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With InfoGlobalData, you can create cross-channel, interactive marketing programs that improve customer acquisition, cross-sell, retention, and loyalty efforts.

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As a marketing professional, you face unprecedented change. And as you turn up the volume, shouting out your messages as broadly and loudly as possible, buyers are tuning out. Marketing costs are rising and returns are declining. Traditional marketing practices are proving less and less effective, while the demands placed on your organization are steadily increasing.

  • Discover customer insights, predict future behavior and deliver greater accountability with customer analytics and predictive analytics to build interactive dialogues.
  • Utilize online behavioral data in web analytics when targeting messages.
  • Define segments, manage offers, analyze responses, and track interaction history, all part of a market-leading campaign management capability.
  • Personalize messages and offers in inbound channels such as websites and call centers with real-time interaction management.
  • Choose the best message from among competing options through automated contact optimization.
  • Connect email marketing to our campaign management capabilities while enjoying the ease of managed delivery and deliverability.
  • Better coordinate marketing done in the field and better connect marketing with sales distributed marketing and lead routing and monitoring.

Today, customers demand more personally relevant messages than ever before, and every marketing channel is evolving to support that. Marketing organizations need to leverage these changes proactively and, if they do, they can gain a powerful competitive advantage.


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