Data Quality Analysis Report

Let us show you how we can improve your database by using our data cleansing tools and data enrichment processes.

What you receive

We offer a quick, easy and secure process that will provide you with a full data audit and a quote.

In addition, these datasets can be used for profiling and segmentation of your existing customer base to help you find out who your customers are and why they choose you.

Your free data audit report will show:

  • Number of duplicates by different levels
  • Number of bounced email addresses or incorrect telephone numbers
  • Number of lapsed contacts/Change of addresses
  • Deceased / Goneaways/Ceased trading businesses etc…

How it works

  • We will ask you to sign a non-disclosure document for data protection purposes
  • Your data will then travel securely to our IT department who will open it, check it and acknowledge receipt.
  • Once we have received your data, we will send you your data audit report within 24 hours.
  • Finally, we will call you to explain each element of your free data audit report to ensure you understand what it all means.

Send us your data in any format

Don't worry if your data is in lots of different files and in different formats, just give us a call to warn us it's coming and we'll sort it all out for you.

Get it back in under 24 hours

We normally screen your files and get the audit back to you within 24 hours. If you need it even faster, just let us know.


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