Social Media Append

A social profile adds personality to what was previously only a name, job title, lead score, or customer history. Arming your sales team with social network information in a CRM lets them have more authentic conversations with business decision makers.

Identify profile and target high-value relationships in social media

We can append respective social media profile of your customers to your customer file. You can identify customers/prospects interests, point of interest, trigger points, converse with them, and create a two way communication. It's now possible to append your B2B customer and prospect databases with social media addresses and other social marketing data. This new social layer makes it possible to connect and engage with your audience across multiple channels.

  • Who: demographics, occupation, location and more
  • What: interests, brand affinities, lifestyles, and influence
  • Where: social sites used and online hangouts
  • With Whom: friends and associates

Reasons why you should map your customers and prospects to social media:

Determine if you should be on social networks - If you are unsure about whether or not you should be marketing via social media, using social appending tools will help you understand the social activity of your contacts.

Determine which channels to use - Learn which channels your customers or contacts use most frequently and speak to them where they are most comfortable.

Identify influencers - Do you know who your most valuable brand advocates are? Use the number of Facebook friends, tweets, followers, etc. to identify and engage your contacts with the most marketing influence. Create content or VIP offers to target and reward this very important group.

Compare prospects to customers - If you know the social behaviors of your customers, compare that to your prospects. Learn about the differences between the two groups and adjust your prospect messaging accordingly.

Target new customers - Once you how your customers behave in the social networks, use that information to go after others with similar profiles or behaviors.

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