SIC Code 40 - Railroad Transportation

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SIC Code 40 - Railroad Transportation

SIC Code Industry Title Total Marketable US Businesses
SIC Code 40 Railroad Transportation 2,790
SIC Code 4011 Railroads, Line-Haul Operating 2,458
SIC Code 4013 Railroad Switching and Terminal Establishments 332

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SIC Code 40 - Companies Database

  • Union Pacific Corp
  • Amtrak
  • Canadian Pacific Railway
  • Kansas City Southern
  • Greenbrier Companies Inc
  • Arkansas Missouri Railroad
  • Wheeling And Lake Erie Railway Co
  • Trans Global Solutions Inc
  • Winchester And Western R R Co Genl Office
  • Pinsly Railroad Co

This major group includes establishments furnishing transportation by line-haul railroad, and switching and terminal establishments. Railways serving a single municipality, contiguous municipalities, or a municipality and its suburban areas are classified in Major Group 41. Other services related to railroad transportation are classified in Major Group 47. Lessors of railroad property are classified in Real Estate, Industry 6517.

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