50 Best Sales Prospecting Tools To Find The Right Prospects

Prospects - as they have the potential to become your future customers- are the foundation of your sales pipeline. Each prospect presents an opportunity for a potential sale, making it crucial to constantly expand your pool of prospects and cultivate those relationships. You'll find the process of sales prospecting at every successful business. If done well, it can increase the likelihood of generating revenue and growing your business. However, Prospecting is tough, especially when you don't know the do's and don'ts.


No wonder why more than 40% of salespeople say it's the most challenging part of the sales process. Much more than qualifying leads and even closing. Over time, prospecting has only become harder. Even though there are so many ways to connect to people, it can be hard to know where to start. In other words? If your prospecting isn't up to the mark, the chances you'll hit your sales targets are pretty slim. But don't worry! In this blog post, we'll explore top 50 sales prospecting tools for streamlining your prospecting efforts and improving your overall sales performance while also understanding the basics of Sales Prospecting. Whether you're an experienced sales representative seeking to enhance your prospecting skills, or a business owner seeking to expand your customer base, this blog post is designed to provide you with practical tips, guidance, and useful information to support your sales lead generation goals. So, let's get started, shall we?

What is sales prospecting?


Sales prospecting is the act of reaching out to leads in the hope of creating sales opportunities. It can be commonly described as a targeted pursuit of leads that are deemed likely to have a genuine interest in your products or services. The objective of this process is to identify high-quality leads through research and analysis and then engage with them through a variety of tactics aimed at converting them into paying customers. This is typically handled by sales representatives who make outbound calls or send outbound emails to leads in hopes of creating opportunities for the marketing team. Prospecting can involve a variety of techniques, including cold-calling, email, SMS messages, and other forms of outreach to nurture leads that have gone cold or attempt to reach completely new people who are potential buyers. It also involves researching and analyzing relevant data, such as demographic information, buying behavior, and industry trends, to build a list of high-quality leads that have a higher probability of converting into paying customers. Nevertheless, the goal of sales prospecting is to create a steady stream of qualified leads, which can be nurtured and guided through the sales funnel toward a successful sale.

50 Top Sales Prospecting Tools Are Listed Below

1. Leadfeeder


Source: Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a web-based software tool designed for businesses to help identify potential sales leads based on the visitors to their website. By integrating with Google Analytics, Leadfeeder allows businesses to track and monitor the behavior of their website visitors.

  • Leadfeeder has over 50,000 users in more than 60 countries.
  • The platform claims to have identified over 6 million leads for its users.
  • Leadfeeder offers a free trial and several paid plans, starting at $55 per month.
  • 2+ million company profiles with website visitor tracking features.
  • The platform also offers integrations with several popular CRMs, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium subscription-based service offered by LinkedIn that provides advanced sales tools and features to help businesses find and engage with potential customers on the LinkedIn platform.

  • The platform offers several features, including account and lead recommendations, lead and account alerts, and CRM integration.
  • 700+ million LinkedIn profiles with advanced search filters
  • Generate new lead recommendations, helping you direct your strategy. Paid plans start at $65 per month.

3. Capterra


Source: Capterra

Capterra is a free online platform that helps businesses find and compare software solutions. It provides access to over one million user reviews and ratings, making it a popular resource for software buyers.

  • The platform features over 1 million verified reviews and ratings of software products across over 700 categories.
  • The platform offers a free directory of software products, as well as several paid advertising options for software vendors.
  • Capterra claims to have helped over 5 million businesses find software solutions through their platform.

4. Clutch


Source: Clutch

Clutch is an online platform that helps businesses find and hire service providers, including web and software development firms, marketing agencies, and more. It provides access to verified reviews and ratings from past clients, making it easier for businesses to find trustworthy service providers.

  • Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that connects businesses with service providers.
  • The platform features over 33,000 verified reviews and ratings of service providers across over 500 categories.
  • Clutch claims to have helped over 100,000 businesses find service providers through their platform.
  • The platform has a global user base and is available in multiple languages.

5. Mattermark


Source: Mattermark

Mattermark is a data platform that provides insights and analytics on private companies. It aggregates data from various sources to provide users with comprehensive information on companies, their funding history, and other key metrics.

  • Mattermark's data and insights were used by venture capitalists, sales teams, and other business professionals to make informed decisions.
  • The platform provided data on over 4 million companies and was used by over 200,000 business professionals.
  • The platform also offered a variety of search and filtering options to help users find and analyze companies and industries.

6. Voila Norbert


Source: Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is a tool that helps businesses find and verify email addresses. It uses various data sources and algorithms to deliver accurate results.

