SIC Code 7359 - Equipment Rental and Leasing, Not Elsewhere Classified

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SIC Code 7359 - Industries Database

SIC Code Industry Title Total Marketable US Businesses
SIC code 7359 Equipment Rental and Leasing, Nec 66,083
SIC code 735900 Equipment rental and leasing, nec 39,540
SIC code 73590000 Equipment rental and leasing, nec 39,540
SIC code 735901 Home cleaning and maintenance equipment
rental services
SIC code 73590100 Home cleaning and maintenance equipment
rental services
SIC code 73590101 Carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment
SIC code 73590102 Floor maintenance equipment rental 48
SIC code 73590103 Laundry equipment leasing 48
SIC code 735902 Coin-operated machine rental services 1,442
SIC code 73590200 Coin-operated machine rental services 84
SIC code 73590201 Coin-operated video game rental 69
SIC code 73590202 Vending machine rental 1,289
SIC code 735903 Pallet rental services 30
SIC code 73590300 Pallet rental services 23
SIC code 73590301 Pallet box rental 7
SIC code 735904 Aircraft and industrial truck rental services 920
SIC code 73590400 Aircraft and industrial truck rental services 60
SIC code 73590401 Aircraft rental 683
SIC code 73590402 Industrial truck rental 177
SIC code 735905 Business machine and electronic equipment
rental services
SIC code 73590500 Business machine and electronic equipment
rental services
SIC code 73590501 Audio-visual equipment and supply rental 1,146
SIC code 73590502 Electronic equipment rental, except computers 126
SIC code 73590503 Geophysical equipment rental 17
SIC code 73590504 Mobile communication equipment rental 73
SIC code 73590505 Office machine rental, except computers 77
SIC code 73590506 Sound and lighting equipment rental 456
SIC code 735906 Party supplies rental services 7,705
SIC code 73590600 Party supplies rental services 7,630
SIC code 73590601 Dishes, silverware, tables, and banquet
accessories rental
SIC code 735907 Home appliance, furniture, and entertainment
rental services
SIC code 73590700 Home appliance, furniture, and entertainment
rental services
SIC code 73590701 Appliance rental 2,676
SIC code 73590702 Furniture rental 1,646
SIC code 73590703 Home entertainment equipment rental 67
SIC code 73590704 Hot tub and spa rental 40
SIC code 73590705 Television rental 136
SIC code 73590706 Video cassette recorder and accessory rental 332
SIC code 735908 Animal and plant rental services 158
SIC code 73590800 Animal and plant rental services 19
SIC code 73590801 Animal rental 30
SIC code 73590802 Live plant rental 109
SIC code 735909 Musical instrument rental services 232
SIC code 73590900 Musical instrument rental services 209
SIC code 73590901 Piano rental 23
SIC code 735999 Equipment rental and leasing, nec, nec 5,839
SIC code 73599901 Garage facility and tool rental 110
SIC code 73599902 Lawn and garden equipment rental 164
SIC code 73599903 Photographic equipment rental 81
SIC code 73599904 Portable toilet rental 1,686
SIC code 73599905 Propane equipment rental 46
SIC code 73599906 Rental store, general 1,885
SIC code 73599907 Shipping container leasing 205
SIC code 73599908 Sign rental 80
SIC code 73599909 Stores and yards equipment rental 397
SIC code 73599910 Tent and tarpaulin rental 301
SIC code 73599911 Tool rental 758
SIC code 73599912 Work zone traffic equipment
(flags, cones, barrels, etc.)

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Permission Based Rental and Leasing Equipment Mailing Lists

Rental and Leasing Equipment List Total Records
Machinery and Equipment Email Database 74,921
Batteries & Power Storage Equipment Contact Lists 6,453
Communication Equipment Suppliers Email List 3,265
Business Equipment Mailing Database 11,214
Industrial Equipment Marketing Lists 18,690
Machinery Manufacturers Contact List 8,905
Coin-Operated Machine Rental Services Email List 2,556
Equipment Rental and Leasing Mailing List 6,678
Geophysical Equipment Rental Marketing List 3,456
Animal and Plant Rental Services Email Database 2,112
Mobile Communication Equipment Rental Contact List 2,567
Rental and Leasing Equipment Database Total Records
Test & Measurement Equipment Mailing Lists 5,786
Industrial Electrical Equipment Email Database 7,912
Photographic & Optical Equipment Contact List 4,321
Power Conversion & Protection Equipment Marketing List 2,356
Industrial Machinery Manufacturers List 2,057
Farm, Forestry & Construction Equipment Lists 1,169
Musical Instrument Rental Services Database 2,561
Lawn and Garden Equipment Rental Email List 3,453
Electronic Equipment Eental Email Contact 2,889
Aircraft and Industrial Truck Rental Services List 2,231
Home Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment Email List 2,767

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SIC Code 7359 - Companies Database

Establishments primarily engaged in renting or leasing (except finance leasing) equipment, not elsewhere classified. Establishments primarily engaged in leasing computer time, including time sharing services, are classified in Industry 7374; and those renting or leasing computers or data processing equipment are classified in Industry 7377 and producing machinery and equipment which lease or sell their products are classified in Division D, Manufacturing.

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