Millions of Ailment Sufferers are actively seeking out information on new pharmaceuticals, treatments, insurance plans and all aspects of the healthcare system. The Ailment Sufferers Mailing Addresses Lists allows you to target only those individuals and households that matter most while avoiding those households which will simply never respond. Our Ailment Email Addresses Database is the largest of its kind with accurate and verified data. This is an ideal file for marketers of pharmaceutical and OTC remedies, along with distributors of medical devices and aids designed to help these consumers. The Ailment Sufferers are an excellent target audience for medical & diagnostic equipment offers, pharmaceuticals, trade periodicals, research news, alternative medical practices and many other consumer related offers.

Our quality Ailment Sufferers Email Lists will provide excellent data regarding those actively and responsibly seeking more information for those ailments. Reach out customers through direct marketing, including mailings, telemarketing lists, and many additional marketing campaign methods, targeted Ailment Direct Mailing Lists from our exclusive database are guaranteed to be accurate, having industry leading delivery and conversion rates. Planned and timely use of the Ailment Sufferers Database has also aided marketers to reduce marketing costs through reduced sales cycle time, increase opportunities for product up-selling and cross-selling and more. So if you are looking at bringing about change then now is the best time to start with our Ailment Sufferers Email Addresses!

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Source: Publications, Membership, Yellow pages and public filings, Tradeshows, Surveys

Format: Mail, Phone, Email

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  • Due to frequency of data updates, the data count figures cannot be guaranteed.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • All mailings to be undertaken by approved mail house unless otherwise agreed.
  • Suppression Fee up to 100K - $250/F; please inquire for larger files Open Rates available - N/C Personalization available - N/C A/B Split - N/C; $100 each add'l. split
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