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HR mailing list include verified hr contacts from large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, permanent and temporary employment agencies, executive search services, and human resource consulting firms. InfoGlobalData's HR Email Lists can be helpful in connecting with senior executives in charge of hiring, recruiting, employee benefits, performance incentives, training initiatives, and more. Our real-time verified Human Resource Email Address gives you instant reach to the inbox of verified HR specialists across the U.S. Achieve maximum campaign ROI through our 100% opt-in and active human resource email list.


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  • Triple-Verified, 85-95% Accurate
  • 100% Data Ownership Guarantee
  • Privacy Compliant: CAN-SPAM, GDPR & CASL

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Contact List of Human Resources in USA By Specialty

Human Resources Database Total Records
HR Directors Email List 67,378
HR Managers Email Address 83,836
HR VPs Contact Database 13,089
HR Analysts Email List 39,761
Staffing Executives Database 33,836
Human Resources Consultant Email List 39,574
Compensation Executives Email List 28,037
Recruiting Manager Mailing List 13,983
HR Specialist Email Addresses 35,729
Staffing Agency Email List 29,738
Chief HR Officer Mailing Address 11,673
HR Advisers Contact Database 13,071
HR Advocate Contact List 14,935
Human Resources Database Total Records
HR Administrator Contact List 23,278
Benefits Coordinator Emails 9,351
HR Generalist Email List 17,893
Senior HR Specialists Contact List 23,729
Employee Benefits Specialist Emails 17,782
Talent Acquisition Manager Mailing List 31,237
Employee Relations Consultant List 9,721
Compensation Analyst Email List 6,034
Staffing Consultant Mailing List 10,529
HRIS Manager Email List 9,231
Benefits Administrator Email Contacts 8,274
Technical Recruiters Email Database 14,879
Labor Relations Consultant Email List 8,035

2500+ Satisfied Customers

100% Opt-In HR Email Lists

  • Database of 250K+ HR Executives with verified contacts
  • Customize your human resources mailing list based on: HR specialty, years-in-business, number of HR executives at firm and much more
  • ​Our HR Email List comply with GDPR, CCPA and CAN-SPAM Act
  • ​Get contact information of top human resource decision makers like HR Director, HR Manager, VP of HR, CHROs, HR Analyst, HR Administrator, etc.
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Responsive HR Email Lists

The HR email list is extremely useful for selling or marketing for products or services related to recruitment, payroll, training, etc, in corporates & companies. Buy accurate hr contact lists from InfoGlobalData.

100% Privacy Compliant HR Email Addresses for Responsive Marketing

An HR Email List is a compilation of contact information, specifically email addresses, of human resources professionals working in various organizations and companies. This list is created to provide businesses and organizations with a way to directly connect with HR decision-makers such as HR Managers, HR Directors, VP of Human Resources, and other key players within the HR industry. Other than email addresses, you also get various demographic, technographic, and firmographic data such as names, job titles, social media profiles, direct dial numbers, postal addresses, SIC/NAICS codes, and other relevant data points. With this, you can target your marketing and sales efforts to a specific group of individuals, increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns, as it can reach the right people with the right product at the right time. Additionally, it can save time and effort by allowing businesses to bypass the need for extensive research and manual outreach efforts. If you’re looking to purchase such a list, InfoGlobalData is a leading provider of HR Mailing lists.

The HR mailing lists have been adequately generated to run successful multichannel marketing campaigns. The role of Human Resource Executives has evolved significantly in recent years, moving beyond traditional responsibilities such as recruitment, training & development, and performance appraisal. Today, they play a vital role as strategic partners and agents of change within an organization, holding significant decision-making power and actively participating in top-level strategy development. As a result of this evolving role, marketers are increasingly seeking to connect with HR executives to promote products, software solutions, and services related to workforce management and other business functions. However, effectively reaching this specialized audience requires a targeted HR email mailing list. A targeted HR email mailing list is a powerful tool for marketers looking to connect with human resources professionals. It allows them to reach the right people in a personalized manner, increasing the chances of better sales and results. You can create a targeted HR contact list based on data factors such as location, Job Roles, type of company, Annual Revenue, Sales Volume, and Year Business Started, among other factors. This ensures that your list is hyper-focused and yields the result you initially thought.