  • The platform offers a variety of search options to help users find and verify email addresses, including bulk search and integration with popular CRMs.
  • Voila Norbert claims to have a 98% accuracy rate for their email verification services.
  • Voila Norbert offers a free trial, as well as several paid plans starting at $49 per month.
  • The platform also offers several integrations with other sales and marketing tools, such as HubSpot and Salesforce.

7. Hunter


Source: Hunter

Hunter is an online tool that helps businesses find and verify email addresses. It uses domain search and email pattern recognition to deliver accurate results.

  • The platform offers a variety of search options to help users find email addresses, including bulk search and domain search.
  • Hunter offers a free plan with limited features, as well as several paid plans starting at $49 per month.
  • Hunter claims to have over 200+ million verified email addresses in their database.
  • The platform also offers several integrations with other sales and marketing tools, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Mailchimp.

8. FindThatLead


Source: FindThatLead

FindThatLead is an online tool that helps businesses find and verify email addresses. It uses web-crawling and email pattern recognition to deliver accurate results.

  • FindthatLead claims to have over 100+ million email addresses in their database.
  • FindthatLead offers a free trial, as well as several paid plans starting at $29 per month.
  • FindthatLead also offers a Google Chrome extension that allows users to find and verify email addresses directly from their browser.
  • The platform also offers several integrations with other sales and marketing tools, such as HubSpot and Salesforce.

9. Overloop


Source: Overloop

Overloop is a sales prospecting platform that helps you find new sales opportunities, engage with your prospects, and track success.

  • It’s a CRM and marketing automation tool all in one, which makes it easy to manage leads, nurture them over time, and follow up on them.
  • It’s also integrated with Salesforce, so you can easily import your contacts from other platforms into Prospect.io and keep them all in one place.
  • Overloop offers a free trial, as well as several paid plans starting at $99 per month.

10. MailTester


Source: MailTester

MailTester is a free email verification tool that allows users to verify the validity and activity of an email address. By sending a test email to the email address in question, MailTester.com checks whether the email is delivered or if it bounces back, indicating that the email address is invalid or inactive.

  • MailTester offers a free trial, as well as several paid plans starting at $19/month for 5,000 emails.
  • No Sign-up Required: Users do not need to create an account or sign up to use MailTester.com. The website is free to use and accessible to anyone.
  • Limited Usage: MailTester.com limits the number of email verifications that can be performed by a single user to prevent abuse.

11. Skrapp


Source: Skrapp

Skrapp is a sales prospecting tool that allows users to find and verify email addresses. Here are some statistics related to Skrapp:

  • Skrapp has over 200,000 users globally.
  • Skrapp claims to have a database of over 50 million contacts.
  • Skrapp offers a free trial with 150 credits, which allows users to find up to 150 verified email addresses.
  • Skrapp's pricing starts at $49 per month for 1,000 credits, which allows users to find up to 1,000 verified email addresses.

12. Datanyze Insider

Datanyze helps salespeople find B2B contact information, including email, direct phone numbers, and cell phone numbers directly from LinkedIn. They also share "ice breakers," which are topics related to the prospect's location and social media activity.

  • Datanyze claims to track over 35 million websites globally.
  • Datanyze's pricing starts at $10,000 per year for their Standard plan, which includes up to 50,000 monthly pageviews and 2,000 tracked technologies.
  • List features: Company and contact data, lead generation, and CRM integrations.
  • Datanyze Insider 90-day free trial for up to 10 credits a month, paid plans starting at $29/month.

13. Zoominfo


Source: Zoominfo

Zoominfo is an all-purpose company data research tool. It has a built-in database with information on millions of companies; with it, you can perform a search and generate tons of information, including the company’s past performance information, number of employees, and even contact information.

  • Zoominfo had more than 20,000 customers worldwide and reported annual revenue of over $600 million.
  • Total records: 100M+; List features: Advanced search, segmentation, and filtering options.
  • Zoominfo offers a free trial as well as paid trial pricing starts around $7,000 so the paid plans are definitely more of an enterprise solution.

14. Detective


Source: Detective

Detective arms your sales representatives with powerful data to scale outreach, personalize contact, and improve cold call conversion rates. This sales prospecting tool scours the internet anytime your prospect and their company is mentioned to provide you with the latest news.

  • Detective connects with your Google Calendar and automatically researches people you’ve scheduled a meeting or phone call with.
  • Detective offers paid plans starting at $35/month.

