Lead Generation Services

We constantly update and verify our information to ensure that your mailing lists always contain up-to-date, deliverable addresses and responsive phone numbers.

Identify your best prospects without the Guesswork

Our team works collaboratively to ensure quality services in the Information Technology, Software Products, Telecommunications, Medical and Healthcare, Marketing and Advertising, Business Products and Services, Human Resources, Management Consulting, Financial Services, Manufacturing and Distribution sectors dealing with small-scale lead generation and major lead generation accounts.

We can help your B2B lead generation by:

  • Determining your specific requirements
  • Identifying the list sources
  • Executing pilots to test which sources offer the highest match rates
  • Determining the need for further data augmentation
  • Managing the data purchases
  • Ensuring compliance with licensing requirements

When you hire us for your next lead generation campaign, you get the following benefits:

  • Save on employee turnover and training costs.
  • Reduce costs per new client acquisition.
  • Reduce costs per sale
  • Lead generation & lead nurturing. Multi-touch, trigger-based email marketing
  • Custom, complex scoring, qualification, & distribution of leads

A few examples of the steps we take to make our service work and ensure your success:

  • Focus on the goal of setting an appointment so that our Client can deliver the sales presentation and close the deal.
  • Research your market and potential customers to target the right audience.
  • Create an opening statement for the cold call by preparing the framework of the presentation which includes the benefits of your product or service and the motivators for your prospects to buy.
  • Understand the potential objections in advance and being prepared to respond effectively.

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