Infoglobaldata is more than a one-stop shop for email and social media marketing features; we're also your go-to for email marketing services. We call them our Premier Services because they're exactly that-services that help you get to the top. You can perfect your online marketing strategy with the help of our strategic advisors, take advantage of our large-sender services, or turn to our Design Services Team to tackle your email design projects, large and small. We have everything you need to reach a larger audience: a reliable sending infrastructure, support from a strategic advisor, comprehensive tracking, custom reports, advanced segmentation, and more.

Infoglobaldata CRM database cleansing service will ensure that your existing CRM databases are accurate and reliable. We will replace incorrect contacts, update all contact and company information, validate targets, and ensure a uniform format, thus making it a current, correct and valuable sales asset. A clean CRM database will help you achieve better marketing results and marketing ROI. Here is the CRM data cleansing process we follow:

  • Strengthen your customer loyalty by sending regular, targeted, relevant newsletters and email marketing campaigns
  • Increase your sales conversions through follow up mailings
  • Exploit various cross and up sell opportunities via email campaigns and newsletters
  • Enhance your brand image and customer loyalty via video mails
  • Via automated and transactional mailings, you are able to maintain and reinforce your customer relationships at critical lifecycle touch points

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting - Our appointment setting programs are very effective at generating leads to be converted into qualified business opportunities by your field sales organization. Our customers benefit from improved financial performance, increased predictability in their results, and greater focus on closing revenue for their core business.

Telesales - Extend your sales team with our experienced inside sales professionals. Increase your revenue by encouraging existing customers to renew contracts and extend service agreements. We can handle your entire maintenance renewal sales function, help you close difficult contract renewal opportunities and manage add-on sales for new contracts as well. Don't leave any money on the table, ensure you maximize revenue from even your smallest customers.

Lead Prequalification and Event Management – We can manage your inbound inquiries to help you capitalize on the opportunities they represent. In addition, you can use our telemarketing team to drive registration for your marketing events - increasing interest in your products and improving ROI on your marketing spend.

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