SIC Code 8734 - Testing Laboratories

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SIC Code 8734 - Industries Database

SIC Code 8734 Testing Laboratories 15,876
SIC Code 873400 Testing laboratories 11,717
SIC Code 87340000 Testing laboratories 11,717
SIC Code 873401 Radiation laboratories 284
SIC Code 87340100 Radiation laboratories 139
SIC Code 87340101 Film badge service, radiation detection 6
SIC Code 87340102 Radiation dosimetry laboratory 20
SIC Code 87340103 Welded joint radiographing 8
SIC Code 87340104 X-ray inspection service, industrial 111
SIC Code 873402 Product testing laboratories 686
SIC Code 87340200 Product testing laboratories 348
SIC Code 87340201 Automobile proving and testing ground 38
SIC Code 87340202 Product certification, safety or performance 94
SIC Code 87340203 Product testing laboratory, safety or performance 206
SIC Code 873403 Pollution testing 171
SIC Code 87340300 Pollution testing 94
SIC Code 87340301 Hazardous waste testing 77
SIC Code 873499 Testing laboratories, nec 3,018
SIC Code 87349901 Assaying service 46
SIC Code 87349902 Calibration and certification 592
SIC Code 87349903 Food testing service 135
SIC Code 87349904 Forensic laboratory 856
SIC Code 87349905 Hydrostatic testing laboratory 42
SIC Code 87349906 Industrial sterilization service 30
SIC Code 87349907 Metallurgical testing laboratory 169
SIC Code 87349908 Seed testing laboratory 25
SIC Code 87349909 Soil analysis 187
SIC Code 87349910 Veterinary testing 163
SIC Code 87349911 Water testing laboratory 773

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Testing Laboratories List Total Records
Laboratory Industry Executives Email List 4,851
Clinical Lab Scientists Mailing List 3,721
Testing Laboratory Email Database 3,453
Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists Data 6,825
Laboratory Assistant Directors Emails 1,629
Environemental Labs Email Marketing List 2,216
Research Center Email Address List 2,429
Commercial, Physical and Biological Research 1,400
Refinery Testing Labs & Diesel Testing Labs 2,290
Testing Laboratories Database Total Records
Lab Directors Email Telemarketing List 4,972
Medical Laboratories Email Database 5,912
Testing Laboratory Director Contacts 2,674
Diagnostic Testing Laboratories Mailing List 1,800
Medical Testing Laboratories Contact Database 2,057
Radiation Laboratories Email Database 1,169
Product Testing Laboratories Contact List 1,931
Hydrostatic Testing Laboratory Marketing List 1,783
Forensic Laboratory Mailing Database 1,759

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SIC Code 8734 - Companies Database

  • Caltest Analytical Laboratory
  • NYSDH Wadsworth Center
  • General Dynamics Ais
  • Alpha Analytical
  • SVL Analytical Inc
  • Kimley Horn And Associate Inc
  • Balazs Analytical Laboratories
  • Forensic Analytical Specialties
  • Laboratory Data Consultants
  • Armstrong Forensic Laboratory Inc
  • Mondo Polymer Technologies
  • Sunrise Labs
  • Verus, LLC
  • Mattek Corp
  • Vista Analytical Lab Corp
  • Central Plains Laboratories Oak Park
  • BSK Analytical Laboratories
  • Standard Calibrations Inc

Businesses that specialise in offering testing services. Industry 8071 is made up of businesses that specialise in providing clinical laboratory tests for the medical industry.

Few of the SIC Code 8734 industries and contacts are mentioned below

  • SIC Code 8734 - Testing Laboratories
  • Seed Testing Laboratories
  • Veterinary Testing Laboratories
  • SIC Code Forensic Laboratories
  • Calibration and Certification Contact Database
  • SIC Code Food Testing Services
  • Hearing & Sound Level Testing
  • Hydrostatic Testing Laboratories
  • SIC Code Product Testing Laboratories
  • Metallurgical Testing Laboratories
  • SIC Code Automotive Emissions Pollution Testing
  • Radiation Dosimetry Laboratories
  • Automobile Proving and Testing Grounds List
  • Ultrasonic Inspection Service
  • SIC Code Dairy Laboratories
  • Window Testing Laboratories
  • SIC Code Product Testing Services
  • Nuclear Research & Development Centers
  • Calibration Services
  • Industrial X-Ray Laboratories

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