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Global 2000 Companies Database — Top 50 Companies List

The Global 2000 Companies List is an annual ranking of the world's largest and most powerful public companies, published by Forbes magazine. The list is based on a company's revenue, profit, assets, and market value, and is considered one of the most authoritative and comprehensive global rankings of publicly traded companies.

Rank Name Country Industry Assets Market Value
1 JPMorgan Chase United States Diversified Financials $3,7443 B $39959 B
2 Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) Saudi Arabia Oil & Gas Operations $66099 B $2,05522 B
3 ICBC China Banking $6,11682 B $20301 B
4 China Construction Bank China Banking $4,97748 B $17299 B
5 Agricultural Bank of China China Banking $5,35686 B $14182 B
6 Bank of America United States Banking $3,19466 B $22082 B
7 Alphabet United States IT Software & Services $36949 B $1,34053 B
8 ExxonMobil United States Oil & Gas Operations $36937 B $43939 B
9 Microsoft United States IT Software & Services $38009 B $2,30984 B
10 Apple United States Technology $33216 B $2,74621 B
11 Shell United Kingdom Oil & Gas Operations $42915 B $20545 B
12 Bank of China China Banking $4,42176 B $12267 B
13 Toyota Motor Japan Consumer Durables $5425 B $1882 B
14 Samsung Electronics South Korea Technology $34881 B $33431 B
15 UnitedHealth Group United States Insurance $28368 B $46019 B
16 Ping An Insurance Group China Insurance $1,59849 B $13856 B
17 Wells Fargo United States Banking $1,8864 B $14236 B
18 Chevron United States Oil & Gas Operations $25589 B $30354 B
18 PetroChina China Oil & Gas Operations $38458 B $12291 B
20 HSBC Holdings United Kingdom Banking $2,9897 B $15119 B
21 TotalEnergies France Oil & Gas Operations $29303 B $15164 B
21 Verizon Communications United States Telecommunications Services $37772 B $15904 B
23 Walmart United States Retailing $2432 B $40912 B
24 Citigroup United States Diversified Financials $2,45511 B $9003 B
25 China Mobile Hong Kong Telecommunications Services $290 B $18641 B
26 China Merchants Bank China Banking $1,45848 B $12984 B
27 Postal Savings Bank Of China (PSBC) China Banking $2,02357 B $11018 B
28 BP United Kingdom Oil & Gas Operations $27866 B $1083 B
29 Volkswagen Group Germany Consumer Durables $63378 B $7016 B
30 Morgan Stanley United States Diversified Financials $1,1999 B $14176 B
31 Meta Platforms United States IT Software & Services $18449 B $59982 B
32 Sinopec China Oil & Gas Operations $2833 B $11432 B
33 BNP Paribas France Banking $2,84569 B $7859 B
34 Goldman Sachs Group United States Diversified Financials $1,53835 B $10872 B
35 Tencent Holdings China IT Software & Services $22701 B $41536 B
36 Amazon United States Retailing $46438 B $1,08406 B
37 Allianz Germany Insurance $1,13949 B $9545 B
38 RBC Canada Banking $1,44866 B $13515 B
39 Pfizer United States Drugs & Biotechnology $2904 B $19721 B
40 Johnson & Johnson United States Drugs & Biotechnology $19597 B $42276 B
41 Deutsche Telekom Germany Telecommunications Services $34262 B $11718 B
42 Mercedes-Benz Group Germany Consumer durables $286 B $7849 B
43 TD Bank Group Canada Banking $1,44511 B $11292 B
44 Taiwan Semiconductor Taiwan Semiconductors $16572 B $42317 B
45 Reliance Industries India Gas & Oil Operations $2085 B $18919 B
46 BMW Group Germany Consumer Durables $26898 B $7577 B
47 LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton France Household & Personal Products $1437 B $48245 B
48 AXA Group France Insurance $70125 B $7007 B
49 Santander Spain Banking $1,90064 B $5618 B
50 Nestlé Switzerland Food, Drink & Tobacco $14611 B $33766 B

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  • Professional Certifications
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