Customize Human Resources Email Lists for Targeted Marketing

Data fields for target marketing, customize your hr email list from below data insights.

  • HR Executive Full name
  • Hr Business Email ids
  • HR Phone Number
  • HR Job Title
  • SIC, NAICS Code
  • Social Media Handles
  • Geographical Location
  • D-U-N-S Number
  • Industry Sectors
  • Years of Experience
  • Website URL
  • Technographic Data

Benefits of HR Email List for Marketing

InfoGlobalData’s real-time authenticated HR Database will provide marketers the scope to enhance their market outreach. It is, in fact, an excellent list for online marketing initiatives, with guaranteed conversions. In terms of accuracy and reach, the list of HR Email Address much surpasses its rivals and helps in improving your ROI. Marketing to human recourses executives and decision-makers becomes easy and responsive. It helps you to directly contact the HR executives, HR Manager Database, and other ideal professionals across the US. Furthermore, a Human Resource Database can help you increase the success of your campaign by generating qualified leads.

Our exclusive List of Human Resource Email Addresses gives you quick access to qualified hr specialists who can help your company find, manage, and retain top employees. Our comprehensive HR contacts database connect you with the best hr experts. They are in charge of various HR tasks such as hiring, recruiting, people practices, learning and development, OSHA compliance, health insurance, and more. The extensive HR Lists are unquestionably the best-in-class data to accelerate your brand growth. Enhance your HR marketing strategies and align them with our database to increase conversion rates and close more deals. It has permission-based data on decision-making HR Professionals from diverse corporate sectors. The accurate HR Database contains accurate and relevant information to run successful marketing campaigns. Depending on their needs, we can provide clients with pre-packaged and customized HR Mailing Lists. It can also be used to drive successful multichannel marketing campaigns. Our HR Manager Database is among the best in the business. As a result, we ensure that you get the most out of your marketing activities.

As a marketer, you can acquire our HR Manager Email List as it will undoubtedly bring value to your business. You can customize your HR Executives Email List based on specific business requirements. Moreover, assembled from credible global sources, the HR Manager Database is also meant to lend momentum to your efforts. So, if you have innovative software for tracking staff productivity or insurance plans, and also other HR-friendly products and services to help with hiring, you should give your company a chance to succeed. So, if you want your marketing messages to reach the correct inboxes, buy a tailored HR Contact List. InfoGlobalData offers unlimited data usage rights, a list replacement guarantee, and no resale policy on the custom-build list to provide maximum benefits at a modest price. Reach us right away to avail 100% consent-based and privacy-compliant HR mailing list.

