Key Contact Discovery Services

InfoGlobalData delivers role-based contact lists based on your own customized parameters. Define your target list by geographies, role descriptors, titles, industry verticals, SIC codes, specific company focus or a subset of criteria.

Identify right decision makers for your business

Key contact Discovery service ensure you are focusing your sales and marketing efforts on the right person at the right account at the right time. Its critical to start all sales and marketing campaigns with the right decision makers and influencers at your target accounts, identified by specific role & responsibility. InfoGlobalData finds the right decision makers within target companies enabling marketers to tailor their lead generation initiatives and sales teams to stop hunting and start selling.

By starting with highly targeted leads, you save time and budget while increasing marketing effectiveness. We can help identify and profile your target accounts, build out a custom B2B contact list to drive your campaigns, or combine both services in one program.

Current, Accurate Data - We use an experienced research team, and original research methods to identify the contacts that meet your exact specifications. The data is not compiled and resold to you. Each contact list is built at the time you order it, ensuring the data is current and accurate.

Unlimited Use - Unlike rented lists, our contact list is delivered to you for your unlimited use. The list becomes an input to your lead nurturing campaigns and ongoing sales activities, maximizing your investment.

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