15. Owler


Source: Owler

Owler is a community database that provides company information such as top competitors, their most recent acquisitions, revenue, company size, and general information like their social media accounts and the number of employees.

  • Owler also offers detailed search features, a competitor graph, and the ability to automate tasks in the highest plan.
  • Owler has Free basic plan and as well as paid plans start at $35+/month.

16. Calendly


Source: Calendly

Calendly is one of the most popular sales prospecting tools. Calendly is a simple online scheduling tool that helps you manage your appointments, meetings, and events. It’s perfect for salespeople who want to get more meetings with prospects without having to chase them down.

  • Calendly has over 10 million users globally.
  • Calendly offers both free and paid plans, with pricing starting at $8 per user per month for their Premium plan.
  • Calendly integrates with popular CRM platforms, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho CRM.

17. LeadMine


Source: LeadMine

LeadMine is a B2B lead generation and sales prospecting tool that provides contact and company data to help businesses find and connect with potential customers. Here are some key statistics related to LeadMine:

  • LeadMine offers access to over 200 million business contacts across the globe.
  • LeadMine users have sent over 30 million sales outreach emails using the platform.
  • Leadmine’s free plan gives you 10 credits per month, and their paid plan currently starts at $29/month with 250 credits per month

18. TAMI


Source: TAMI

TAMI is a cloud-based CRM platform that offers sales and marketing automation features to help businesses manage their customer relationships. Here are some key statistics related to TAMI:

  • TAMI has over 1,500 customers across industries like retail, e-commerce, and education.
  • TAMI offers a range of plans, with pricing starting at $20 per month for their Basic plan.
  • TAMI's platform provides features like lead management, email marketing, and marketing automation to help businesses streamline their sales and marketing processes.

19. Clearbit


Source: Clearbit

Clearbit Prospector is an email prospecting tool that allows users to import contacts from multiple sources at once (including Gmail, LinkedIn, and Twitter), then run them through its database of 3 million business profiles to find potential leads within seconds.

  • Clearbit provides access to over 100 million business contacts, with real-time enrichment capabilities to fill in missing information like job title, company size, and social media profiles.
  • Clearbit is used by over 2,500 companies including Asana, Segment, and Zapier.
  • Clearbit offers a range of pricing plans starting at $199 per month for their Enrichment plan, with additional features available in their Prospector and Reveal plans.

20. LeadFuze


Source: LeadFuze

LeadFuze helps you to find anyone’s contact information in your target market with unlimited access. Think of it as a souped-up version of LinkedIn's Sales Navigator.

  • LeadFuze's database includes over 18 million verified business contacts, with real-time enrichment capabilities to fill in missing information like job title, company size, and profiles.
  • LeadFuze offers a range of pricing plans starting at $132 per month for their Starter plan, with additional features available in their Professional and Team plans.
  • LeadFuze is used by over 1,200 companies including Autodesk, Marketo, and AppFolio.

21. Dripify


Source: Dripify

Dripify is a sales prospecting tool that helps you build a list of leads, send them emails at specific intervals, and track the responses. It’s simple to use but has plenty of advanced features for small businesses looking for something more than just an automated email tool.

  • Dripify has a Free Trial and as well as paid plans $39+/month.
  • Dripify integrates with popular CRM tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive to help users better manage and track their sales outreach efforts.

22. LinkMatch


Source: LinkMatch

LinkMatch is a sales prospecting tool designed specifically for B2B organizations. It allows you to find contacts at companies who are likely to be interested in your products or services by searching through Linkedin profiles and job listings from across the web.

  • LinkMatch serves as a bridge between LinkedIn and your CRM so you can instantly see which profiles are already in your pipeline and which aren't.
  • It also gives you the power to edit existing profiles, add notes or new fields, customize how LinkedIn data is saved in your CRM, and automatically save LinkedIn messages to your CRM.
  • LinkMatch has free trial and as well as paid plans $11.99 monthly per user.

23. Adapt.io


Source: Adapt.io

Adapt.io is an artificial intelligence-based sales acceleration platform that provides a suite of tools for sales and marketing professionals and that helps businesses automate their marketing processes by creating personalized campaigns based on real-time data.

  • Adapt.io has over 200,000 active users worldwide.
  • The platform has over 40 million verified business contacts and over 6 million verified emails.
  • Adapt.io customers have seen an average increase of 4x in their lead generation capabilities.
  • Total records: 300M+ and List features: Prospect lists, contact enrichment, and sales automation.

24. AeroLeads


Source: AeroLeads

AeroLeads is a B2B sales prospecting tool that works as a Google extension and provides you with a database of leads and an array of functions. You can browse through leads using filters of your choice, validate records in real time, verify emails, and integrate all the new finds with your own data in a CRM of your choice.

