How to Grow Your Customer Base by Marketing to New Movers

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 40 million people move each year, meaning the average business needs to replace about 20% of its customer base that move away in any given year. Targeting new movers who are looking to establish a new relationship with local businesses should be an important strategy for industries and businesses of any type. [...]


How to Increase Lead Generation with New CRM Applications

The latest customer relationship management (CRM) applications have introduced new features not available in legacy solutions, as well as more accessible deployment options for businesses of all sizes. These two characteristics combined for massive growth, with Forbes reporting a projected $127.5 billion market by 2018. [...]

3 ways to improve B2B lead quality

Columnist Patricia Hursh believes that by working closely with sales, improving targeting and using the right qualifiers, B2B businesses can see greater returns from their marketing efforts.

According to a recent eMarketer article, obtaining high-quality leads continues to be a challenge for B2B marketers. Along with measuring ROI and long sales cycles, difficulty obtaining enough quality leads is a challenge identified by 42 percent of B2B marketers surveyed. [...]


Strategies of Email Optimization for Maximizing the ROI

Just because your email campaigns are doing well doesn’t mean they couldn’t be doing better. There are plenty of opportunities for fine-tuning your strategy to help increase opens, clicks and conversions. Your ultimate goal? To do more of the things that work, fix or eliminate the things that don’t work and drive the most revenue possible from your email marketing activities. [...]

How does Data Enhancement helps in Improving Business Process?

Data Enhancement is the collective process of acquiring new data, sorting and segmenting the procured data with respect to the required demographics and other parameters for better understanding of the customers and clients in order to have enhanced targeting and mutual correlation between the clients and the business models. [...]

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