Reach all the HR Job Titles with Verified HR Email Database

HR Manager HR Specialist HR Generalist Recruiting Manager
Assistant HR Director Employment Supervisor Human Resources Officer Administrative Manager
HR Assistants HR Associates HR Representatives HR Administrator
HR Analyst Benefits Administrator Compensation Analyst Benefits Coordinator
Benefits Counselor Coordinator, Talent Acquisition Benefits Officer Chief People Officer
Chief Happiness Officer Category Manager, HR Client Facing HR Specialist Coordinator, Administrative Services
Benefits and Work Comp Manager Contract Recruiter Benefits Specialist Director of Employment
Director of Employment and Recruiting E-Learning Coordinator Employment Supervisor District Human Resources Manager
HRD/Training & Development VP Director of Talent Management Human Resources Specialist eCommerce Recruiter - HR Coordinator
Employee Benefits Law Specialist Human Resources Technician Human Resources Officer Employee Relations Leader
E-Learning Analyst Human Resources Generalist HRIS Manager Human Resources Team Leader
Employee Relations Consultant Ministers of Culture Recruiting and Sourcing Coordinator Manager of Career and Employee Relations
Employee Benefits Law Specialist Organizational Development Manager Senior Employee Benefits Manager Training Coordinator
Senior Benefits Manager Vice President of Human Resources Technical Recruiter Human Resources Clerk
Recruiting Manager Social Media Recruiter Talent Acquisition Consultant Vice President of People
Human Resources Advocate Human Resources Consultant Director of Talent Employee and Labor Relations Consultant
HRD/Training and Development Managerr Human Resources Champion Vice President of Diversity Recruitment and Assessment Specialist
Senior HR Specialist Staffing Consultant Payroll Processing Specialist HR Administrative Assistant
HRD/Training and Development Manager Human Resources Assistant Vice President of Talent Management HRD/Training and Development Analyst
Staffing Coordinator Union Organizer Organizational Development VP Recruiting Interviewer
Administrative Manager Human Resources Adviser Director of Employment Services Employee Relations Specialist
Employee Retention Manager HR Information Systems Coordinator HR Manager Multi-site Recruitment and Social Media Coordinator
Job Posting Specialist Organizational Development Specialist Talent Acquisition Manager Union Relations
HRD/Training and Development Director HR Payroll and Benefits Specialist Employment Law Specialist HRIS Analyst
Plant Human Resources Manager Manager, Programs and Processes Retirement Plan Counselor Human Resources Business Partner
Human Resources Coach HRD/Training and Development Specialist E-Learning Manager Employee Satisfaction Manager
Human Resources Associate Senior Employee Benefits Consultant Human Resources and Safety Coordinator Human Resources Compensation Coordinator
Assistant HR Manager Human Resources Analyst Benefits Counselor Assistant VP of Human Resources
Safety Compliance and Recruitment Specialist Human Resources Representative Benefits Administrator Organizational Development Analyst
Human Resources Associate HRD/Training and Development Supervisor Benefits Coordinator Functional Leader

Why to Buy an HR Email List for Marketing?

Purchasing a Human Resource Database has many potential benefits for your brand growth in the global market. However, you must purchase HR Mailing Lists cautiously, like other things. Before buying HR lists, make sure you ascertain certain things like opt-in data, privacy compliance, and sources of data collection, among others. It must fulfill your aim behind purchasing an HR Email Lists. You can get a more specific email list to reach the niche professionals like HR Directors Email List, HR Administrator Contact List, HR Executives Email List, HR Manager Database, and more.

Human resource professionals have adapted to the changing technological environment and begun adopting innovative technologies such as ATS systems, HRM software, and other value-driven SaaS products and services to increase efficiency in their duties. As a result, they have become prime targets for B2B marketers dealing in such products or services. However, identifying key prospects among a large number of HR professionals worldwide can be a daunting task. An HR database specifically created to address these challenges can provide robust B2B market data to make this process more manageable. These databases are sourced from verified sources such as public records, official government business registries of individual countries, co-op 100% opt-in third-party information services, credit bureaus, business registries, newsletter & survey subscribers, magazine & business publication readers, trade show & exhibition attendees, and more. Having access to such an HR email address list can help B2B marketers in leveraging most of the market opportunities, creating personalized strategies, boosting ROI, and driving better brand equity without any extra cost. In short, an HR email address list can be an invaluable tool for B2B marketers looking to connect with human resources professionals and promote their products and services. Try our free HR Email List samples Today!

It is essential to have a robust HR Contacts Database to reach them and promote the products and services successfully. Without correct contact information of the leads, marketing to human resources executives becomes difficult. For example, if your company is about to enter an entirely new market, you might not know where to begin your lead-generating efforts. Whether you're entering a new industry, launching a new product or service, or expanding your company internationally for the first time, you're likely to be in unfamiliar territory. Purchasing an HR Manager Database for your new market extension might assist you in overcoming the unfamiliarity and establishing business ties globally. Our HR Databases are thoroughly verified multiple times and real-time authenticated. Accomplish your marketing goals with our geo-segmented HR Contacts List. Buying HR marketing lists might open up a whole new world of unexplored opportunities for you to target.