  • AeroLeads has over 15,000 users in more than 140 countries worldwide.
  • The platform has a database of over 60 million business contacts and email addresses.
  • AeroLeads customers have seen an average of 300% increase in lead generation.
  • AeroLeads have paid plans starting from $49 to $499 per month.

25. Salesfully


Source: Salesfully

Salesfully is a sales prospecting and lead generation platform that provides B2B data and contact information for sales and marketing teams. Here are some statistics on the platform:

  • Salesfully has over 200,000 users in the United States and Canada.
  • The platform has over 14 million business contacts and email addresses.
  • The platform offers a 7-day free trial and subscription plans starting at $29 per month.
  • Salesfully customers have seen an average of 30% increase in sales productivity and 25% increase in sales revenue.

26. Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder

Source: Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder is a sales and marketing platform that provides email verification and lead generation services. Here are some statistics on the platform:

  • Anymail Finder has over 40,000 users in more than 190 countries worldwide.
  • The platform has a database of over 200 million verified email addresses.
  • Anymail Finder customers have seen an average of 70% increase in email response rates and 20% increase in conversion rates.
  • Anymail Finder have subscription plans starting from $49 to $149 per month.

27. Crystal Knows

Crystal Knows

Source: Crystal Knows

Crystal Knows is a sales and marketing platform that uses AI and personality insights to help sales teams communicate more effectively with prospects and customers. Here are some statistics on the platform:

  • Crystal Knows has over 200,000 users worldwide, including companies like Microsoft, HubSpot, and IBM.
  • The platform has analyzed over 1 billion online profiles and uses personality data from sources like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to generate personality insights.
  • Crystal Knows have free trail as well as plans from $29 per month.
  • Crystal Knows customers have seen an average of 30% increase in sales productivity and 25% increase in sales revenue.

28. Better Proposals

Using Better Proposals intuitive editor, you can create web-based proposals that look great on any device. The tool integrates with all major payment processors and it has electronic signatures, allowing clients to sign and pay directly from the proposal.

  • Better Proposals has over 10,000 active users and has generated over $345 million in proposal value.
  • The platform boasts a 75% close rate for proposals created using its software.
  • The platform has a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Capterra based on over 600 reviews.

29. Mention


Source: Mention

Mention is a B2B sales prospecting tool that allows you to track important prospect activity across multiple sources. It can be mentions of your brand on social media or web portals, news or trends, insights on competitors, or just important conversations happening across more than one billion sources daily.

  • Mention has over 750,000 registered users worldwide.
  • The platform monitors over 1 billion sources in 42 languages.
  • 71% of businesses use social media listening tools like Mention to improve their customer service.
  • 85% of marketers use social media monitoring tools to better understand their target audience.

30. BuiltWith


Source: BuiltWith

BuiltWith is a tool that provides sales intelligence on web technology, internet usage analytics, advertising, hosting, CMS, and much more. It is perfect if you provide any of these services since it gives you an insight into what your prospects use right now. BuiltWith also offers market analysis, cyber risk auditing, report filtering, and API access.

  • Over 38,000 active customers.
  • Over 24 million active websites tracked.
  • Over 180 million technology records.
  • Over 1,200 different technology categories tracked.

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31. LeadIQ


Source: LeadIQ

LeadIQ is an AI-powered sales prospecting tool that uses machine learning to find new leads based on your company’s data. The tool uses artificial intelligence to scan and analyze websites and social media profiles, then sends alerts when it finds a potential match for your business. LeadIQ lets you import your existing data and create one-click searches that will let you find prospects in minutes.

  • Over 2,000 customers and 50,000 users.
  • LeadIQ has helped generate over 15 million leads.
  • Total records: 70M+ and List features: Prospect lists, contact verification, and integrations with CRMs.

32. Uplead


Source: Uplead

Uplead is another free prospecting tool that allows users to search for potential customers through its database of more than 75 million companies in the United States and around the world. Users can also create lists of prospects based on location or industry, among other criteria. The Uplead platform includes other features such as lead scoring and email tracking, as well as social media integration.

  • Over 200,000 users and 8+ million companies in its database.
  • Users can save up to 5 hours per week on prospecting tasks.
  • 46+ million contacts in its database and 95% email accuracy guarantee.

33. Seamless.ai


Source: Seamless.ai

Seamless.ai is a sales and marketing platform that provides access to millions of contact and account data, sales insights, and sales enablement tools. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the prospecting process and help sales teams find potential customers.

