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Business analysts have noticed the significant growth of Car and Automobile Sales. In the past five years, the industry has made an enormous space in the global market. The United States has the largest market globally; the light vehicle sale has reached 17.2 million in the last year. Get your service to this growing industry and see high ROI using our list of Car and Automobile Sales Database. The Car and Automobile Sales increase in the coming years tremendously, and the fast-growing industry gets the top industries globally.

  • The demand for electric vehicles drives the market since it is fuel-efficient, powerful performance, and reduces pollution
  • The arrival of self-driving cars are examples of the incorporation of advanced technologies
  • The international car sales expected to reach 70m units in the coming years

Why Car and Automobile Sales Industry to do Business?

The revenue in 2019-2020 was 16.6%; the improved transportation infrastructure, increased globalization, and industrialization are catalyzing the business. During last year around 17 million vehicles were sold solely in the US. The increased use of private cars and incorporation of the latest technologies bring incredible growth in the industry. Our Car and Automobile Sales Email List can help your campaign to attain quality leads from this industry.

  • 74 million new cars sold worldwide in last year
  • The search volume of best car deals reached 70% globally last year in a short span
  • The US has the largest automotive market generating tens of billions each year

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The Car and Automobile Sales market is incredibly huge in the US. California ranked first with 896,007 sales among the US countries, followed by Florida with 511,530 sales, and 3rd place embraced by Texas with 450,825 sales. Autonomous and electrical vehicles are gaining momentum in the US market; the market watches a rapid growth.

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High time is here for the marketers to step into the global Car and Automobile Sales Market. Let your business build long-lasting relationships in the global market by accessing the Car and Automobile Sales Email List from InfoGlobalData. Connect with the top-notch decision-makers in the global market instantly.

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