InfoGlobalData provides you with the best-in-class HR Manager Email List that is highly targeted, accurate, and quickly validated, allowing you to increase your sales and marketing activities and produce considerable ROI. At the same time, we handle identifying and targeting your niche audience. We have 100% privacy compliant, and permission passed the HR Email Database. And with well-segmented and reliable HR contacts lists at low prices, your business can get a lot of exposure! You can redirect your skills into creating flawless products, services, and solutions, as well as all of your efforts into creating flawless marketing collaterals. You can get your HR Email Address list customized as per your business requirements to achieve the campaign goals quickly. We offer a list replacement and no resale guarantee policy along with unrestricted data usage rights, all at an affordable price. Choose the best and excel in your marketing initiatives.


Five Points to Check Before Buying HR Email Lists

Get the most outstanding HR executives in the States on your desk with a well-structured HR email list and peer through your competitors. With the HR Mailing Lists, you get not just any contact information but rigorously filtered contacts of Human resource professionals who are already at the top of their ladder. The search for the right one for your company...


Should you Buy an Email Marketing List?

Companies are constantly battling for your attention. Businesses are constantly launching print advertisements, developing commercials, purchasing billboards, sending SMS messages, and sharing content on social media. However, the most cost-effective way for businesses to reach out to customers is by email...


Five Questions to Ask an Email List Vendor before List Purchase

The ability to target the correct audience is critical to the success of any marketing strategy. Contact information that is up to date, legitimate email addresses, and the capabilities of effective email list segmentation are all must-haves for any marketer, but they are far from guaranteed in an email listing acquired from any email marketing...

HR Email List Purchase Related FAQs

The HR email list is real-time verified and frequently updated with proper contact information of the sales-ready leads. We follow a stringent 7-step verification procedure and manual quality checks to ensure maximum email deliverability. Moreover, we only keep permission passed and privacy compliant HR database so that your campaigns bring good responses.

You can collect the HR contact details of a company from various online sources like job portals, google search, Linkedin. But if you want permission passed, CASS-certified, and privacy compliant HR contact list, you can buy it from reputed database providers like InfoGlobalData. We collect the data from 16K+ reliable sources and keep it real-time authenticated to achieve the maximum email deliverability rate.

InfoGlobalData has job role-specific email lists like HR directors email lists, HR manager email lists, and more. All the contacts in our database are subject to a strict verification procedure. We have compiled the list from reliable sources along with AI and manual quality checks. You can directly use our CRM-friendly HR directors email list and implement it in your marketing strategies.

With an exclusive HR executives email list, you can send your promotional messages directly to niche prospects. You can engage with the purchase intent leads rather than investing time on the cold leads. Our 100% permission passed HR executives email list ensures that your campaign response rate increases along with your ROI. You can grow your client base globally and drive successful multichannel marketing campaigns.

You will get all companies HR email address from InfoGlobalData. At InfoGlobalData, we have compiled the list of HR from 16K+ credible sources. You can customize your HR email addresses from 35+ data attributes to meet your business goals. The companies HR email address is subject to stringent verification procedures to maintain accuracy. We have a 100% permission passed and privacy compliant database to improve your campaign response and ROI.

InfoGlobalData is the best place to buy HR executives email lists. It is one of the most secured and trusted data providers with best-in-class email deliverability. Our experts gather information from credible sources, and you can custom-build your list as per your choices. We store only consent-based, CASS-certified, and real-time authenticated HR executives email lists. Buy geo-targeted and data policy-compliant HR executives email list at a reasonable price.

At InfoGlobalData, you will get a well verified and customized database of the HR of top companies. Our data analysts collect data from credible sources to maintain optimum accuracy. We keep our database frequently updated and refill it with new and CASS-certified contact information. To add value to your campaign performance, we do not resell the customized list and offer a list replacement guarantee. Buy now to get unlimited data usage rights and benefits at a modest price.

Buy HR Executives Lists from InfoGlobalData with 100% Guaranteed Privacy Compliance

Buy our CASS-certified and highly responsive Human Resources Contact Databases at an affordable price. You can also avail of other data-related services from us. Try our free hr email database samples now!