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In healthcare marketing, every competitive advantage counts, which is where InfoGlobalData's Healthcare payers email list can help. This resource provides direct access to key healthcare payers, enhancing your marketing and corporate growth. Our authentic healthcare payers mailing list ensures you communicate with healthcare professionals who matter, removing the guesswork from your multichannel marketing campaigns. Our data scientists make it a point to only collect data from trusted sources. They segment all data precisely and accurately to ensure that your communication is directed to the appropriate prospects.


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  • 100% Privacy Compliant: CAN-SPAM & GDPR
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  • 100% Data Ownership Guarantee
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Segment Healthcare Payers Mailing List Based On Marketing Targets

Type of Payer

Job Titles/Functions

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Geographic Location

Healthcare Payers Database By Specialty

Health Insurance Companies Employer-Sponsored Health Plans Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) Government Health Programs (e.g., CHIP) Veterans Health Administration (VHA)
Tricare (Military Health System) Indian Health Service (IHS) Workers' Compensation Insurance
Dental Insurance Providers Vision Insurance Providers Long-Term Care Insurance Companies
Disability Insurance Providers Supplemental Health Insurance Providers Critical Illness Insurance Providers
Home Health Care Insurance Providers Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

What Type Of Information Is Included In A Healthcare Payers Email List?

Purchasing a healthcare payers email list from InfoGlobalData is a strategic move that goes far beyond simply gathering email addresses. You'll receive access to a painstakingly selected database of healthcare professionals that are relevant to your business needs. Our goal is to give you a wealth of information that will take the guessing out of reaching the right folks. We prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring that the connections you receive are not random but carefully connected with your business goals.

So, what exactly does this exhaustive list include?

  • Opt-in email addresses of healthcare payers: You’ll be sending messages directly to people who have the authority to make purchase decisions.
  • Business & Personal phone numbers: In addition to email marketing, you can engage in direct outreach to healthcare payers through telemarketing efforts.
  • CASS-certified postal addresses: Sometimes, email marketing might not yield the desired result. However, a timely direct mail campaign to the same recipient can make all the difference.
  • Names of Healthcare Payers: Get more personal with your prospects by addressing their first name or last name.
  • Location details: Knowing the location of the recipient allows you to create a more tailored approach that resonates with the prospect.
  • Verified social media handles: Your audience can be of varied ages. You can’t expect to find all of them in one single platform. As such, to diversify your marketing approach, we offer social media handles.
  • Specialty Information: You can target sub-categories under healthcare payers such as health insurance providers, managed care organizations, TPAs, PBMs, etc.
  • Data segments for customization: These segments enable highly personalized campaigns, increasing the possibility of conversions and, ultimately, a higher return on investment.

These are the most common information that is included in our healthcare payers email database. Now, if you customize your list, the information can vary. So, let’s look at how you can customize our list of healthcare payers.

Customized Healthcare Payers Mailing List For Better Conversions

Design your healthcare payers database according to your needs. At InfoGlobalData, we provide more than 35+ data attributes to accommodate your needs. Simple browse through these fields and create a unique list that is exclusive to you.

The most common data fields include:

  • Years of experience: You can choose whether you want freshers or experienced candidates for your list. You can choose by the number of years they’ve been working and make better personalization.
  • Company: Target healthcare payers by the company they are affiliated with and offer relevant products and services that resonate with the company’s goals and challenges.
  • Insurance type: Choose by insurance type, such as commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or self-insured, etc. You can address the unique needs and priorities of each payer segment.
  • Revenue: You also can narrow down the searches based on the size of the revenue. This will allow for strategic prioritization of high-value prospects and the allocation of resources towards organizations with greater financial capacity.
  • Employee size: This can be helpful if you’re looking for more or two healthcare payers in the same organization.

#1 Healthcare Payers Mailing Database

Contact the top healthcare payers and drive more sales revenue using our CRM-friendly healthcare payers mailing list. Try our free sample list now!

Benefits Of A Healthcare Payers Email Database

When you choose InfoGlobalData’s Healthcare payers mailing list, you’re doing more than simply sending emails; you’re also making vital relationships. Whether you sell medical items, provide healthcare recruitment services, or CME opportunities, a professionally compiled email list allows you to engage directly with healthcare professionals who are key decision-makers in their organizations.

