Best B2B Email List Companies

Are you facing hurdles in generating leads for your B2B market? Don't fret. Purchasing a B2B email database will greatly simplify the lead generation process. Read this blog to find out Who are the top email marketing database providers?

The email list is an important factor in generating consistent leads for a B2B organization. It enables marketers to engage people in a more personalized way. The majority of the businesses sell their products by emailing their offers directly to their subscribers' inboxes, knowing that interested groups of the target audience will eagerly await it.


However, before you can implement this strategy, you must first collect the lists of emails of your target audience. You can build your own B2B mailing list by using website popups, landing pages, signup forms, and other marketing techniques. Consequently, there are substantial advantages to buying an email list.

Generating B2B leads is complex, and we've all considered or tried various new ways to increase our leads and contact information. It's challenging to find new leads to reach out to, from gated content and email lists to remarketing campaigns. You've probably considered whether it's worthwhile to buy email list. The B2B email lists can be used in various ways, and email marketing prospecting is the most common. Since you already have a network of prospects to contact, this is usually the simplest way to use email lists. When compared to finding an email list for marketing on your own, you can save a significant amount of time. Then, in a single shot, you can send an email campaign to hundreds or even thousands of subscribers. You can also use the email addresses list to find leads on LinkedIn and contact them directly.

However, not all B2B email list providers are the same. There are ethical considerations, as some people do not like being contacted randomly. Make sure that before you invest in email lists, the contacts are permission passed and real-time authenticated. You should also consider whether the list is "warm" with potential leads. In other words, if you find 100 emails but none of them are relevant to your company, it could be a waste of time and money.

Here, we will discuss whether buying email list by industry is worthwhile and, if so, which B2B email list providers can be relied on to deliver the best results for your company. Before we get into the list of the best B2B email list providers, let's go over a question about purchasing an email list.


  • Why do we need a B2B email list?
  • Importance of buying a reliable email list for maximum campaign growth
  • How does an email list benefit B2B marketers?
  • The best B2B email list providers

Why do we need a B2B email list?

In a nutshell, yes, we need a robust email list for marketing. Compared to manual outreach, purchasing mailing lists and leads can save you a lot of time. However, it would be best to look for reputed email list providers to ensure that you get your investment worth. There are database providers out there that have untrustworthy data sources and can end up scamming you.


After you've finished your research, the first thing you should do is buy email list. You should purchase an email list that is relevant to your business. This implies that the list is filled with subscribers who are likely to be interested in what your company has to offer. This could indicate that they work in your industry or have previously purchased products similar to yours. When you offer legal services to corporations, purchasing a business owners email list may not result in many conversions. The more specific a list you require, the more expensive it will be.

The subscribers are likely to unsubscribe if there is no relevance. Don't squander your time or money on a list of cold subscribers who are unlikely to work with you or purchase your products. Having said that, if you expect a return on your investment, it is worthwhile to purchase the best b2b mailing list from reputed database providers. It's now a matter of locating a proper email list provider who can be relied on to deliver good results.

Importance of buying a reliable email list for maximum campaign response rate

The B2B email list builder is a fantastic marketing tool. It is inexpensive and easily accessible. It can greatly benefit the B2B industry because it provides practical ways to communicate all types of business data. Due to time zones and language barriers, phone calls are not always the preferred mode of communication. Email allows you to communicate with people all over the world professionally and concisely.

If you're searching on google for "buy email list," you're likely to get some dubious and suspicious results. Many email list providers in the USA make a living by scraping the web for random mailing addresses and selling them for a profit.


These mail lists scraping tools usually produce poor quality results. They could be completely dead or considered spam, in which case there would be no return. Sending a campaign through a US business email list will likely reduce your deliverability and conversion rate. Going this route is essentially a waste of time, money, and resources.

A decent strategy is to get in touch with the best b2b email list providers who can provide you with an email listing of your target audience. Ideally, they can be segmented based on demographics, interests, or previous purchasing behavior. Now it will be easier to determine the list's worth and tailor your campaigns to that specific group of subscribers who will be keen on whatever your business has to offer.

How does an email list benefit b2b marketers?

The most valuable asset for B2B marketers is acquiring the most accurate email lists of prospects who have already agreed to hear from you. It is always easier to sell to such a curious crowd than to offer discounts to someone who knows nothing about your brand. With relevant offers and promotional content, you will have a better chance of converting them through targeted B2B mailing lists.

Here are some ideas for what B2B marketers can do with their marketing lists:

  • Provide readers with exclusive content, such as customized articles, videos, and in-depth whitepapers.
  • Updates about the recent blog posts or a teaser of the new products.
  • Pre-sale info, including exclusive coupons or discounts for specific segments.
  • Notify your subscribers about new events such as trade fairs and events where your company will have a booth and invite them to meet you in person.
  • Highlighting your frequent or loyal customers to others on your subscriber list

Communicating with customers via emails list is a popular method of promoting your business. However, you won't meet your objectives unless you have a reliable and consistent email service providers list. We understand the importance of having accurate, up-to-date email marketing lists that allow you to deliver your message to the right audience. Prospective customers can be targeted based on their job title, company size, or even geography. We understand how important it is for marketers to get business email lists for sale. As a result, all email addresses are processed to ensure deliverability. In addition, it should adhere to all data privacy laws and suppress opt-outs following the CAN-SPAM guidelines established for business data.

