, imagine how much more effective your ads could be if you knew more about your target market.

3. Identify Newer Paths for Content Topic Areas -

One of my favorite content marketing principles is what Larry refers to as "land and extend," or broadening the scope of your content topics to include tangentially important topics that are not directly related to your primary audience but are also relevant – and fascinating – to them. It is a great example of how psychographic data should be used.

4. Enrich the Opportunity of Reinforcing your Brand Value -

We've already discussed the value of fostering brand activism, and with good cause. Brand evangelists are your most ardent supporters, and putting your brand ideals on full display with everything you do is one of the easiest ways to inspire people to become lifelong brand ambassadors for your business. Comparing the psychographic samples of your most devoted fans is a simple way to do this.

5. Create the Most Relevant Email Blasts -

One of the most valuable aspects of psychographics is that it helps you understand not only who the target demographic is, but also what they expect and how they feel. As a result, you will generate extremely important and personalized email blasts by tapping into your audience's reservations, concerns, and questions.

6. Utilize Aspirational Imagery and Messaged -

Not just who they are, but also who they aspire to be, is one of the most revealing things you can discover about your prospects using psychographics. Aspirational marketing can be very powerful, and the more you learn about your target demographic, the more you'll be able to use these aspirational preferences in your campaigns.

7. Revisit your Buyer Personas and Update them -

Many companies use multiple buyer personas for each stage of the conversion funnel, and incorporating psychographic data into your existing personas is crucial to ensure your campaigns hit the mark. This also offers a range of other benefits, including the potential for more personalized messaging, a clearer and more comprehensive profile of your ideal customers for new hires, and ultimately, more effective marketing campaigns overall.

8. Improve the Conversion Pathways -

If you've used Google Analytics to set up personalized conversion channels to monitor the progress of particular targets and priorities, integrating psychographic data will help you figure out why people don't convert and why they drop off at the same point in the funnel they do.

Let's presume you've set up a custom conversion pathway in Google Analytics that's tied to a particular business goal (which it should be, by the way). You may be aware that many prospects do not convert on a particular landing page, but you are unsure why.

9. Leverage A/B Tests -

Any of the publicity material, hopefully, has already been A/B checked. Incorporating psychographic evidence into A/B experiments, on the other hand, will yield much more revealing and precise outcomes.

It's worth noting that when I suggest psychographics can be used to improve A/B assessments, I'm not actually referring to the tests themselves. Since there is no accurate way to assess or identify a visitor's psychographic profile at the time they visit your location, segmenting an A/B test by psychographic measurements is extremely difficult. Psychographic evidence, on the other hand, may provide useful information.

The Bottom Line:

Mass marketing is a long-lost method, and 2021 brings in newer ways to explore your marketing campaigns to make the most out of them. These are a few of the many ways you could incorporate psychographic data into your business' marketing approaches.


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