SIC Code 5961 - Catalog and Mail-Order Houses

Find and target businesses based on SIC Code 5961 and reach professionals working in SIC code 5961 Catalog and Mail-Order Houses for your marketing campaigns. Customize your SIC 2 Digit Code List based on SIC Code Industry, Employee size, Revenue, Seniority, Business Type, Location Type and many more to personalize marketing communications. The SIC Code 5961 List is a resource for marketers to target a new market by SIC Code and SIC Industry Description. Click on SIC Code Catalog and Mail-Order Houses to view counts and sub-industries, or search for a SIC code using the 2 digit SIC Number. We build our SIC Code 5961 list by compiling the data from all globally legitimate sources including Official Government Business Registries, Credit Bureaus, Business Registries, Public Records and third Party Information Services. Accelerate the growth and revenue of your business with a 100% verified email list of SIC code Catalog and Mail-Order Houses. Reach your targeted SIC Code 5961 based industries with a 100% human verified email list of SIC codes.

SIC Code 5961 - Industries Database

SIC Code Industry Title Total Marketable US Businesses
SIC Code 5961 Catalog and Mail-order Houses 33,745
SIC Code 596100 Catalog and mail-order houses 6,927
SIC Code 59610000 Catalog and mail-order houses 6,927
SIC Code 596101 Food, mail order 322
SIC Code 59610100 Food, mail order 262
SIC Code 59610101 Cheese, mail order 12
SIC Code 59610102 Fruit, mail order 48
SIC Code 596102 Computer equipment and electronics,
mail order
SIC Code 59610200 Computer equipment and electronics,
mail order
SIC Code 59610201 Computer software, mail order 212
SIC Code 59610202 Computers and peripheral equipment,
mail order
SIC Code 59610203 Electronic kits and parts, mail order 133
SIC Code 596103 Book and record clubs 339
SIC Code 59610300 Book and record clubs 76
SIC Code 59610301 Book club, mail order 45
SIC Code 59610302 Magazines, mail order 44
SIC Code 59610303 Record and/or tape (music or video) club,
mail order
SIC Code 596104 Stamps, coins, and other collectibles,
mail order
SIC Code 59610400 Stamps, coins, and other collectibles,
mail order
SIC Code 59610401 Coins, mail order 29
SIC Code 59610402 Collectibles and antiques, mail order 641
SIC Code 59610403 Stamps, mail order 44
SIC Code 596199 Catalog and mail-order houses, nec 23,864
SIC Code 59619901 Arts and crafts equipment and supplies, mail order 229
SIC Code 59619902 Automotive supplies and equipment, mail order 246
SIC Code 59619903 Books, mail order (except book clubs) 284
SIC Code 59619904 Cards, mail order 62
SIC Code 59619905 Catalog sales 1,419
SIC Code 59619906 Clothing, mail order (except women's) 715
SIC Code 59619907 Cosmetics and perfumes, mail order 750
SIC Code 59619908 Educational supplies and equipment, mail order 234
SIC Code 59619909 Fishing, hunting and camping equipment
and supplies: by mail
SIC Code 59619910 Fitness and sporting goods, mail order 586
SIC Code 59619911 Flowers, plants and bulbs: mail order 104
SIC Code 59619912 Furniture and furnishings, mail order 228
SIC Code 59619913 General merchandise, mail order 3,995
SIC Code 59619914 Gift items, mail order 316
SIC Code 59619915 Jewelry, mail order 366
SIC Code 59619916 Mail order house, nec 1,053
SIC Code 59619917 Mail order house, order taking office only 57
SIC Code 59619918 Novelty merchandise, mail order 463
SIC Code 59619919 Religious merchandise, mail order 52
SIC Code 59619920 Television, home shopping 169
SIC Code 59619921 Tools and hardware, mail order 151
SIC Code 59619922 Toys and games (including dolls and models),
mail order
SIC Code 59619923 Women's apparel, mail order 593
SIC Code 59619924 Pharmaceuticals, mail order 402
SIC Code 59619925 Electronic shopping 10,898
SIC Code 59619926 Electronic auctions 125

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Catalogue & Mail Order Houses Industry Professionals List

Catalogue & Mail Order Houses List Total Records
Catalogue and Mail Order Houses Mailing List 2,438
Department Stores Email Marketing Lists 9,721
Food Mail Order Mailing List 7,265
Catalog Showroom Stores Email Database 11,825
Tool and Equipment Catalog Buyers List 3,629
Cosmetics and Perfumes Mail Order Email Addresses 2,374
Arts and Crafts Equipment and Supplies Mail Order Lists 3,429
Fitness and Sporting Goods Mail Order Contact List 2,173
Women's Apparel Mail Order Email Lists 4,653
Catalogue & Mail Order Houses Database Total Records
General Merchandise Store Executives Contact List 7,972
Cheese Mail Order Email Database 3,912
Computer Equipment and Electronics Mail Order Lists 6,674
Furniture and Furnishings Mail Order Email List 2,982
Religious Merchandise Mail Order Contact List 2,057
Gift Items Catalogue and Mail Order Database 1,169
Flowers and Plants Mail Order Contact Database 2,931
Television Home Shopping Catalogue and Mail Order Lists 4,783
Book and Record Clubs Mail Order Mailing Lists 1,759

Use SIC Code Lookup service to pinpoint your niche industry prospects by finding a list of companies by sic code or by filtering your required Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code List with 2-digits, 4 and 6-digit SIC Codes. Every business in the USA can be break down based on SIC code and standardize companies by different industry SIC code. SIC Code is required for government contracts, and for business registration. Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SIC Codes) will help to identify the primary line of business of a company. Buy SIC code 5961 list now to target Catalog and Mail-Order Houses industry.

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SIC Code 5961 - Companies Database

  • Andersen Corp
  • Newegg Inc
  • Knoll Inc
  • Ebsco Industries Inc
  • BSN Sports Collegiate Pacific
  • Inc
  • Southco Inc
  • Patagonia Headquarters
  • Bluestem Brands Inc
  • School Specialty Inc
  • Citizens America Corp
  • Heritage Auctions Inc
  • Wayfair Inc
  • Gold Medal Products Co
  • Rogue Fitness

Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of products by television, catalog, and mail-order. These establishments do not ordinarily maintain stock for sale on the premises. This Mailing List is the ideal choice for targeting professionals working in the Catalog and Mail-Order Houses industry.

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  • SIC Code Mail Order Tools and Hardware
  • Womens Mail Order Clothing Companies
  • General Merchandise Supplies
  • Mail Order Food Catalogs
  • SIC Code Mail Order Houses
  • SIC Code Novelty Merchandise Mail-Order
  • Jewelry Mail Order
  • Fruit Mail Order List
  • Record Clubs Mail Order
  • SIC Code Television Home Shopping

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