Top 8+ Best Email List Providers for Your Marketing Needs

A company's marketing and sales strategy can bring better outcomes if aligned well with a segmented email list. That is why it is best to have a high-quality email list. Have trouble putting together a solid contact database? An email list service provider can assist you with this. The best part is that we have done the majority of the grunt work for you in determining which email list generators are reputable and likely to produce the results you seek. We carefully vetted this email providers list based on their customer reviews, service quality, and ability to generate ROI for their clients. Examine the list of providers below to see which one best suits your needs and industry. Find out Who are the best B2B email list providers in the USA?

1. InfoGlobalData


InfoGlobalData offers a 100% permission-based targeted email list for your marketing campaigns. You can purchase email lists with guaranteed 85- 90% delivery rate. Custom-build your list of email addresses from various data segments. Our business mailing lists ensure accurate and up-to-date premium contacts to pitch your sales accurately. You can also segment your list geographically like B2B mailing lists UK in just a few simple steps; you'll have customized and CASS-certified lists ready to feed into your computer systems and CRM software. They guarantee 100% privacy compliant data along with list replacement assurance and no resale of customized list policy. They also provide email list management services to dive deeper into the business. Get free email lists for marketing samples right away. Reach them to know more about how to build an email list. It is one of the best place to buy email lists at an affordable price.

2. ZoomInfo


Source: ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is a B2B lead generation service that connects businesses to their extensive contact database. Their email lists aren't cheap, but if you can find one that fits your industry, they're a good option. ZoomInfo has the advantage of allowing business email lists download and select an email list based on specific industries. This will help ensure that the contacts you receive are pertinent to your business. By incorporating technographics, firmographics, and buying intent, you can better understand prospects. Obtain an email subscription list with buyer purchasing intent to close more deals through the B2B email list from ZoomInfo.

3. AverickMedia


Source: AverickMedia

AverickMedia's verified email lists ensure that your messages reach top decision-makers inboxes around the world. The factors like Job Roles, Seniority, Firmographics, Business Type, Sales Volume, Credit Rating, Business Ownership & Legal Structure, and others can help you target your audience. Launch a personalized, targeted campaign designed specifically for your company through the email list for sale. Get access to a geo-targeted B2B email list from various industry segments. They offer 100% guaranteed privacy compliance and opt-in data to meet the diverse industry trends. AverickMedia also has a written list replacement guarantee, and in case of anomalies exceeding the assured limit, the data is replaced immediately. You can buy email list by industry to hit the targeted goals easily. Avoid fake email lists; get in touch with AverickMedia to get sample email listings for free.

4. UpLead


Source: UpLead

UpLead is a B2B lead generation prospecting website with a 54 million B2B contact database that is 95% accurate. Customers can use the email list service tool to build a solid prospecting list aligned with their buyer personas and target market. UpLead works by searching and analyzing millions of online documents uncovering relevant data. Third parties then license this information, ensuring it is of the highest, most comprehensive quality. Automation is then used to analyze, categorize, and label the data. After that, extensive testing is performed to weed out unverifiable or incorrect information. Through Uplead, you can learn how to build a b2b email list. Only the highest quality contact information remains. This information is then entered into the B2B database. So, you can buy email list from Uplead to accelerate your lead growth.

5. Healthcare Mailing

If you need a B2B email list related to the healthcare sector or industry, you can approach Healthcare Mailing. All the contacts at Healthcare Mailing are 100% consent-based and real-time authenticated. They have CASS-certified and privacy compliant Healthcare Email list that can help your run responsive email campaigns across multiple channels. Every data in their database undergoes a stringent verification procedure. Get unlimited data usage rights and a written replacement guarantee in the list of emails you purchase. They provide a Healthcare Email List free sample to test the accuracy before delivery.

6. Cognism


Source: Cognism

Cognism is a B2B sales intelligence portal that assists companies all over the world in building strong contact lists. This is used by marketing and sales teams to generate high-quality leads. The Cognism Prospector tool not only finds names and email addresses but also a plethora of other helpful information. Job titles, company size, location, geography, and technology stack are segmentation examples. A robust analytics suite will also provide valuable insights and help learn how to create an email list through Cognism Prospector Tool. Buy lists of emails from Cognism to ensure that your lead generation processes and efforts are efficient.

7. Visitor Queue


Source: Visitor Queue

Visitor Queue is a B2B lead generation domain that collects contact information from businesses that view your website. Their activity on your domain includes their email addresses, names, and user data. Hot leads —who have expressed a strong interest in the products or services you offer — are forwarded to your sales team. It's like creating an account and incorporating a particular tracking script provided to you. Like cookies on a website, they will keep track of visitors to your website. You will then see the tracked leads on an interactive dashboard. And you can learn how to create an email list for business. The contact information like SIC/NAICS codes, email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles will be visible. Buy an email list from Visitor Queue to gain competitive advantages.

