SIC Code 2869 - Industrial Organic Chemicals, Not Elsewhere Classified

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SIC Code 2869 - Industries Database

SIC Code Industry Title Total Marketable US Businesses
SIC Code 2869 Industrial Organic Chemicals, Nec 3,494
SIC Code 286900 Industrial organic chemicals, nec 1,073
SIC Code 28690000 Industrial organic chemicals, nec 1,073
SIC Code 286901 Alcohols, non beverage 319
SIC Code 28690100 Alcohols, non beverage 30
SIC Code 28690101 Alcohols, industrial: denatured
SIC Code 28690102 Amyl alcohol 1
SIC Code 28690103 Butyl alcohol, butanol 3
SIC Code 28690104 Ethyl alcohol, ethanol 240
SIC Code 28690105 Ethylene glycols 5
SIC Code 28690106 Grain alcohol, industrial 7
SIC Code 28690108 Methyl alcohol, synthetic, methanol 11
SIC Code 286902 Olefins 32
SIC Code 28690200 Olefins 13
SIC Code 28690201 Ethylene 16
SIC Code 28690202 Propylene, butylene 3
SIC Code 286903 Amines, acids, salts, esters 60
SIC Code 28690300 Amines, acids, salts, esters 16
SIC Code 28690301 Acetates: amyl, butyl, and ethyl 1
SIC Code 28690302 Acetic and chloroacetic acid and
metallic salts
SIC Code 28690303 Adipic acid and metallic salts 0
SIC Code 28690305 Esters of phthalic anhydride 0
SIC Code 28690306 Ethanolamines 18
SIC Code 28690307 Fatty acid esters, aminos, etc. 16
SIC Code 28690311 Oxalic acid and metallic salts 1
SIC Code 28690312 Phosphoric acid esters 1
SIC Code 28690313 Polyhydric alcohol esters, aminos, etc. 1
SIC Code 28690316 Tannic acid 0
SIC Code 28690318 Vinyl acetate 3
SIC Code 286904 Fuels 1,385
SIC Code 28690400 Fuels 1,377
SIC Code 28690401 Rocket engine fuel, organic 8
SIC Code 286905 Perfumes, flavorings, and food additives 133
SIC Code 28690500 Perfumes, flavorings, and food additives 59
SIC Code 28690501 Flavors or flavoring materials, synthetic 25
SIC Code 28690502 Monosodium glutamate 1
SIC Code 28690503 Perfume materials, synthetic 24
SIC Code 28690505 Sorbitol 0
SIC Code 28690506 Sweeteners, synthetic 23
SIC Code 28690507 Vanillin, synthetic 1
SIC Code 286906 Aldehydes and ketones 11
SIC Code 28690600 Aldehydes and ketones 1
SIC Code 28690602 Acetone, synthetic 1
SIC Code 28690603 Formaldehyde (formalin) 9
SIC Code 28690604 Ketone: methyl ethyl and methyl isobutyl 0
SIC Code 286999 Industrial organic chemicals, nec, nec 481
SIC Code 28699901 Accelerators, rubber processing: cyclic
or acyclic
SIC Code 28699902 Antioxidants, rubber processing: cyclic
or acyclic
SIC Code 28699903 Butadiene (industrial organic chemical) 9
SIC Code 28699904 Camphor, synthetic 0
SIC Code 28699905 Carbon disulfide 1
SIC Code 28699907 Casing fluids for curing fruits, spices,
tobacco, etc.
SIC Code 28699908 Chemical warfare gases: phosgene, mustard
gas, tear gas
SIC Code 28699910 Chlorinated solvents 0
SIC Code 28699911 Chloroethylenes 0
SIC Code 28699913 DDT, technical 4
SIC Code 28699914 Embalming fluids 10
SIC Code 28699915 Enzymes 61
SIC Code 28699916 Ethers 27
SIC Code 28699917 Ethylene oxide 3
SIC Code 28699918 Fluorinated hydrocarbon gases 9
SIC Code 28699919 Freon 14
SIC Code 28699920 Glycerin 6
SIC Code 28699921 Glycol ethers 5
SIC Code 28699922 High purity grade chemicals, organic 30
SIC Code 28699923 Hydraulic fluids, synthetic base 27
SIC Code 28699924 Laboratory chemicals, organic 147
SIC Code 28699926 Plasticizers, organic: cyclic and acyclic 14
SIC Code 28699927 Silicones 83
SIC Code 28699928 Solvents, organic 14
SIC Code 28699929 Tanning agents, synthetic organic 1

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SIC Code 2869 - Companies Database

  • Methanex Corp
  • GFS Chemicals Inc
  • United Chemical Technologies Inc
  • Wacker Chemical Corp
  • Lubrizol Foam Control Additives
  • New Generation Biofuels Holdings Inc
  • Kraton Chemical Llc
  • Addivant
  • Organic Technologies
  • Intematix Corp
  • Praxair Distribution Inc
  • Chemico Systems Inc
  • Geo Specialty Chemicals
  • Ortec Inc
  • Takasago Corp

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial organic chemicals, not elsewhere classified. This industry includes companies primarily engaged in the production of organic chemicals used by other manufacturing industries. It encompasses the majority of U.S. organic chemical output and represents the single largest segment of the overall chemical industry. Materials created using these chemicals, such as plastic and fiber, are classified in their respective industries

Few of the SIC Code 2869 industries and contacts are mentioned below

  • SIC Code 2869 - Industrial Organic Chemicals
  • Formic Acid and Metallic Salts Manufacturers
  • Acetic Acid Manufacturing Industry
  • SIC Code Oxalic Acid and Metallic Salts
  • Synthetic Acetone Manufacturers
  • SIC Code Fatty Acid Esters and Amines
  • Ferric Ammonium Oxalate Manufacturing Industry Database
  • SIC Code Polyhydric Alcohol Esters and Amines
  • Organic Solvents Manufacturing Industry
  • SIC Code Acid Esters and Amines
  • Organic Acids Manufacturing Industry Database
  • Algin Products Manufacturers
  • SIC Code Butyl Ester Solution
  • SIC Code Synthetic Camphor
  • SIC Code Synthetic Flavors and Flavoring Materials
  • Formic Acid and Metallic Salts
  • Chloroacetic Acid and Metallic Salts Manufacturers
  • SIC Code Tartaric Acid and Metallic Salts
  • Chlorinated Solvents Manufacturing Industry
  • Organic Laboratory Chemicals
  • SIC Code Chloroform and Citric Acid
  • Unsymmetrical Dimethylhydrazine Manufacturers
  • Industrial Ethanol Manufacturers
  • Industrial Organic Cyclic Compounds
  • Organic Cyclic and Acyclic Plasticizers
  • SIC Code Synthetic Organic Tanning Agents
  • Naphthalene Sulfonic Acid Condensates

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