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Find out Email Lists by SIC Code. The SIC Code Email List refers to the information available in addition to its Standard Industrial Classification.

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SIC Code Lookup - List of SIC Codes

  • 01-09 Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing
    • 01 Agricultural Production Crops
    • 02 Agricultural Production Livestock and Animal Specialties
    • 07 Agricultural Services
    • 08 Forestry
    • 09 Fishing, Hunting, and Trapping
  • 10-14 Mining
    • 10 Metal Mining
    • 12 Coal Mining
    • 13 Oil and Gas Extraction
    • 14 Mining and Quarrying of Nonmetallic Minerals, Except Fuels
  • 15-17 Construction
    • 15 Building Construction-General Contractors and Operative Builders
    • 16 Heavy Construction Other Than Building Construction-Contractors
    • 17 Construction-Special Trade Contractors
  • 20-39 Manufacturing
    • 20 Food and Kindred Products
    • 21 Tobacco Products
    • 22 Textile Mill Products
    • 23 Apparel and Other Finished Products Made From Fabrics and Similar Material
    • 24 Lumber and Wood Products, Except Furniture
    • 25 Furniture and Fixtures
    • 26 Paper and Allied Products
    • 27 Printing, Publishing, and Allied Industries
    • 28 Chemicals and Allied Products
    • 29 Petroleum Refining and Related Industries
    • 30 Rubber and Miscellaneous Plastics Products
    • 31 Leather and Leather Products
    • 32 Stone, Clay, Glass, and Concrete Products
    • 33 Primary Metal Industries
    • 34 Fabricated Metal Products, Except Machinery and Transportation Equipment
    • 35 Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Computer Equipment
    • 36 Electronic and Other Electrical Equipment and Components, Except Computer
    • 37 Transportation Equipment
    • 38 Measuring, Analyzing and Controlling Instruments; Photographic, Medical and Optical Goods; Watches and Clocks
    • 39 Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries
  • 40-49 Transportation, Communications, Electric, Gas, And Sanitary Services
    • 40 Railroad Transportation
    • 41 Local and Suburban Transit and Interurban Highway Passenger Transportation
    • 42 Motor Freight Transportation and Warehousing
    • 43 United States Postal Service
    • 44 Water Transportation
    • 45 Transportation By Air
    • 46 Pipelines, Except Natural Gas
    • 47 Transportation Services
    • 48 Communications
    • 49 Electric, Gas, and Sanitary Services
  • 50-51 Wholesale Trade
    • 50 Wholesale Trade: Durable Goods
    • 51 Wholesale Trade: Nondurable Goods
  • 52-59 Retail Trade
    • 52 Building Materials, Hardware, Garden Supply, and Mobile Home Dealers
    • 53 General Merchandise Stores
    • 54 Food Stores
    • 55 Automotive Dealers and Gasoline Service Stations
    • 56 Apparel and Accessory Stores
    • 57 Home Furniture, Furnishings, and Equipment Stores
    • 58 Eating and Drinking Places
    • 59 Miscellaneous Retail
  • 60-67 Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate
    • 60 Depository Institutions
    • 61 Nondepository Credit Institutions
    • 62 Security and Commodity Brokers, Dealers, Exchanges, and Services
    • 63 Insurance Carriers
    • 64 Insurance Agents, Brokers, and Service
    • 65 Real Estate
    • 67 Holding and Other Investment Offices
  • 70-89 Services
    • 70 Hotels, Rooming Houses, Camps, and Other Lodging Places
    • 72 Personal Services
    • 73 Business Services
    • 75 Automotive Repair, Services, and Parking
    • 76 Miscellaneous Repair Services
    • 78 Motion Pictures
    • 79 Amusement and Recreation Services
    • 80 Health Services
    • 81 Legal Services
    • 82 Educational Services
    • 83 Social Services
    • 84 Museums, Art Galleries, and Botanical and Zoological Gardens
    • 86 Membership Organizations
    • 87 Engineering, Accounting, Research, Management, and Related Services
    • 88 Private Households
    • 89 Services, not elsewhere classified
  • 90-99 Public Administration
    • 91 Executive, Legislative, and General Government, Except Finance
    • 92 Justice, Public Order, and Safety
    • 93 Public Finance, Taxation, and Monetary Policy
    • 94 Administration of Human Resource Programs
    • 95 Administration of Environmental Quality And Housing Programs
    • 96 Administration of Economic Programs
    • 97 National Security and International Affairs
    • 99 Nonclassifiable Establishments