8. SchoolDataLists


Source: SchoolDataLists

SchoolDataLists specifically provides education-related company email lists. The email addresses are updated in real-time and segmented into School Teachers, School Principals, and Superintendents. Reach out to new prospects and increase sales considerably with permission passed and a privacy-compliant database. SchoolDataLists quality data reveals insights to target and connect with schools, educators, and administrators, allowing you to find the right decision-makers for your brand. Gain knowledge to make sound marketing, sales, and product development decisions. You can customize your list of emails based on advanced data attributes here. Get unrestricted data usage rights once the list is delivered to your end. Purchase emails of the educational professionals to deliver your marketing messages in the right inbox.

Email list purchase pros and cons

An email list is vitally important for the growth of any company. Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, an email list is essential for scaling your lead generation efforts and converting visitors into loyal customers. As a result, purchasing email lists can be the best option for businesses of all sizes. There lingers a question in our mind, "where can we get free email lists?" The most liable answer would be building it by yourself as verified email lists are not free and you need to pay for buying an email list. Lets check the Pros and Cons of Buying Email Lists and Why Buying an Email List is Always a Good Idea?

Finding the best email list providers, on the other hand, is becoming increasingly difficult. For example, if you search for "email list buy online," "email purchase", "email lists for free," you are more likely to get some lengthy and untrustworthy results. Most list providers sell business data obtained by scraping the web. These scraping tools generate low-quality lists, resulting in low deliverability and conversion rates.

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We strongly advise you not to fall victim to such a fake email list or email blacklist. Take the time to research the best email list providers on the market – the ones who provide a list of contacts that is both accurate and within your target reach. Ideally, such providers would segment the list based on specific business interests, demographics, or previous purchasing behavior.

To conclude the discussion on a comprehensive list of the best B2B email list providers, analyze your thoughts clearly and choose wisely. We hope you can identify a reputable business to collaborate with and create more leads and contact information. Remember, while creating more leads, conduct your research to pick a genuine organization that suits marketing goals.

Mailing list buyers also ask questions


1. How do I make a B2B email list?

If you want to make a B2B email list, either you have to buy it from reputed database providers or build your own list. When you buy a pre-built email list from trusted and secured email list providers, you can start your marketing initiatives straight away and run successful marketing campaigns. However, growing your email list will take a considerable amount of time and resources, bringing good results in the long run. There are many strategies to make your list functional and responsive. It includes verifying the leads before adding them to the list and offering lead magnets like gated content, freebies, discounts, and more. You can also filter your email list based on various segments to send personalized business messages along with popup and opt-in forms. This is how you can grow your client base and make your B2B email list productive.

2. Who are the best B2B email list providers?

Many B2B email list providers are coming to the forefront now. But we need to be very wise and alert while choosing the best B2B email list providers. There are many aspects to watch out like privacy compliance, permission passed contacts, real-time verification, and CASS certification. If the email list providers surpass these gauges, you can rely on their mailing lists. To name a few - InfoGlobalData, ZoomInfo, AverickMedia, Healthcare Mailing, Uplead, Aeroleads, and more. InfoGlobalData guarantees 100% privacy compliant and permission passed contact information and other data-related services, all at an affordable price. You will get the best-in-class data there.

3. How do I get B2B contacts?

You can get the B2B contacts using the internet and social media. Some of the greatest venues to identify B2B contacts who match your desired customer profile are search engines, company websites, business directories, and professional networking sites like LinkedIn. To find your contacts, you must personally visit hundreds of websites and other sources. Blogs, user groups, forums, press releases, and other sources are some of the additional places where you might find B2B connections. However, you can also contact the trusted and reputed database providers to get you a pre-built or customized list of B2B contact information.

4. How can I get free email lists?

You can adopt specific strategies to build free email lists. The social network is an excellent way to keep in touch with your clients while generating new prospects. Here are a few strategies to use social media to grow your email list without investing a penny. You can add a CTA to your bio, pin a Tweet with a CTA, create original content, offer lead magnets and content upgrades, and use opt-in forms wisely. This is how you can grow your email list free. But if you want to buy email list for free, that is skeptical. However, some database providers like InfoGlobalData, AverickMedia, and other such list providers offer a free sample list to test the accuracy.

5. Are email lists illegal?

Email lists are not illegal if you buy from reputed database providers or collect them through an opt-in process. Sending an unsolicited email can get you in legal trouble. Purchasing an email list is not unlawful, but using that list to send marketing communications to those who haven't explicitly agreed to receive such messages is. This is governed by the jurisdiction's laws in which the email receiver resides. Therefore, we need to know the data collection sources, verification procedures, permission passed contact information, and privacy compliance before using an email list. If these factors are justified, you are on the right marketing track.

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