  • Seamless.ai has over 70,000 active users.
  • Over 9 million companies and 390 million professionals are in the Seamless.ai database.
  • Seamless.ai has raised over $34 million in funding.
  • Sales professionals using Seamless.ai have reported a 62% increase in meetings booked and a 75% increase in demos set.

34. Crunchbase


Source: Crunchbase

Crunchbase is a popular sales prospecting tool for lead generation and Crunchbase is the leading destination to discover industry trends, investments, and news about over 100,000 technology companies.

  • Over 30 million professionals use Crunchbase to find and track company data.
  • More than 105,000 active users use Crunchbase for prospecting and lead generation.
  • Crunchbase has data on over 6 million companies and 14 million people worldwide.
  • In 2021, Crunchbase tracked over 41,000 funding rounds and $375 billion in funding across all stages.

35. Bombora


Source: Bombora

Bombora is a B2B data provider that offers intent data solutions to help companies identify potential customers who are actively researching products and services in their industry. However, Bombora is not a CRM platform. It is a data provider that integrates with various CRM platforms to provide intent data insights.

  • Bombora tracks the content consumption of 4 billion monthly interactions across 6,000 B2B topics.
  • Bombora's intent data is used by 4,000 companies globally.
  • In a survey of B2B marketers using Bombora's intent data, 79% reported an increase in marketing effectiveness.
  • Bombora's intent data has a 91% accuracy rate for predicting purchase intent.

36. Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI

Source: Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI is a cloud-based sales prospecting platform that uses artificial intelligence to automate the process of identifying and engaging with decision-makers. The product is designed to help sales teams identify and engage with prospects more efficiently.

  • It connects to over 200+ network data partners, live in real-time, to obtain the most updated email address.
  • This can save you valuable time when sales prospecting on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Stackoverflow, Dribbble, Bing, or Google.
  • In a survey of B2B marketers using Bombora's intent data, 79% reported an increase in marketing effectiveness.
  • Swordfish AI have Free Trial and as well as paid plans at $199+ per month.

37. Leadberry


Source: Leadberry

Leadberry is a B2B lead generation platform that helps businesses identify and engage with potential customers. Its main features include website visitor tracking, lead scoring, lead enrichment, and email outreach. Leadberry also integrates with other popular CRM and marketing automation tools to help businesses streamline their lead generation process.

  • Leadberry has over 10,000 registered users worldwide.
  • On average, Leadberry identifies 20% more leads compared to other B2B lead generation tools.
  • Leadberry's customers have reported up to 300% increase in lead generation.
  • Leadberry offers a 14-day free trial and paid plans at $24+ per month.

38. SalesLoft


Source: SalesLoft

Salesloft is one of the best sales prospecting tools that offers a full spectrum of outreach services: building and nurturing a sales pipeline, forecasting and closing deals, cold calling coaching, email automation, outreach, and storing every customer interaction in one platform. The benefit of such an outbound tool is the level of automation that allows the outreach to move forward without a sales rep on it every minute.

  • SalesLoft has over 2,500 customers worldwide.
  • Total records: 300M+ and List features: Sales cadences, call tracking, and email templates.
  • SalesLoft users have a 20% higher win rate on opportunities.
  • SalesLoft customers see a 36% increase in pipeline generation.

39. AngelList


Source: AngelList

AngelList is one of the top sales tools for prospecting. It’s a platform that allows you to find investors, employees, and partners for your startup. The benefit to using AngelList is that it makes it easy for you to find people who are already interested in your company or product. You can search by company size, location, industry, and other factors.

  • AngelList has over 2 million registered users, including 120,000 accredited investors and 50,000 startups.
  • More than 54,000 companies have raised over $2.5 billion on the platform.
  • AngelList has facilitated over 36,000 introductions between startups and investors, resulting in over 2,000 deals.

40. Proofy


Source: Proofy

Proofy is straightforward and useful. Many of the sales prospecting tools on this list will provide you with a list of potential email addresses, but how can you tell if they’re truly active? Proofy was designed with this purpose. It’s free for the first 500 email verification checks.

  • Data Enrichment: The platform enriches your data with valuable information such as phone numbers, social media profiles, and company details.
  • Email Verification: Proofy verifies email addresses to ensure high-quality data, reduce bounce rates, and improve sender reputation.
  • API Integration: The platform integrates with popular marketing and sales tools such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Hubspot, among others.
  • Bulk Verification: With Proofy, you can verify email lists in bulk, which saves time and improves efficiency.