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Would you want to get information about the top companies or people according to industry via a SIC industry codes list? InfoGlobalData can provide a one-stop-shop solution for your needs with a real-time authenticated SIC Code Email List. Businesses in several nations are identified by SIC codes or Standard Industrial Classification codes; we have compiled the list to make a business SIC code list. When a business registers, the governments of the relevant nations assign it a code. The SIC code's digit count differs between nations and industries like SIC code 6531, SIC code 8742 as such. When investing in marketing campaigns in this era of multiple marketing platforms, you must have the most recent data. So our database can help you find SIC Code by Company. You can filter your list based on SIC number and industry like trucking SIC code, real estate SIC code, or maybe SIC code for business. To produce sales leads and increase the conversion rate, you can connect with your specialty industry's audience. You may easily find the greatest business company by segmenting organizations according to industry codes, researching sales statistics, learning about the market, and doing minimal work through a comprehensive List of Companies by SIC Code.

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Are you in need of a SIC codes list to enhance your marketing strategies? We at InfoGlobalData provide SIC Code Lists under several industries like Construction, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Manufacturing, Retail Industry, and others. This Company SIC Code can bring more benefits from email campaigns, lead generation, direct mail, and telemarketing campaigns. You must be wondering what is an SIC code. So, to be specific, Business SIC Codes are frequently used in marketing to distinguish organizations within specific categories. They can use the SIC code of their best customers to successfully recruit more customers within the industry by developing an email list via the SIC code. Ensure that your company follows the Standard Industrial Classification System (SIC) Code to develop niche marketing strategies. Buy a SIC Code by Industry to build strong business connections and increase your ROI significantly. InfoGlobalData has more specifications like CASS certifications, NCOA, 100% privacy-compliance, and complainers verified to ensure optimum accuracy. For more insightful updates, reach us at InfoGlobalData.

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At InfoGlobalData, we offer a SIC code search list for various industries, including manufacturing, construction, finance, insurance, real estate, mining, oil & gas, transportation, and others. This standard industry code data can bring more profit from multichannel marketing and lead generation initiatives. To distinguish businesses within particular categories like insurance agency SIC code are widely used in marketing to the niche insurance industry. Our researchers triple-verify the SIC Code List each month through telephone. They gather information for the database of businesses from reliable sources, such as US Postal Records, government filings for incorporations and other public records, professional licenses, chambers of commerce, and more. Regularly, we update, clean, verify, and validate SIC code so that you get the appropriate one.

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SIC codes email list FAQ's

SIC codes are used to classify companies businesses into a structured system of codes to reach the targeted market easily. If your corporation has more than one type of business, you can have more than one SIC code. You can also use this information to acquire more clients in the industry.

To locate a company's SIC code, you can try websites like the U.S. Department of Labor's OSHA Website, NAICS & SIC Identification Tools of the NAICS Association,, Business Source Complete, and Nexis Uni others.

The SIC codes list is available at InfoGlobalData; you can directly contact us to avail of the list. Another way might be collecting it from the various websites available.

If you have provided the wrong SIC code, it can be changed and updated. You can amend your SIC code when you file your next confirmation statement. An early confirmation statement can also be filed if you need to modify your SIC code right away. It's a good idea to maintain your information current so that anyone wishing to do business with you has freshly updated information.

The code 99999 represents the dormant company. If your company becomes dormant or non-trading, you can update your SIC code in the following confirmation statement.

The NAICS system is strictly production-oriented, identifying enterprises solely by their principal economic activity; the SIC system, on the other hand, transitions from production-oriented logic to market-oriented logic throughout its structure.

Businesses use the SIC codes list for various purposes. The companies use SIC codes to categorize their current and potential clients based on their industry. SIC codes can also be utilized for tax purposes. Professionals and corporations use SIC codes to establish customized marketing strategies. Marketers may find out who their competitors are in their sector or location using SIC codes to look for similar businesses.

A SIC Code describes a company's core business activity. Businesses frequently utilize the SIC code list to find companies within specified industries for marketing purposes. SIC codes have been expanded to include over 10,000 unique classes, making them the most exact approach to target firms.

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