List of Top 15 B2B Data Providers

In this article, we'll share the top 15 B2B data providers and help you understand the advantage of b2b email data in the online marketing space. Many business owners, sales and marketing teams realized the importance of b2b data lists in email marketing for sales lead generation during the pandemic when the entire country was shut down.

b2b data providers
What is a B2B data list?

B2B data is a collection of business information about companies and executives working in those businesses. B2B data lists include key information fields like company names, address, annual sales revenue, sales volume, business type, industry, SIC/NAICS code, location size, year business started, website address, etc. B2B data key contact information includes contact name, job title, job role, email address, phone, and fax number, social media profile links, etc.

Verified and accurate B2B data provides your sales and marketing team with sales prospects easily reached over email marketing. You can send emails to all these b2b data prospects at a faster time to generate sales leads.

Our Email List Advantage
Email Lists are in Privacy Compliance with CAN-SPAM & GDPR
100% Opt-In Data
Compiled from Official Government Business Registries
Target Filter - Job Roles, Business Ownership, Sales Volume
1800+ Global Data Sources
Best B2B Mailing List & Best B2B Email List Providers
1 InfoGlobalData

Privately held business with more than 11+ years experience, InfoGlobalData can provide any type of target lists for your email marketing in less than 48 hours with the support of 250 plus in-house data research team who work 24/7. InfoGlobalData provides b2b data lists that are privacy-compliant: GDPR, CCPA, and CAS. We also help marketers to target niche industries and help to find contacts that are difficult to get. InfoGlobalData sells only SMTP verified lists, which are the most efficient way to check if a b2b email data is valid.


Adapt get the data from researching thousands of data sources and processes millions of data changes a day using their software and filter the contact and other data details from this process. Adapt provide free tools for users. Lead builder and Prospector are the main tools of this company.


BoldData is located in Amsterdam and provides databases of Directories, Companies, Industries and decision-maker contacts across the globe. The company has 227 million verified b2b email list contacts across 341 million companies worldwide. They also provide Business Data API.

4D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers provides a data intelligence platform for sales and marketing executives to build their prospect lists across the globe. Users can search millions of contacts and companies globally to find and build contacts lists using the platform. D&B Hoovers works on a subscription basis. D&B Hoovers can be mapped on CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Eloqua, etc.

5 Zoominfo

ZoomInfo provides an online platform on a subscription basis to search and download business contacts. Zoominfo tools can be used for lead generation. ZoomInfo's data is sourced from millions of online records by using their artificial intelligence engine. They offer a 360-degree view of the prospects so users can better understand before they start marketing communication with these contacts.


DiscoverOrg works on an intelligence platform that allows users to access company and contact data profiles. They are the best data provider if you would purchase and target accounts based on Technology Installation. DiscoverOrg top b2b data tools and service is billed annually depending on the contacts and company profiles customers like to purchase. The company compiles data from online resources and website crawling techniques.


AnalyticsIQ is a data analytics company focused on predictive data analytics. They blend cognitive psychology with sophisticated data science to help marketers to know more about their prospects. AnalyticsIQ is located in Atlanta, GA, and provides consumer data and business data for marketing purposes. Publicly available records create their predictive models.

8GBSN Research

GBSN Research has provided b2b data analytics and AI solutions for companies since 2013. GBSN Research analysts help companies and marketers with Consumer Analytics, E-commerce Product Data, and Data Training solutions. They serve all industries and are located in Portugal. GBSN data insights understand real-time audience feedback and help companies to predict dynamic market needs.


Equifax Inc. is the best data provider in consumer credit reporting. This agency is located in multiple countries with headQuarters in Atlanta, GA, America. They have details of 800 million individual consumers and more than 80 million businesses across the world. This company collects and analyzes global data and creates insights that help to make quick decisions. Equifax employee strength worldwide crosses more than 11,000. Their marketing analytics tools and customer data management service help companies in lead generation and quickly improve revenues.


InsideView is a software as a service (SaaS) that provides marketing intelligence and analytics solutions to marketers worldwide. Their prospecting tools and b2b data platform allow sales and marketing teams to search companies and contact information about target markets. InsideView was founded in 2005 and is the top data provider for data intelligence platforms on a subscription basis. Their pricing model starts from $6,000 for Lead Enrichment and has Custom Pricing available for Sales Acceleration. Company HQ is located in San Francisco, CA.


Lead411 combines Millions of Direct Dials and Verified Emails Powered by the Lead Intelligence software platform. Using their intelligence platform, they can access millions of contacts based on types of sales triggers, SWOT and Analyst Reports, Industry Overviews, Executive Biographies, Credit Scores, and Financials and Ratios. They are the best business contact data provider for marketing data based on trigger signals and accurate b2b contact data. Customers of Lead411 can use their top b2b data provider data Intelligence software platform on a subscription basis to get sales triggers, buying signals, and verified email addresses.


Technology data power Datanyze's sales intelligence platform. Datanyze is one of the top b2b data providers in terms of technographic and real-time insights. They also provide services like technology tracking, predictive analytics and data enrichment. Datanyze sales prospecting tool is the best data provider and provides accurate. Up-to-date information on contacts and other technologies a company is using will help the customers take advantage of lead generation and customer acquisition. Technographics will help companies to find target accounts and convert them into sales-ready leads. Datanyze clients are more than 600 companies around the world.

13LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Network can help companies to reach more than +700 Million Sales Leads. This is the best sales data provider tool which is accessed on a subscription-based model from LinkedIn. Linkedin tools will understand key data insights and help the users to engage with personalized approaches. This can be easily integrated with sales CRM. Another feature called InMail Messages helps to reach over LinkedIn 500 million members and the Professional service is $79.99 price per user per month, billed $959.88 annually. The Teams service is $108.33 per user per month, billed $1,300.00 annually. This is the top data provider tool to Share content and track engagement among teammates.


SalesIntel is the top b2b data provider of accurate and affordable sales and marketing contact data with the highest number of direct dials and human-verified contacts in the industry. They guarantee 95% accurate data as per the website details and a 360-degree view of your target prospects buying intelligence. This can be one of the best b2b email list providers if you are looking to acquire b2b email lists from American companies.


LeadSift provides actionable Intent Leads to companies to start meaningful communication with prospects and drive more sales leads. They scan daily millions of Unstructured Public Web Data and analyze the buying interest and relevant topics. Their software collects these intents as potential signals and filters out a buyer persona. These intents and buyer persona go through a sophisticated mapping process to understand these prospects to determine if the signal is relevant. If you are looking for the best b2b data provider, which words on intent data, LeadSift is your answer.

Accurate business data can help businesses grow and achieve their sales revenue goals with effective online marketing to generate leads and turn prospects into customers. Undoubtedly accurate data can help your sales and marketing team achieve their revenue goals, but bad quality data may jeopardize your ad budget. This section provides a list of generic questions from marketers before they select the email list vendor.

Who are the top B2B data providers in the USA?

Undoubtedly when it comes to freshly sourced custom contact lists, InfoGlobalData is the best list vendor you can rely on. With the help of InfoGlobalData, you can customize targeted email lists by industry, job roles, firmographics, business type, location size, sales volume, business started the year, SIC & NAICS Codes and more. InfoGlobalData's high-quality contact and account data are privacy compliant with GDPR, CAN-SPAM, CCPA, CASL.

Which is the best B2B data service provider company in the USA?

There are many b2b list vendors in America, but only a few list vendors source the list genuinely from permission-based sources. Before selecting the email list vendor, you should ask how the data is sourced? InfoGlobalData source the contact and other details from genuine sources like Public Records, Business Registries, Events and Tradeshow Exhibitors and Attendees, Government Business Registries, Newsletter & Survey Subscribers and Events and Tradeshow Exhibitors and Attendees. This makes InfoGlobalData the best list vendor in the industry.

Who are the best B2B email list providers in the USA?

You can believe in InfoGlobalData and buy any B2B email lists without having any second thought. Our sales team is available on live chat or please emails your email list requirements to [email protected], or you can directly talk to our data experts at +1 (206) 792 3760.

Who are the top email database providers for B2B marketing?

There are many email list vendors in the industry, and most of them work on reselling third-party data by branding that as their own data. We have seen multiple list vendors who are just resellers of Hoover's data. At InfoGlobalData, we compile our own data and follow strict data validation policies, including ECOA, NCOA, Data Scrubbing, and re-verification of email on a daily basis. We provide samples to customers to check the quality of data before they purchase, and we also allow customers to pay only if they are satisfied with our data quality.

Where can I get the b2b buyers to list globally?

We can provide you email list contacts across the globe. Our data research team can find verified emails and phone numbers for decision-makers in accounts that match your target criteria. Generate high response rates for your online marketing campaigns with our global email lists customized to your market criteria.

Is there a market for a B2B data marketplace?

When it comes to b2b email lists service, there is no B2B marketplace available like an eCommerce platform that brings together all B2B email list vendors and buyers and helps them do business together in one online place. You need to research list vendors and approach individually and place your list orders online with them.

What are the top 5 B2B data provider's websites?

Here is the list of the top five b2b data vendor's website.

Where can I buy B2B email data for the UK?

InfoGlobaldata provides email contact lists globally. You can place your target list order with us, and our data research team will work on your list and deliver within three to five business days. Before the delivery, we make sure the email list is verified and ready to upload in any CRM to start your marketing.

Who are the best B2B data providers in the USA, and why?

InfoGlobalData is one of the best B2B data providers in the USA when it comes to contact accuracy and Privacy Complaint email lists with CAN-SPAM, GDPR, and CASL. Our email contact lists are updated every 30 days.

Who can provide the best B2B contact data list management services in the USA?

InfoGlobalData helps companies with the best B2B contact data list management services across the USA with Address Verification, Change of Address/NCOA, Name Verification, Real-Time Email Mailbox Verification, Phone Verification, Merge, Purge & Deduplication, etc. to standardize, verify and correct all your b2b marketing contact data problems.

With InfoGlobalData, we help our customers every day with our email marketing and target contact list build service to increase the sales lead flow so their sales team can hit the revenue targets. We can do this only with verified email contact lists which helps to improve inbox delivery. Your sales team can only target the right people at the right companies with a verified accurate, targeted account-based email list. Stop wasting the sales team's time dialing wrong numbers or updating sales CRMs with wrong prospects' information.

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