Companies Based on Technology Installation

InfoGlobalData highly targeted email marketing lists that will get you to the right decision-maker at the right time for your specific product or service based on more than 400 technology selects. Lists include contact information for key decision-makers with functional responsibility for purchasing technology products and services.

400+ Installed Technology Datasets
Enterprise Platforms: CRM, ERP, SAP, HCM, etc.
9M+ Email Contacts

Technology Install Base Database

InfoGlobalData provides timely information on businesses installed technology, buying intentions and key IT decision-makers based upon thousands of interviews and surveys conducted on an ongoing basis with real IT and business technology purchasers.

Technology companies use this intelligence to pinpoint opportunities in the market, reaching the right contact at the right location at the right time with a need for their products or services.

  • IT landscape profiled primarily on software and hardware installations.
  • Global enterprises segmented based on region, revenue & industry.
  • IT intelligence include version, modules, product name, contract dates etc.
  • Identify immediate sales opportunities based on IT installation details & growth.

Target prospects by job role, job function, persona, company size, company revenue, industry, technology stack, and more!

Target Accounts Using Technology Install-Base

The detailed database contains information on the company's software installations and IT vendor’s relationship to the company market information on the companies industry markets, information on the supply chain players, key business and IT management contacts and data on competitors as well as recent press and analyst publications regarding the company.

Our Technology Users Email List Includes


Installed Technology Datasets

Enterprise Platforms: CRM, ERP, SAP, Oracle, HCM, etc.

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