• What is B2B Data?
  • Let's take a travel to the history of B2B data
  • Consider these Qualities of B2B Database before you Purchase - Precision, Coverage, Wholeness & Stability

If you're looking back to the early 1900s, it was like the salesman will knock on doors to get a potential buyer and drive around the city to find the ideal customers. Today, companies have changed the conventional style of sales and adapted the new strategies - leveraging digital data to find out the potential prospects and connect with them without consuming too much time and resources. From door-knocking to email marketing, the journey of business is exceptional.

What is B2B Data?

The B2B data or business to business data can use to boost your marketing and sales campaigns. The B2B data consists of the sophisticated information of the potential prospects for you to get connected. Indeed you can foster your business networks, marketing, and sales with the assistance of B2B data. B2B data consists of information such as company names, email addresses, zip codes, phone numbers, and much other relevant information that is useful for marketers to get in touch with the targeted audiences.

Let's take a travel to the history of B2B data

We can consider the phonebook as a first B2B database. Way back in 1878, the phonebook had come into existence. Many of the companies have used this to make appointments with the customers and clients. From door-knocking to cold calling, this was the major transition that happened in B2B with the arrival of the phonebook. The very first standard phonebook has 7,000,000 phone numbers. In 1910, the American phonebooks were keeping a large amount of data that include first name, last name, and phone number. The demand for getting a personalized phonebook increased during this time. The business leaders of that time believed, keeping customized phonebook can enable them to connect with the right customers. It could reduce the time and resources also.

Within a short period, the data scarcity faced by the business leaders turned to data abundance. The marketing and sales teams found it difficult to call all the numbers since it is time-consuming, and the need for prioritizing the data turned to significant among the business leaders. It created a way for outsourced B2B call centers to gather the relevant information to develop a customized phonebook according to the business needs. By the late 1980s arrival of the computer resulted in a phenomenal transition to B2B data. The incredible journey of B2B data has got the B2B marketers here. Now technology has made influential changes implement AI in your business, and multiple B2B data providers are competing to find space in the market.

Consider these Qualities of B2B Database before you Purchase:


An experienced B2B data provider would ensure quality, accuracy. Moreover, they will collect information from authentic sources. A well-reputed B2B database provider would provide transparency to the sources. It's more about the quality of the data. The data need to verify in a frequent interval to keep it fresh and productive.


The B2B data providers should ensure data coverage. The marketers should able to reach out to a wide spectrum of industries with a B2B database. Many of the B2B database providers may claim their data would cover various industries irrespective of the demographic and firmographic attributes. But how will we make sure this is true or not? Many of the reputed B2B data providers will provide the customers with sample data to check the quality and effectiveness of data.


The B2B database consists of much information. Make sure the data provider has provided you with the whole information they promise you to deliver. Many of the reputed B2B data vendors provide various data such as email addresses, phone numbers, zip code, company details to generate a multichannel campaign.


Well established data providers will ensure consistency for their data. Indeed, inconsistent data would adversely affect the lead generation; it would be a waste of time and resources. It is necessary to make sure the contact list provider is providing you with a consistent database.


The story of the data driven marketing begins long back in 1900. It has undergone significant shifts according to time and technology. Today, the database has great relevance in the market. It has considered one of the effective tools to get a hold of the B2B market. There are many sources to avail business email lists in the market; finding out the best one still puts the marketers under pressure. The above are a few criteria you always look at while buying targeted email lists.


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