Look at the benefits below:

  • Improved ROI: With a targeted list of healthcare payers, your messages are more likely to resonate with a specific audience, resulting in increased conversion and overall ROI.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared to traditional marketing channels such as direct mail or print media, email marketing is highly cost-effective. With healthcare payers email lists, marketers can reach a large number of healthcare professionals with minimal investment.
  • Increased engagement and response rates: Healthcare payers are often busy professionals, and email provides a convenient and accessible way for them to stay informed. With the help of our email list, marketers can capture the attention of physicians more effectively.
  • Access to a network of US Healthcare payers as well as Global: Don’t limit your potential to the local market. With our healthcare payer contact list, you can scale your outreach globally and explore untapped opportunities.
  • Privacy-compliant lists: Don’t fret about legal concerns when engaging in marketing campaigns. Access our CAN-SPAM-compliant email addresses to experience hassle-free marketing experience.
  • CRM-friendly files: Our lists seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM, allowing you to focus completely on your marketing plans.

InfoGlobalData Is Your Best Choice For Healthcare Payers Database

Selecting the correct partner for your healthcare marketing initiatives is critical, and InfoGlobalData excels in this area. What we provide is more than just a healthcare payers mailing list; it is a comprehensive marketing solution meticulously developed to suit the unique needs of the healthcare business.

We are dedicated to data accuracy, guaranteeing that your marketing campaigns are timely and extremely effective. Our sources have been the core of our reliable data. It expands to international standards and is pre-verified for authenticity.

Here are some industry-standard data sources:

  • Government Databases: Agencies like the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) provide publicly available data on healthcare payer organizations, such as enrollment numbers, financial data, and regulatory information.
  • Industry Reports and Publications: Reports, whitepapers, and publications from reputable sources like healthcare associations, consulting firms, and research organizations offer insights and data on healthcare payer trends, challenges, and market dynamics.
  • Healthcare Directories: Online directories specific to the healthcare industry, maintained by associations or professional organizations, are valuable sources for information on healthcare payer organizations, including contact details and areas of focus.
  • Publicly Available Financial Reports: Publicly traded healthcare payer organizations are required to disclose financial information in their annual reports, providing insights into their revenue, profitability, and market position.
  • Surveys and Market Research: Studies conducted by industry stakeholders, research firms, or academic institutions often contain data on healthcare payer preferences, behaviors, and challenges.
  • Third-Party Data Providers: These providers offer access to proprietary databases containing information on healthcare payer organizations, including contact details, demographics, and behavioral data.
  • Regulatory Filings: Filings submitted by healthcare payer organizations to government agencies, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), can include information on their operations, financial performance, and strategic initiatives.
  • Trade Shows and Conferences: Gathering information on healthcare payer organizations through interactions, presentations, and exhibitor materials.
  • Online Research and Social Media: Monitoring social media platforms to gather insights into healthcare payer organizations, including news, announcements, and updates on their activities and initiatives.

With verified and segmented contact details from InfoGlobalData’s healthcare payers email database, your healthcare marketing initiatives and business development strategies are poised for success.

FAQs About healthcare Payers Email List

A healthcare payers email list is a targeted list of contact information filled with details on healthcare payers from across the world. These lists are often bought by businesses, organizations, healthcare providers, healthcare marketers, etc., for promotional initiatives such as email marketing, telemarketing, direct mail marketing, ABM, DRIP campaigns, etc. One of the primary benefits of such lists is that they are cost-effective and provide immense value for money.

We follow stringent data privacy rules and regulations while collecting contact information. Moreover, our experts only use pre-verified sources and employ an internal verification process to eliminate the risk of inaccuracies. We are glad to announce that our databases are completely genuine, up-to-date, and cleansed. In fact, we offer a 90% accuracy guarantee and an 85-90% email deliverability guarantee.

B2B marketers who provide medical equipment can benefit from our healthcare payers contact database. Marketers can use the provided contact information to send in samples that highlight the product features. Furthermore, healthcare recruiters, hospitals, healthcare providers, etc., can utilize this contact information to find new leads.