SIC and NAICS Code Append

Append SIC and NAICS Codes to your Business List. We can efficiently append vital data elements for your marketing initiatives. The append includes adding NAICS and/or SIC codes & Descriptions to your existing database.

Add SIC and NAICS Codes and Descriptions to your current customer database

The D&B DUNS numbering system is a widely recognised standard for identifying businesses among thousands of companies, marketplaces and regulatory entities. Companies worldwide use the DUNS Number to link information about suppliers, customers and trading partners, providing a more complete picture of the risk and opportunity in their business relationships.

No other organisation has the capacity to identify, verify, and inter-relate businesses to find new customers, reduce credit exposure, generate vendor savings, and prevent fraud.

SIC Code Appending

Add Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes to the records in your business database. Use this information to segment your customer by Industry type. The SIC Codes also gives you the data intelligence to target industries with the highest propensity to purchase your product or service, which are the industries that you are currently doing the most business with.

NAICS Appending

The North American Industry Classification System is a new business classification system that will eventually replace the SIC system. The NAICS system has the ability to code and identify groups of establishments into industries better then SIC system currently does. In today's business environment, many service and specialized businesses, as well as entirely new industries are not listed as accurately using the SIC system as they are with the NAICS system.

With the detailed information on the US businesses and their industries, you can attack the target market with the desired message at the right time. Our B2B Data Appending services have been designed to add value to your existing contact database.


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