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Reach over 1M+ doctors across the US and global markets with over 100 areas of specialization using InfoGlobalData Doctors Email List. Our doctor’s database is accurate and up-to-date that can ensure the best ROI through your marketing campaigns. All doctors' emails are updated regularly to ensure both the deliverability and compliance of the doctors' email database.


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Reach Healthcare Decision-Makers within the Industry Channels List Counts
Physician Email List for Marketing and Research 1.2M
Medical Mailing List 983,643
Physical Therapist Email List 38,849
Verified and Accurate Nurse Practitioners Database 53,547
Registered Nurses Email Database 60,000
Hospital Email and Mailing Addresses 361,000
Optometrists Email and Marketing List 30,261

InfoGlobalData has the highest quality of doctors' email lists in the industry that enable marketers to promote their product releases, services, recruiting, surveys, and much more. Reach over 1 million doctors with InfoGlobalData doctors email addresses directory.

InfoGlobalData Doctors' Email Addresses are the ultimate source of reliable data updated and validated by our team of data experts. Access our accurate Database of Doctors with completely standardized records, updated phone, and email data. The database at our end is verified regularly to ensure maximum accuracy.

Name Role Email Phone
Bob Snyder Account Manager +1 (206) 629 9405

- Primary contact


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With our Doctors Email List, you can target the top-notch medical practitioners and key decision-makers in the industry.

Our Doctors Email List allows you to connect with over 1M+ audiences.

Our Email Database is data-driven and highly targeted to enhance your business goals.

Our data experts collect data from various trusted sources such as medical directories, magazines, surveys, and feedback.

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