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41. Zendesk


Source: Zendesk

Zendesk is a sales prospecting tools in wich as all-inclusive customer service software platform that helps businesses manage their customer interactions across multiple channels. It’s a great way to get in touch with your customers because you can send out surveys or messages directly from the platform — no need to use another app or program!

  • Zendesk has over 170,000 paid customer accounts across 160 countries.
  • Zendesk customers have reported a 98% customer satisfaction rating.
  • Companies that use Zendesk have seen an average 14.2% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Zendesk has helped companies reduce their support costs by up to 31%.

42. LeadBoxer


Source: LeadBoxer

LeadBoxer is a lead generation and sales platform that uses machine learning algorithms to help businesses identify potential leads and customers. It offers features such as lead scoring, lead tracking, and lead enrichment to help businesses streamline their sales process and generate more revenue.

  • LeadBoxer users have seen an average increase of 62% in their lead generation after implementing the software.
  • LeadBoxer integrates with over 1,000 apps, including Salesforce, Hubspot, and Marketo.
  • LeadBoxer uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide real-time lead scoring and lead prioritization.
  • LeadBoxer has helped companies in over 120 countries generate more leads and close more sales.

43. DialPad


Source: DialPad

DialPad is a sales prospecting tool for video meetings, contact center services, and outbound outreach. It also offers a messaging platform, omnichannel customer engagement, and AI-powered virtual support agents. It transcripts and analyzes the calls, switches between different devices, and mutes (but records) the calls when you’re outside working hours.

  • DialPad has over 70,000 customers worldwide.
  • The company has raised over $420 million in funding.
  • DialPad's AI-powered Voice Intelligence (Vi) technology transcribes calls in real-time and provides actionable insights and recommendations.
  • DialPad have paid plans From $51 per month.

44. Yesware


Source: Yesware

Yesware is a sales prospecting software compatible with Gmail, Office 365, and Outlook that is meant to make your email outreach faster and smarter. It offers elaborate templates, email tracking, multichannel campaign construction, attachment tracking, reporting, analytics, and multiple integrations.

  • Yesware has over 1,000,000 users across more than 1,700 companies worldwide.
  • They claim that their software can increase sales team productivity by up to 30% and sales email response rates by up to 40%.
  • Yesware offers integrations with popular CRM platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics.

45. SalesIntel


Source: SalesIntel

SalesIntel is a B2B data provider that offers accurate and reliable contact data, including phone numbers, email addresses, job titles, company information, and more. Their platform uses advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, and human-verified data to provide customers with high-quality data.

  • Over 4 million contacts in their database.
  • 95% data accuracy guarantee.
  • 100% human-verified data.
  • Integrations with over 60 CRMs and marketing automation platforms.
  • Total records: 10M+ and List features are: Contact and account data, lead scoring, and integrations with CRMs.

46. Lead411


Source: Lead411

Lead411 is a sales intelligence platform that provides accurate and detailed business and contact information to help sales professionals find and engage with potential customers. It offers the following key features:

  • Lead411 provides access to millions of business and contact profiles, including email addresses, phone numbers, job titles, and company information.
  • Lead411 integrates with popular sales and marketing tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo, allowing teams to easily access and manage their data.
  • Total records: 20M+ and List features: Prospect lists, company and contact data, and search filters.

47. Prelo


Source: Prelo

Prelo aims to make prospecting easier with access to information about new and growing tech startups. Using a wide range of filters and search templates, B2B businesses can easily access a list of qualified startups in just a few clicks.

  • Prelo provides detailed information on over 14 million companies, including financials, industry trends, and contact information.
  • Prelo have paid plans starting at $23 per month.
  • Prelo provides a suite of tools for automating sales tasks, including email outreach, appointment scheduling, and follow-up reminders.

48. Vainu


Source: Vainu

Vainu's sales intelligence platform helps teams provide customers with the tailored sales experience they expect. Use 100+ filters to search for best-fit prospects from Vainu's real-time company database. It's pricey, but powerful with features like the ability to follow prospect lists and instantly react when a new company matches your criteria or a prospect looks like they're interested in you.

  • Vainu has a database of over 108 million companies and 40 million decision-makers across Europe and North America.
  • Vainu integrates with several popular CRM platforms, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive, among others.
  • According to Vainu, their customers have seen an average of 40% increase in their sales productivity after using their platform.

49. Cience


Source: Cience

Cience is a sales intelligence prospecting database that gives you access to the 300 million real-time validated, clean, and enriched lead records. While most data or lead providers usually give you a list of names that will lose their value over time due to data decay, GO Data constantly updates to always stay on point.

