Find lost customers to re-engage your campaigns

Our B2B targeted database adds depth and breadth to your marketing campaigns, allowing you not only to find more but also better potential customers. You can even take advantage of it to identify customer trends and new opportunities.


208% Higher Revenue Growth


4X Increase in Opportunities Created


38% Higher Sales Win Rate

Re-Engage Your Customers for Better Retention

Acquiring new lists is more expensive than re-connecting to a list of customers. We will help you re-engage your lost customers by updating your inactive list with the most active prospects.

  • Get instant access to inactive prospects with updated data
  • High quality and regularly updated database
  • Get more insights on the data such as sales cycle and buying behavior
  • Stay ahead of the competition by strengthening your brand against lost customers
Target prospects by job role, job function, industry, technology stack, and more!
45% more opportunities created
37 million decision-makers in 70 countries
620 industries Specific database

Target prospects by job role, job function, persona, company size, company revenue, industry, technology stack, and more!

Re-engage Your Audience for Marketing Campaigns

Identify your least engaged subscribers, and target them with relevant campaigns that can win their interest. Implementing data-driven processes and platforms is easier than ever, so your marketing, sales development, and sales processes in pursuit of your revenue goals.

  • We will first run a report to check which of your customers are on our master database.
  • We'll use this information to create a "typical" profile of your customers, providing valuable insight and intelligence on your existing customer base.
  • We'll then identify consumers with similar characteristics to your customers and rank them according to how closely they match your desired profile. This process results in a highly targeted database to target potential new customers.

Targeted Mailing Lists

Get high-scoring accounts based on firmographic, behavioral, intent and technographic data.

Customer Success Stories

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