Top Largest Physician Groups in the USA

The ability of physician groups to meet a variety of patient requirements in the community makes them crucial. Multi-specialty physician groups, in particular, provide a convenient location for patients to get various care. As per the data in Market Watch, in 2020, the market for US physician groups was estimated to be worth USD 249.80 billion. The market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 1.9% between 2021 and 2028, rising from USD 251.75 billion in 2021 to USD 287.57 billion by 2028. Physician group physicians frequently check in with their patients on a planned basis, which allows them a chance to support and enhance population health within their local areas. Physician groups exist in all varieties. There are 126,000+ physician groups in the United States, ranging in size from one doctor to more than 11,000 doctors. Before we go niche into the topic, let us discuss what exactly is a physician group.


What is a Physician Group?

A physician group is an organization of one or more physicians that provides care. These can be categorized as either group practices, where two or more doctors provide service inside the same building, or private practices, where a single doctor owns and operates their own office. Depending on the kind of care each doctor offers, group practices can be classified as single- or multi-specialty. Single-specialty medical practices, such as internal medicine or optometry, provide just one kind of care. In a multi-specialty practice, doctors pool their knowledge to provide several different types of care in the same setting to engage more patients and provide value-based care.


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What Role Does The Physician Group Play In The Growth Of Healthcare Services?

Within the healthcare system, physician groups play several different direct and indirect responsibilities. The management and upkeep of patient care over the continuum of care in inpatient and outpatient settings is the responsibility of physicians, a group of healthcare professionals. They drive healthcare services and aid in the well-being of the patients to improve their lifestyles. However, now it has been undergoing waves of transformation. These factors include strong agents of change leading to the path of practice of medicine. Consider the following, for instance:

Physicians' or physician groups' thoughts gradually give way to the public digital domain as the center of medical knowledge. The foundation of the professional guild as the exclusive proprietor of this body of knowledge erodes when patients, other providers, and businesses gain access to this information cloud

Scientific and technological advancements will continue to limit physicians' ability to fix patient problems independently. This signals yet another major shift in the nature of the personal, caring interaction that has been the hallmark of medical practice from time immemorial.

The healthcare industry is increasingly driven by technology that directly accesses patients and offers diagnostic and therapy choices. This shifts the control away from physician groups and is inclined toward patients.

Now, let us go through the trends to get a visual of the changing healthcare landscape and the role of physician groups-

1. Taking Care At The Global Level

With the help of technological advancement, it enables patients to get increasing amounts of medical care wherever they may be. This is a significant departure from the typical office or clinic visit.

2. Team-Based Care

The one-on-one doctor-patient relationship is progressively being supplemented by relationships with various health professionals, some of whom have yet to be defined.

3. Machine-Assisted Care

A growing number of jobs will be performed by machines rather than people. Mastering the patient-machine interface is a crucial skill for practicing medicine in recent times.

4. Globalization Of The Medical Services And Health Economics

Increasingly, regional, national, and even international models are replacing the idea of the "local" practitioner. This poses a serious challenge to traditional medical practice.

Careful planning is required to ensure high-quality healthcare support, including consideration of the remuneration structure, the role of physicians, and technical challenges. High-quality medical care is provided by knowledgeable professionals who actively involve their patients in the decision-making process. In a word, a physician's ability to motivate their patients is paramount.

The doctor-patient interaction is essential. Because the foundation of medicine is communication, physicians or physician groups can read patients' minds through communication and relieve their anxiety, dread, etc. As a result, it may be claimed that physician groups play a crucial part in the healthcare system.

Top Largest Physician Groups In The US

The largest physician group, according to group practice members, is ranked below. The number of group practice members comprises all staff at the practice rather than the number of practicing physicians.

1. Southern California Permanente Medical Group

Its main specialty is Internal Medicine, with 12,022 members in the group. The American Medical Association's 2021 Joy in Medicine Health System Recognition Program awarded Southern California Permanente Medical Group gold recognition, the highest honor. The award is proof of their dedication to promoting physicians' well-being and lowering burnout. The Southern California Permanente Medical Group has provided high-quality treatment with compassion and empathy while also adhering to ethical, evidence-based medicine. They place high importance on continued education, teamwork, and development. More than 4.7 million Kaiser Permanente members currently receive care from them, reflecting the region's thriving racial and cultural diversity.

