Account Profiling Service

Audience Profile's rich insights-behavior, demographics, and detailed engagement metrics. Reach the industry's top professionals - key influencers and decision-makers - including healthcare, construction, hospitality, education, real estate, transport, insurance, and other business and professional services.

Account profiling services offer detailed intelligence about potential sales

Account Profiling solution provides you with an insightful, deep-dive view of the business intelligence you need to effectively penetrate your targeted accounts. Your profile can include key contacts and their contact information, relationship maps, technology landscape, business strategy overviews, parent and child companies, financials, key company initiatives, project opportunities, vendor selection processes, and other hard-to-find business intelligence you may need. Each profile is customized according to your data point specifications and budget.

Key Benefits

  • Accurate, up-to-the-moment, targeted account information better prepares you to develop sensible, smarter approaches and strategies
  • Optimized opportunities for accelerated account penetration
  • Enables more meaningful, relevant and timely dialogues with key decision-makers
  • Identification of business and technology strategies, decision-making relationships, technology landscapes, and purchasing processes creates opportunities for successful account entry points
  • Better use of sales execs' time and efforts on relationship-building and product/service value positioning
  • Enhanced business intelligence provides critical positioning edge against competitors

Guaranteed Results

InfoGlobalData uses experienced sales researchers to engage in peer to peer discussions with key contacts. Our team knows how to navigate an account and ask questions the right way to get the information you need. We will design a research program that is guaranteed to succeed.

Customer Success Stories

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