• How Companies Use AI These Days?
  • Why your company needs Artificial Intelligence in 2020?
  • Insight to AI in the Business

Artificial intelligence has significantly changed the way we use advanced technologies to exist. AI and machine learning are hugely dependent on the vast volume of data. Small businesses and companies require this technology to expand the business in the future. AI has widely captured the attention of leaders and marketers. Consequently, we can expect drastic changes in the business platforms shortly.

The term used to describe the ability of a computer to simulate human intelligence is Artificial Intelligence or AI. Actions such as learning, logic, reasoning, perception, creativity, once considered as peculiar to humans, are now being replicated by computers and used in every industry.

Artificial Intelligence turns to a buzzword in the business sectors. It begins to shape the business world in a more flexible viewpoint. Companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google have already started using the major advantages of AI to gain more productivity. Many of the well-established companies have started investing in Artificial Intelligence.

How Companies Use AI These Days?

Artificial Intelligence is now widely used in business applications, including automation, data mining, and natural language processing. Across industries, these three aspects of AI are streamlining operations and improving efficiencies.

The familiar use of AI in business are:

  • Transferring and cross-referring data and updating the files
  • Consumer behavior analysis and product recommendations
  • Fraud detection
  • Customized advertising and marketing messages
  • Customer service through telephone or chatbots

The Harvard Business Review has reported; the AI stands to make a phenomenal impact in marketing services, supply chain management, and manufacturing. The supply chain management and marketing services are relying more on AI these days. We can see significant changes in the healthcare industries with the use of AI. Data transparency and security is other fields where AI are playing a distinct role.

Why your company needs Artificial Intelligence in 2020?


Predict your Organization’s Performance:
Artificial Intelligence can be the most suitable tool for analyzing your organization's performance on a large scale. Analyzing the performance include, getting the proper information about sales, marketing, and revenue growth. AI can process thousands of data simultaneously to ensure quality results of your business operations.


Chatbot became a common technique used by companies to ensure optimum customer satisfaction. A chatbot can be a text-to-speech or pre-written scenario that can answer the queries of the customers or clients. It can reduce the human efforts and human resources of the companies. Sometimes, it can resolve the complex question asked by the customers. Customer satisfaction would go beyond the expectation of each leader with the minimum use of resources. has reported that 85% of the customer interactions would be managed by without humans.

Analyze the Customers Behavior

In fact, Artificial Intelligence can analyze the unique behaviors of customers. It feels like a miracle but the AI use would ensure the marketers develop a specific persona with the use of AI. Through this marketers can predict the next purchase by the customers through AI. The AI will evaluate the information given by the customer while they registering on the sites.

Ensure Personalized Customer Experience

Through analyzing the customer behaviors the marketers can generate personalized campaigns and email marketing. Based on the needs and requirements the marketers can come up with various strategies to get the attention of the customers. Personalized offers and product suggestions are possible with the help of AI.

Increased Productivity

The use of smart machines would never disappoint you in the domain of revenue growth. It can ensure the optimum growth of our organization. Since AI can ensure you a quality customer relationship and performance analysis, gaining more growth and revenue wouldn't be a challenging task for you.

Insight to AI in the Business

Artificial Intelligence became the solution for most of the challenges faced by business professionals for the last few decades. It saves time and money since the machine can work 24/7. It can rectify the challenges faced by the customers at any given time. Hence, productivity would increase rapidly.

AI-powered systems help businesses gain a competitive edge by developing better goods and services customized to their consumers, minimizing the risk of delays or downtime, reducing costs through predictive maintenance, increasing operating performance, enhancing safety and security, processing data instantly, and improving consumer understanding.

Reports have stated that there will be a growth of $118.6 billion in the AI global market by 2025. The AI business industry would go beyond our expectations. It turned to necessary for the leaders to train the employees to get a grip on the AI machine techniques. The demand for AI technique professionals will tremendously increase in the coming years.

Undoubtedly we can say the AI technology will change the face of business shortly. Within a short period, AI made remarkable changes in the business. The use of AI became a new normal. Many of the highly profitable and start-up companies started investing in Artificial Intelligence techniques. It reduces the efforts and challenges of the employees in an organization without the decline of the profits.


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