  • Cience database includes over 200 million verified contacts from over 170 countries and covers over 50 industries.
  • The platform claims to have generated over 50 million leads for its customers since its launch in 2015.
  • The platform's pricing is based on a pay-per-lead model, with no minimum commitments or setup fees. Customers can choose from a range of packages starting at $399 per month.

50. Doodle


Source: Doodle

Doodle can coordinate scheduling between two and more people without an unnecessary load of back-and-forth emails. It sends timely notifications and also has the function of conducting polls. Besides setting sales appointments, it is also used for recruiting, board meetings, and education.

  • Doodle is available in over 20 languages and used in over 150 countries.
  • In a survey of Doodle users, 72% reported saving at least 30 minutes per week on scheduling.
  • More than 30 million people use Doodle each month to schedule meetings and appointments.
  • Doodle have paid plans at $6.95 per month.
  • Doodle has been used to schedule over 200 million meetings to date.

Leads vs prospects – what’s the difference?

“All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares.” Similarly, every prospect is a lead, but not every lead is a prospect, meaning that you must distinguish between the terms "prospect" and "lead" as they refer to different stages of the sales process and should not be used interchangeably.

Lead: In simple terms, a lead is an individual or organization with an interest in what you are selling. The interest is expressed by sharing contact information, like an email ID, a phone number, or even a social media handle. However, leads tend to be pretty cold – they may or may not read your content, and reaching out to them and expecting them to share a response is also very difficult. They’re effectively strangers on your mailing list.

Prospect: A prospect, on the other hand, is someone who has been identified as a potential customer based on their interest or need for a product or service. It is a qualified lead who corresponds with your buyer profile and is interested in what you have to say.

Why is sales prospecting important for your company?

Sales prospecting is an essential part of any sales strategy that provides businesses, and sales teams, with qualified new leads to sell to. Sales prospecting isn’t optional. It is necessary if a company wishes to grow its bottom line.


Still skeptical as to why prospecting is important? take a look at the following benefits:

  • Growth in customers: Prospecting is effective when it attracts more potential consumers who turn into purchases. This is significant since the average salesman loses 15 to 20% of his customer base each year due to natural attrition. Without prospecting, the entire consumer base dwindles. Adding clients expands your buyer pool and allows your salespeople to work with both new and existing customers.
  • Increased revenue: Growth in customers also leads to increased revenue. Each new prospect that your salespeople locate and convert to a customer improves your company's sales production. This is what allows businesses to flourish over time. Its expansion helps to counter the risks of higher operations and goods expenses caused by inflation.
  • Access to competitive insights: Engaging in sales prospecting means easy access to competitive insights. It is uncommon these days to be the only option in your sector. The competition is fierce, and you naturally want to know about the other companies that your prospects are evaluating! Conversations with prospects can provide you with valuable information on how to position your products and services. You can find out why customers enter the market to buy certain products, what their primary focus is in shopping, and how to best sell. This can help contact specific prospects.
  • Enhanced market share: A successful sales prospecting strategy can do more than you can think of! Such as allowing you to capture a greater percentage of the total sales or revenue within a particular market. Prospecting helps identify and target potential customers, helping businesses attract new customers, gain a competitive advantage over their rivals, and position themselves as leaders in the industry. This can lead to increased profitability and greater overall influence in the market.
    In a nutshell, sales prospecting is critical to the success of your company. It not only keeps your pipeline full, but it also presents you as a trustworthy advisor, increases productivity, and provides you with unique competitive insights.

Sales prospecting: 5 best practices you should know

To succeed in sales, having a steady stream of qualified leads is essential. Sales prospecting is the process of identifying and nurturing these leads, but it requires a strategic approach to be effective. Here are 5 best practices that every seasoned sales professional must follow for definitive results:


