• Discover means to outreach audience
  • Customize leads
  • Merge CRM to bridle economic downfall
  • Increase productivity
  • Modernize your skills
  • Restore old and Implement new strategies

Covid-19 pandemic has bought an immense change in the economy of the world as it was outrageous and shocking for the entire universe. Global markets fell on 24 February due to the consequential rise in covid-19. By 28 February 2020 stock markets worldwide saw their massive single–week declines since the 2008 financial crisis. Global markets crashed in March 2020 with falls of several percent in the world’s major implications.

The world is still not able to get the better of the pandemic that hit hugely across the entire planet in the most unexpected way. Simultaneously everyone is aware that this pandemic has bought loads of changes across the globe. As change is the only constant, I think we should always be updated and prepared for any critical circumstances to face.

Sales are the foundation of a company and are remarkable earnings. The power of sales these days is in the hands of customers who always research the company before making any purchases.

Nevertheless, frequently, sales reps face challenges that can basket their success with poor lead conversions. But for them to achieve their goals and celebrate their wins, sales reps must overcome challenges that negatively impact their sales results.

Sales are considered as 80% execution and only 20% strategy

The most crucial sales challenges to overcome by 2023

Discover means to outreach audience:

Audience plays a supreme role when it comes to sales and marketing. While the crisis has bought a tremendous change in livelihood, several traders are under deprivation due to the loss of audiences. Building prospects again is the most crucial challenge to overcome in the coming years. You need to learn new ways to reach out to customers during this Covid outbreak.

Concentrate on customer needs right now and market accordingly. People spend most of their time at home due to the covid-19 pandemic. Marketing through various apps and online platforms like Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, email, and even television and offering discounts on products like electronic gadgets, shopping, cosmetics, free subscriptions would be a great way to gain your audience. Create websites with interesting concepts that relate the present living of your customers and promote your brand through these sites.

Promote ads on apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, hot star and gaming apps, etc because people are into their phones 90% percent of the time either playing games, attending online classes, watching movies, and creating videos. So try connecting to the audience through these applications which makes it easier to build your customer base and it rapidly leads back your sales statistics to conventional.

Customize leads:

Generating leads is the major step in the sales process; both quality and quantity are key factors and is one of the crucial challenges to overcome by 2023. Covid-19 pandemic has tremor the world, leaving both public health and economies deeply overblown by it. It is during these uncertain times that businesses are struggling to generate leads and meet targets, mostly due to strict measures restricting non-essential travel and in-person activities.

Being able to stay afloat during the crisis is a top priority, and with all businesses at risk of losing clients, maintaining a healthy sales pipeline is critical to ensure business continuity. Taking on strategies that authorize your company to adapt to the “new normal” is key for survival. Here are several strategies you can make the shift and improve lead generation:

  • Redesign distant communication
  • Advance towards the digital encounter
  • Fabricate fresh digital contents
  • Elevate online marketplace
  • Propound free trials
  • Utilize digital tools for sales and marketing

You can also consider Inbound marketing which broadly works finer to put additional professional leads into your sales process when they are deeper in their client journey.

At the end of the day, many firms struggle with enduring their businesses in this new normal. By magnifying on lead generation efforts and taking advantage of a shoot up an online presence, your business in sales can wither through the crisis and stay prepared for post covid recondition.

Merge CRM to bridle economic downfall:

The economic downfall is the most crucial challenge to overcome by 2023. To envisage this, CRM will be the right tool to recover the economic downturn that has occurred due to Covid-19.

CRMs are artificial intelligence tools that automate tasks such as marketing assignments, email marketing, lead support, and data collection. This allows time for sales reps to spend quality time on selling and less time engaging in manual and repetitive tasks.

Therefore, the next generation of CRM will include AI competence. According to pie sync from Hubspot,”14% of global CIOs have already established AI, simultaneously as mentioned in Gartner’s 2019 CIO agenda survey, and it’s evaluated that AI associated with CRM activities boost global business revenue by $1.1 trillion by the end of 2023.

Because of its AI and automation potential, CRM allows for preferable marketing and sales alignment and customer messaging, which drives sales and improves customer service. CRMs software permits you the opportunity to optimize and completely streamline communication between your business and your consumers, certifying you stay front of mind during this uncertain time. Predominantly, the goal of a CRM is to boost relationships, which in turn improves the bottom line.

You may have prime services and products on offer in 2023, but you will not sell a device if you are not able to provide satisfying customer service. Constructing a strong bond with consumers should be your foremost priority as you head into New Year because without this, your sales are sure to take a strike.

Increase productivity:

Sales reps spend hours on unskilled tasks without realizing the time being wasted.

Sales agents spend 64% of their time on non-sales activities. This would be unacceptable for present-day circumstances. The best sales apps like hub spots make sales reps to be more productive and efficient.

Apps used for the productivity of sales:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Zoom cloud meetings
  • Slack
  • Profit story
  • Sales navigator
  • Cam card

To steer clear of this, we need to adopt automation in sales to eliminate time–consuming tasks that could otherwise go to nurturing leads to overcome critical sales challenges in the coming days.

Modernize your skills:

Time changes and technology keeps getting advanced. As they say “Be a roman in Rome” you need to update your sales skills according to the latest trends and customer needs.

Customers seek for newest apps and devices in the market, accordingly you need to enhance your skills of selling your products and approach your clients in a unique manner which spontaneously increases customer relationships and builds trust among each other.

Some of the skills you can learn are Brand building, sharing incredible stories, video marketing, advertising, selling through a chat-like Viber, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Wechat, etc.

Customers prefer watching than reading, so video marketing with a sensible message would promote your sales and will take it to a good level in revenue.

Videos are consuming social networking sites. Entertainment education is all video now regardless of the quality. This is the finest technique to sell the products and market wisely. And also consumers remember what they see rather than what they listen to or read. How many videos have you watched recently? How many hours have spent watching random videos on Instagram?

Today’s users have more options, more knowledge, and more power than ever before. Just think how powerful they are going to be in the coming days.

Restore old and implement new strategies:

As the saying “old is gold” you need to pertain old strategies of sales and blend it with the latest trends to overcome the critical sales challenges of 2023.

But the question is “how to restore/blend old and latest strategies?

Many underutilized tactics can help your consumers notice and value your efforts. Some of the traditional marketing practices will make a comeback.

For example, cold calling, telecommunication, commercials, and email marketing are old strategies of sales marketing. But email marketing and commercials are still in the run even for today and is one of the effective ways to reach the audiences and increase your sales.

Those who blend new and pre-covid ways of working will stand benefit.

“In a year, I think there will be elements of older, more traditional marketing, (i.e., what we were doing last year!) That will come back.

“The ability for face to face meetings to return in some shape or form is a key part of marketing and sales alignment. Feeding that sales channel with leads that require phone calls and telemarketing will still be needed, as will direct mail, but assuming people return to their desks. However, I think the shift towards far more digitally focused content and messaging that spans even more of the lead process will remain. Human contact will come a lot later in the journey than before.”


As people are waiting for 2023 to arrive it’s a crucial year for all the marketers to reinstate everything to accustomed form. There are many challenges in the sales line.

New challenges persistently emerge to dare organizations that are always looking for more accomplished and effective crucial marketing areas to remain competitive.

2023 will soon be astride us, and it will be a time where we need to take merchandise and consider what we have learned previously, unbolting the potentiality of data in the process. By using afore mentioned tactics you can take a few more steps towards a fortunate sales career, in addition, if you still need help, B2B sales consulting firm is more valid, relatively cheaper, and strategically best idea to handle critical sales challenges in your firm in 2023.


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