SIC Code 73 - Business Services

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SIC Code 73 - Industries Database

SIC Code Industry Title Total Marketable US Businesses
SIC Code 73 Business Services 1,981,066
SIC Code 7311 Advertising Agencies 24,316
SIC Code 7312 Outdoor Advertising Services 1,737
SIC Code 7313 Radio,Television, Publisher Representatives 3,384
SIC Code 7319 Advertising, Nec 5,679
SIC Code 7322 Adjustment and Collection Services 4,524
SIC Code 7323 Credit Reporting Services 1,933
SIC Code 7331 Direct Mail Advertising Services 4,620
SIC Code 7334 Photocopying and Duplicating Services 5,471
SIC Code 7335 Commercial Photography 16,633
SIC Code 7336 Commercial Art and Graphic Design 36,266
SIC Code 7338 Secretarial and Court Reporting 10,572
SIC Code 7342 Disinfecting and Pest Control Services 30,022
SIC Code 7349 Building Maintenance Services, Nec 107,037
SIC Code 7352 Medical Equipment Rental 2,582
SIC Code 7353 Heavy Construction Equipment Rental 5,608
SIC Code 7359 Equipment Rental and Leasing, Nec 66,083
SIC Code 7361 Employment Agencies 41,216
SIC Code 7363 Help Supply Services 20,994
SIC Code 7371 Custom Computer Programming Services 132,272
SIC Code 7372 Prepackaged Software 24,699
SIC Code 7373 Computer Integrated Systems Design 21,561
SIC Code 7374 Data Processing and Preparation 21,843
SIC Code 7375 Information Retrieval Services 5,191
SIC Code 7376 Computer Facilities Management 1,162
SIC Code 7377 Computer Rental and Leasing 495
SIC Code 7378 Computer Maintenance and Repair 12,594
SIC Code 7379 Computer Related Services, Nec 80,831
SIC Code 7381 Detective and Armored Car Services 30,784
SIC Code 7382 Security Systems Services 17,073
SIC Code 7383 News Syndicates 797
SIC Code 7384 Photofinish Laboratories 4,059
SIC Code 7389 Business Services, Nec 1,239,028

Use SIC Code Lookup service to pinpoint your niche industry prospects by finding a list of companies by sic code or by filtering your required Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code List with 2-digits, 4 and 6-digit SIC Codes. Every business in the USA can be break down based on SIC code and standardize companies by different industry SIC code. SIC Code is required for government contracts, and for business registration. Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SIC Codes) will help to identify the primary line of business of a company. Buy SIC code 73 list now to target Business Services industry.

SIC Code 73 - Companies Database

  • Microsoft Corp
  • SAP America Inc
  • Perspecta Inc
  • Apple Inc
  • Google Inc
  • Oracle Corp
  • CURO Group Holdings Corp
  • TransUnion
  • Incnc
  • The Ultimate Software Group Inc
  • Gateway Group One
  • LiveRamp Holdings Inc

This major group includes establishments primarily engaged in rendering services, not elsewhere classified, to business establishments on a contract or fee basis, such as advertising, credit reporting, collection of claims, mailing, reproduction, stenographic, news syndicates, computer programming, photocopying, duplicating, data processing, services to buildings, and help supply services.

Few of the SIC Code 73 industries and contacts are mentioned below

  • SIC Code 73 - Business Services Industry List
  • SIC Code Custom Computer Programming Services
  • SIC Code Security Systems Services
  • SIC Code Advertising Agencies Industry Database
  • SIC Code Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies
  • SIC Code Mailing, Reproduction and Commercial Art
  • SIC Code Photography, and Stenographic Services
  • SIC Code Services to Dwellings and other Buildings
  • SIC Code Miscellaneous Equipment Rental and Leasing
  • SIC Code Personnel Supply Services
  • SIC Code Miscellaneous Business Services

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