  • Define your audience: Although it may appear obvious, knowing the customer personas is essential for successful prospecting. Salespeople should be familiar with their target buyers and be able to identify them quickly.
  • Research your target market: Research is the groundwork. Find out as much as you can about your prospect before you make contact. If the company is publicly listed, reviewing its investor reports can provide useful information. For small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), setting up Google alerts and reviewing their press releases and other public information can help you better understand their unique challenges and needs. You're attempting to learn about situations and people so that when you reach out, you're not only saying the right words but also to the proper person.
  • Try out multiple channels: In sales prospecting, it's important to recognize that each potential customer is unique, and therefore, their preferred communication channel may differ. Some may prefer phone calls, while others may favor email or even direct mail. To effectively reach your target audience, you need to be willing to explore all possible channels and leave no stone unturned. If one method doesn't work, try another until you find the right approach that resonates with your prospect. Ultimately, the goal is to connect with them and communicate the value of your products or services in a way that captures their attention and leads to a successful conversion.
  • Personalize your connections: When you connect with a prospect, the initial message is considerably more likely to result in a follow-up visit. Mention a specific difficulty the prospect is dealing with or another interesting fact about the person. Interact on a genuine, human level with the prospect, striving to help rather than sell. This can open up a lot of opportunities to convert the prospect into a customer.
  • Utilize Technologies: In today's digital age, technology has revolutionized the world of sales prospecting, providing a vast array of tools and platforms to streamline and enhance the process. Social media platforms, customer relationship management (CRM) software, marketing automation tools, and Google Alerts are just a few examples of the technological solutions available to sales professionals. Use the technology at your disposal to become an efficient converting machine and also gain a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace.

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From good to great: how sales prospecting tools can elevate your performance

Sales prospecting tools refer to software platforms that enable your sales team to simplify and automate various tasks involved in lead qualification. These tools can streamline data enrichment, lead generation, email tracking, and sales outreach, among other prospecting-related tasks. The primary objective of sales prospecting tools is to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy of the sales prospecting process.

Here are a few of the benefits of using the right sales prospecting tools:


  • Grow Customer Base: A good sales prospecting tool assists a business in identifying and converting more potential customers into buyers. It enables businesses to expand their buyer pool and keep their sales force busy with both existing and new customers. The leads you convert into new clients assist you in mitigating the risk of missed sales. As a result, the purpose of sales prospecting tools is to protect you from any problems that may develop if you lose a significant number of customers.
  • Reduce Workload: Businesses have traditionally relied on salespeople for sales prospecting. These salespeople searched for leads online and engaged with them regularly. They also took on customer support and marketing duties to acquire new clients and meet monthly targets, leading to an overloaded sales team. Using effective sales prospecting tools in the sales process automates a number of manual activities. It removes boring duties such as making endless phone calls, exchanging emails, and writing sales pitches. Instead, it frees up the sales team's time to focus on other important responsibilities.
  • Boost Revenue Growth: As organizations start focusing on minimizing repetitive and time-consuming tasks, they tend to produce more income. The staff has enough time to do what they enjoy, produce products or services on time for existing and new clients, provide a flawless customer experience, and innovate. Prospecting tools, which can generate daily assignments, advise the team on which prospects to contact and who to follow up with. Such initiatives result in happier customers and more engaged sales teams. As a result, the company receives more repeat sales, which increases its income.
  • Enhanced customer service: Integrating top sales prospecting tools into your workflow will help you develop a customer-focused strategy that decreases the danger of unqualified leads entering your client database. This technique reduces possible friction and improves the sales experience by focusing on quality customers. In case of any issues that arise in the future, your support team can easily handle them because the customer’s data is readily available.

So should you invest in a sales prospecting tool?

Deciding whether to invest in a sales prospecting tool depends on various factors, such as the size of your business, the industry you are in, and your sales goals. However, sales prospecting tools can help in various ways, such as finding leads, drafting sales pitches, and sending follow-up emails, freeing up time for sales teams to focus on core tasks. It also helps minimize the risk of unqualified prospects entering the client database, leading to a more customer-focused approach and a smoother sales experience. We also discussed the top benefits a sales prospecting tool could bring. So as to know whether your company requires a sales prospecting tool or not, you'll need to do some digging. Address the following questions:

  • Is your sales team struggling to generate enough leads or spending too much time on manual prospecting tasks such as cold calling and email outreach?
  • Is your sales team struggling to keep track of customer information and interactions?
  • Are you tired of Inconsistent sales performance?
  • High customer churn rates?

If your answer is Yes, then it may be time to consider investing in a sales prospecting tool. You can look for the best sales prospecting tools online and find the suitable one according to your budget and needs.


In conclusion, sales prospecting is an essential process that every business should invest in. It helps identify potential customers and generate new leads, ultimately driving business growth. However, the process can be overwhelming for sales teams, especially when done manually. That's where sales prospecting tools come in. They streamline the process, making it more efficient and effective. Incorporating the right sales prospecting tools into your workflow helps your sales team focus on core tasks and minimize the risk of unqualified prospects slipping through. You'll be able to identify quality leads and ensure a customer-focused approach that delivers an excellent sales experience. Ultimately, investing in sales prospecting tools can help you achieve your goals and drive growth in a competitive market.

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