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Rank Name Country Industry Assets Market Value USD
1 Apple USA Technology, Mobiles & Accessories $352,760 M $2,825.000 B
2 Microsoft Corporation USA Technology, Software & IT $411,980 M $2,358.000 B
3 Saudi Arabian Oil Company Saudi Arabia Energy, Oil and Gas, Chemicals $664,780 M $1,889.600 B
4 Alphabet USA Technology, Software and IT $365,260 M $1,820.000 B
5 Amazon USA eCommerce, IT & Cloud Serices $462,680 M $1,649.000 B
6 Nvidia Corporation USA Technology & Electronics $41,182 M $679.000 B
7 Tesla USA Electric Vehicles & Automobiles $82,338 M $1,031.000 B
8 Meta USA Internet or Mobile App & Social Media $185,730 M $922.960 B
9 Berkshire Hathaway USA Investments & Financial Services $948,450 M $711.750 B
10 Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Taiwan Semiconductors & Electronics $158,240 M $640.480 B
11 VISA USA Technology & Financial Services $85,501 M $471.630 B
12 Unitedhealth Group USA Insurance & Healthcare Services $245,700 M $431.930 B
13 LVMH France Fashion, Clothing & Jewellery $134,640 M $409.480 B
14 J P Morgan Chase & CO USA Banking & Financial Services $3,665,700 M $494.000 B
15 Johnson & Johnson USA Healthcare & Medical Equipments $187,380 M $457.940 B
16 Eli Lilly And Company USA Healthcare & Biotechnology $49,489 M $248.240 B
17 Walmart USA Retail,Super Markets & eCommerce $243,460 M $401.910 B
18 Tencent China Investments & Communication Services $220,760 M $545.360 B
19 Exxon Mobil Corporation USA Energy, Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals $369,070 M $291.610 B
20 Mastercard USA Financial Services & Credit Cards $38,724 M $363.200 B
21 Broadcom USA Technology & Electronics $73,249 M $255.630 B
22 Samsung Electronics South Korea Technology, Electronics & Accessories $438.840 B $352,010 M
23 Procter & Gamble Company SA Beauty and Personal Care Products $117,210 M $393.820 B
24 Novo Nordisk A/S Denmark Healthcare & Pharmaceutical $35,662 M $231.350 B
25 Kweichow Moutai China Alcoholic Beverages & Food Products $35,576 M $382.350 B

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The World Top 1000 Companies List is a ranking of the largest publicly traded companies in the world by revenue. The list is compiled and published annually by the American business magazine, Forbes.The list includes companies from a wide range of industries, including technology, finance, retail, healthcare, and energy. Some of the most well-known companies in the world, such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and ExxonMobil, are often included in the top positions of the list. The World Top 1000 Companies List is considered a valuable resource for investors, analysts, and business professionals, as it provides insights into the performance and growth of the largest companies in the world. It also highlights trends and changes in the global business landscape, including the rise of new industries and the decline of others.


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  • Professional Certifications
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The World Top 1000 Companies List can provide valuable market insights and trends, such as which companies are growing and which ones are declining in revenue and profitability.

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Our 1000 largest companies in the world data make it easier for you to find new clients on your own to concentrate on closing the deal. So that you may get to know your leads personally, we give you accurate, validated data of the Top 1000 Global Companies. Unlock your prospects' names, titles, phone numbers, social media links, and more by gaining immediate access to our World Top 1000 Companies Database. It is simple to build a top 1000 IT companies in world. Contact us right away to get assistance from InfoGlobalData. Using the top 1000 brands in the world 2022 from InfoGlobalData will help you move closer to your marketing and sales objectives.

The Fortune publishes a list of the top 1000 companies in the United States, as measured by revenue in the previous fiscal year. This ranking is determined by several metrics, including total revenue, profit, assets, and market value. So if you want to target such top 1000 companies in world, buy the World Top 1000 Companies List from InfoGlobalData. The forbes Fortune 1000 Lists include public and private corporations but do not include subsidiaries of other companies.


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The Email List of world top 1000 companies is refilled with the real-time authenticated contact information like email addresses, SIC codes, NAICS codes, sales revenue, and more. Our 1000 biggest companies in the world database aid in luring customers, investors, and other relevant prospects. It promotes brand recognition and favorable perception of your company. Access our World's Top 1000 Companies Database to connect with top executives across all industrial sectors. Reach the CEO, CIO, CFO, Directors, and Founders who can make significant purchasing decisions. When you purchase the Top 1000 Companies List of top 1000 companies in the world today, you can start interacting with people through their inboxes directly. The guaranteed accuracy of our lists is 90% and has email deliverability of 85-90%.

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