People who take the time to fill out your Internet form, with valid contact information, expect to hear from someone at your company. But, are your salespeople able to respond within seconds, minutes or even hours? Since salespeople typically aren't satisfied with the quality of Internet leads, many don't respond at all. Regardless of the source - webinar, email campaign, tradeshow, resource download - Infoglobaldata's Lead Qualification services enable you to focus post-campaign efforts solely on qualified leads. You simply turn your inquiries over to us and we qualify them based on your unique criteria. We'll tell you which opportunities are viable, which should be nurtured, and which should be removed from the database.

Remember that only 10% of leads are followed up by Sales, so the other 90% need to be qualified as 67% of all enquiries take over 12 months to turn into an order, according to Reed Elsevier.

Infoglobaldata has defined six benefits of the ULD (Universal Lead Definition) as being:

  • Better-qualified, sales-ready leads
  • Increased sales effectiveness
  • More accurate lead pipeline management
  • Verify all web information through phone calls
  • Meaningful, consistent return-on-investment (ROI) measures
  • A more effective sales force

Experienced Lead Qualification - We qualify leads by stage of sales cycle, job role, and account profile to ensure you are following up at the right time with the right decision maker at companies that are a good fit.

Seamless Integration with Your Process - We can work directly in your CRM system or we can deliver the researched data in virtually any file format you require.

Optional Contact Discovery - Not every inbound lead has purchase authority, although the company may be a good fit. Use our Contact Discovery Service to identify the decision makers at each qualified company - ensuring you are following up with contacts that have buying power.

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