SIC Code 2819 - Industrial Inorganic Chemicals

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SIC Code 2819 - Industries Database

SIC Code Industry Title Total Marketable US Businesses
SIC Code 2819 Industrial Inorganic Chemicals, Nec 2,821
SIC Code 281900 Industrial inorganic chemicals, nec 1,611
SIC Code 28190000 Industrial inorganic chemicals, nec 1,611
SIC Code 281901 Elements 364
SIC Code 28190100 Elements 331
SIC Code 28190101 Alkali metals: lithium, cesium,
francium, rubidium
SIC Code 28190102 Alkali metals: sodium, potassium 0
SIC Code 28190103 Bromine, elemental 6
SIC Code 28190104 Calcium metal 0
SIC Code 28190105 Fluorine, elemental 2
SIC Code 28190106 Iodine, elemental 9
SIC Code 28190107 Phosphorus, elemental 2
SIC Code 281902 Inorganic acids except nitric and phosphoric 58
SIC Code 28190200 Inorganic acids except nitric and phosphoric 16
SIC Code 28190201 Boric acid 3
SIC Code 28190204 Hydrochloric acid 12
SIC Code 28190205 Hydrocyanic acid 0
SIC Code 28190207 Sulfuric acid, oleum 26
SIC Code 281903 Aluminum compounds 58
SIC Code 28190300 Aluminum compounds 25
SIC Code 28190301 Aluminum chloride 5
SIC Code 28190302 Aluminum oxide 5
SIC Code 28190303 Aluminum sulfate 21
SIC Code 28190304 Bauxite, refined 2
SIC Code 281904 Sodium & potassium compounds, exc.
bleaches, alkalies, alum.
SIC Code 28190400 Sodium & potassium compounds, exc.
bleaches, alkalies, alum.
SIC Code 28190401 Brine 15
SIC Code 28190403 Potassium compounds or salts, except
hydroxide or carbonate
SIC Code 28190404 Potasssium chloride and cyanide 0
SIC Code 28190405 Potasssium nitrate and sulfate 4
SIC Code 28190406 Sodium compounds or salts, inorg., ex.
refined sod. chloride
SIC Code 28190407 Sodium hyposulfite, sodium hydrosulfite 7
SIC Code 28190408 Sodium silicate, water glass 2
SIC Code 28190409 Sodium sulfate, glauber's salt, salt cake 1
SIC Code 28190410 Sodium sulfides 1
SIC Code 281905 Alums 12
SIC Code 28190500 Alums 9
SIC Code 28190501 Potash alum 3
SIC Code 281906 Fuels and radioactive compounds 41
SIC Code 28190600 Fuels and radioactive compounds 2
SIC Code 28190601 Cobalt 60 (radioactive) 1
SIC Code 28190602 Fuel propellants, solid: inorganic 3
SIC Code 28190603 Hydrazine 1
SIC Code 28190604 Isotopes, radioactive 8
SIC Code 28190605 Nuclear fuel and cores, inorganic 12
SIC Code 28190606 Nuclear fuel scrap, reprocessing 3
SIC Code 28190607 Nuclear fuels, uranium slug (radioactive) 9
SIC Code 281907 Carbides 102
SIC Code 28190700 Carbides 86
SIC Code 28190701 Calcium carbide 10
SIC Code 28190702 Tungsten carbide powder, except abrasive
or metallurgical
SIC Code 281908 Silica compounds 25
SIC Code 28190800 Silica compounds 19
SIC Code 28190801 Silica gel 4
SIC Code 28190802 Silica, amorphous 2
SIC Code 281909 Metal salts and compounds except sodium,
potassium, aluminum
SIC Code 28190900 Metal salts and compounds except sodium,
potassium, aluminum
SIC Code 28190901 Barium compounds 2
SIC Code 28190902 Calcium chloride and hypochlorite 4
SIC Code 28190903 Calcium compounds and salts, inorganic, nec 22
SIC Code 28190904 Chromates and bichromates 1
SIC Code 28190905 Chromium compounds or salts, inorganic 0
SIC Code 28190906 Cobalt compounds and salts, inorganic 0
SIC Code 28190907 Copper compounds or salts, inorganic 8
SIC Code 28190908 Inorganic metal compounds or salts, nec 12
SIC Code 28190909 Iron (ferric/ferrous) compounds or salts 4
SIC Code 28190910 Lead compounds or salts, inorganic, not
used in pigments
SIC Code 28190911 Lithium compounds, inorganic 13
SIC Code 28190912 Magnesium compounds or salts, inorganic 13
SIC Code 28190913 Manganese dioxide powder, synthetic 1
SIC Code 28190917 Mercury, redistilled 4
SIC Code 28190918 Nickel compounds or salts, inorganic 2
SIC Code 28190919 Silver compounds or salts, inorganic 2
SIC Code 28190921 Tin (stannic/stannous) compounds or salts,
SIC Code 28190922 Zinc chloride 2
SIC Code 281910 Nonmetallic compounds 124
SIC Code 28191000 Nonmetallic compounds 14
SIC Code 28191001 Bleaching powder, lime bleaching compounds 1
SIC Code 28191002 Boron compounds, nec, not from mines 5
SIC Code 28191003 Charcoal (carbon), activated 46
SIC Code 28191004 Cyanides 2
SIC Code 28191005 Heavy water 6
SIC Code 28191006 Hydrogen sulfide 3
SIC Code 28191008 Hypophosphites 0
SIC Code 28191009 Iodides, nec 1
SIC Code 28191010 Peroxides, hydrogen peroxide 11
SIC Code 28191011 Phosphates, except fertilizers: defluorinated
and ammoniated
SIC Code 28191012 Sulfur chloride 5
SIC Code 28191013 Sulfur dioxide 0
SIC Code 28191015 Sulfur, recovered or refined, incl. from sour
natural gas
SIC Code 281911 Ammonium salts and compounds 5
SIC Code 28191100 Ammonium salts and compounds 1
SIC Code 28191101 Ammonium chloride, hydroxide, and molybdate 1
SIC Code 28191102 Ammonium compounds, except fertilizers, nec 3
SIC Code 281999 Industrial inorganic chemicals, nec, nec 270
SIC Code 28199901 Catalysts, chemical 125
SIC Code 28199902 Chemicals, high purity: refined from
technical grade
SIC Code 28199903 Chemicals, reagent grade: refined from
technical grade
SIC Code 28199904 Tanning agents, synthetic inorganic 6

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SIC Code 2819 - Companies Database

  • AlumiFuel Power International Inc
  • Lubrizol Advanced Materials
  • GTS
  • Praxair Inc
  • ORS Partners
  • Mark West Hydrocarbon Inc
  • Air Liquide
  • Praxair Inc
  • American Air Liquide Holdings Inc
  • Airgas East
  • Water Green Corp
  • Sodibar Systems
  • Air Liquide
  • Intergas, Ltd

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial gases (including organic) for sale in compressed, liquid, and solid forms. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing fluorine and sulfur dioxide are classified in Industry 2819; those manufacturing household ammonia are classified in Industry 2842; those manufacturing other ammonia are classified in Industry 2873;

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