Email Appending Services

Append your business records with verified email addresses for email marketing success. All emails are permission-based and CAN-SPAM compliant.

Establish e-mail communication with customers for increased ROI

We can add the email address to lists containing names and mailing addresses. We can also add name and mailing addresses to lists containing an only email address. You only pay for e-mail addresses that are successfully appended, deliverable, and have received an opt-out message and decided not to unsubscribe from your e-mail list.


100% Opt-in

All emails are permission-based and CAN-SPAM compliant

High Match Rates

Over 35% to 80%+

Your Investment

Pay only for successful appended and delivered email addresses

No Middle Man

Execute email append matching via our in-house database

Quality Control

Performs all CASS standardization and customer matching in-house

45 days Guarantee

We guarantee deliverability of e-mails

Free Match Test

No obligation to determine the results you would receive

Fast Turnaround

Receive your match report within 48 hours!


  • Your file is matched against our permission-based email databases. The email address provided will be for the contact listed on your database or not another random person that works for their company.
  • To further increase your results, we also offer a domain pattern matching process. This program will first identify the email domain for the company listed on your input file. Then using reference databases, the program will identify the email naming convention for that company (ie: firstname.lastname@ or firstname@). Once the naming convention has been determined, the email address for your business customer is output.
  • Once all the data processing is complete, a welcome email is sent to your business customers. This email introduces online communications from you and gives them a chance to opt-out.
  • After completion of the entire program, the enhanced file is returned to you. You're now ready to increase your results by taking advantage of multi-channel marketing strategies.

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