2. The Permanente Medical Group

They focus on the Internal Medicine Specialty, which consists of 10,712 members. The Permanente Medical Group is a prestigious and largest medical group in the country. They lead the country through systems of exceptional technology, outstanding research, and quality Healthcare. They pioneer illness prevention, early intervention, and world-class specialty care, including cardiovascular care, maternity care, neurosurgical care, sepsis survival, and other services. Nearly 120 different medical disciplines can collaborate and use high-level technology and high levels of medical knowledge to improve the lives of our patients thanks to our collaborative and coordinated approach to healthcare. With the help of some of the most extensive illness registries in the world, doctors constantly develop new treatments to improve patient outcomes.

3. Select Physical Therapy

They focus on the physical therapy domain with active members of 8630 physicians. Select Physical Therapy is a pioneer in sports medicine, women's health, COVID rehabilitation, and specialty therapies. The therapists listen and customize the care to help the patients reach their goals. They collaborate with patients to support their ongoing wellness.

4. Mayo Clinic Physicians

They hold a specialty in internal medicine with 5342 physicians. The Mayo Clinic Physicians has become a prominent institution through close peer collaboration, a team approach to care, and highly qualified and expert doctors.

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5. HCA Florida Healthcare Physicians

HCA Florida Healthcare Physicians offer high-quality care with Internal Medicine Specialty. They have 7180 physicians dealing with 340+ practices. They are here to ensure you get the care you deserve when you need it the most. You can trust a network that offers affordable care, therapies, and devoted specialists when you entrust your care to an HCA Florida Physicians clinic. They will help you create a healthier future and build a healthy lifestyle.

6. Ascension Medical Group

The Ascension Medical Group deals with the family practice specialty, and they have around 4671 professionals. They make use of a care team's capabilities to assist physicians' and patients' requirements through case management, smooth care transitions, and disease management. They improve health outcomes at a reasonable cost, encourage communication, coordination, and standardization, and give people what they need at the right time. The mission of Ascension Medical Group is to foster an atmosphere that empowers a community of doctors to provide more individualized care.

7. Northwell Health Physician Partners

Northwell Health Physician Partners provides services in hundreds of locations and at all Northwell Health hospitals throughout New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties. They have 4724 devoted medical professionals specializing in Emergency Medicine. They collaborate as a medical team using the top resources and research available in the health system. They are specialists in more than 100 fields, providing patients with the latest recent innovations.

8. US Anesthesia Partners

The US Anesthesia Partners deal with the Anesthesia specialty with 3642 physicians. USAP enables the physician partners and all clinicians to focus on what they do best: providing the greatest quality anesthesia treatment in the country. And are known for serving 2 million patients annually.

9. HealthCare Partners IPA

They are the pioneers of the cardiology specialty with 5042 physicians. HealthCare Partners mission, vision, and core values outline the principles that direct aiming for excellence. Our HCP culture strongly emphasizes volunteering in the community and supporting programs that help those in need.

10. Geisinger Health Physicians

The Geisinger Health Physicians provide care for patients with the specialty of family care. They have 3621 physicians working as a team to provide quality care. Geisinger is a health and wellness company dedicated to improving community health via family care and other specialty medicine. According to US News & World Report, Geisinger Medical Center is among the top hospitals for pulmonology and lung surgery, colon cancer surgery, maternity care, abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, and the treatment of COPD, heart failure, heart attack, kidney failure, and stroke.

To sum up

According to Definitive Healthcare, 125,814 active physician groups are currently operating in the United States. Physician groups can offer more stability, clinical support, and administrative assistance. Utilizing a wide range of traits at the group, practice location, executive, and technological levels, one can identify changes in market trends and develop granular market categories to grow the physician group practice. You can assess the overall addressable market for your product, solution, or therapy using the Top largest physician groups in the US data and details mentioned in the article.