SIC Code 2899 - Chemicals and Chemical Preparations, Not Elsewhere Classified

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SIC Code 2899 - Industries Database

SIC Code Industry Title Total Marketable US Businesses
SIC Code 2899 Chemical Preparations, Nec 3,523
SIC Code 289900 Chemical preparations, nec 1,336
SIC Code 28990000 Chemical preparations, nec 1,336
SIC Code 289901 Oils and essential oils 383
SIC Code 28990100 Oils and essential oils 135
SIC Code 28990101 Anise oil 0
SIC Code 28990102 Bay oil 3
SIC Code 28990103 Citronella oil 0
SIC Code 28990104 Core oil or binders 3
SIC Code 28990105 Essential oils 132
SIC Code 28990106 Eucalyptus oil 0
SIC Code 28990107 Grapefruit oil 1
SIC Code 28990108 Incense 94
SIC Code 28990109 Lemon oil (edible) 0
SIC Code 28990110 Magnetic inspection oil or powder 9
SIC Code 28990111 Orange oil 2
SIC Code 28990113 Peppermint oil 2
SIC Code 28990114 Spearmint oil 0
SIC Code 28990115 Vegetable oils, vulcanized or sulfurized 2
SIC Code 289902 Acids 29
SIC Code 28990200 Acids 11
SIC Code 28990201 Acid resist for etching 11
SIC Code 28990202 Battery acid 4
SIC Code 28990203 Hydrofluoric acid compound, for etching or
polishing glass
SIC Code 289903 Gelatin 42
SIC Code 28990300 Gelatin 11
SIC Code 28990301 Gelatin capsules 10
SIC Code 28990302 Gelatin: edible, technical, photographic,
or pharmaceutical
SIC Code 289904 Flares, fireworks, and similar preparations 206
SIC Code 28990400 Flares, fireworks, and similar preparations 11
SIC Code 28990402 Fireworks 87
SIC Code 28990403 Flares 83
SIC Code 28990404 Fusees: highway, marine, or railroad 6
SIC Code 28990405 Igniter grains, boron potassium nitrate 4
SIC Code 28990406 Jet fuel igniters 2
SIC Code 28990407 Pyrotechnic ammunition: flares, signals,
rockets, etc.
SIC Code 289905 Sizes 52
SIC Code 28990500 Sizes 49
SIC Code 28990501 Dextrine sizes 0
SIC Code 28990503 Gum sizes 0
SIC Code 28990504 Industrial sizes 2
SIC Code 28990505 Rosin sizes 0
SIC Code 289999 Chemical preparations, nec, nec 1,475
SIC Code 28999901 Anti-glare material 6
SIC Code 28999902 Antifreeze compounds 25
SIC Code 28999903 Antiscaling compounds, boiler 7
SIC Code 28999904 Bluing 8
SIC Code 28999905 Carbon removing solvent 5
SIC Code 28999906 Chemical cotton (processed cotton linters) 3
SIC Code 28999907 Chemical supplies for foundries 71
SIC Code 28999908 Concrete curing and hardening compounds 60
SIC Code 28999909 Core wash or wax 4
SIC Code 28999910 Correction fluid 0
SIC Code 28999911 Corrosion preventive lubricant 66
SIC Code 28999912 Deicing or defrosting fluid 10
SIC Code 28999913 Desalter kits, sea water 10
SIC Code 28999914 Distilled water 37
SIC Code 28999915 Drilling mud 16
SIC Code 28999916 Dyes and tints, household 4
SIC Code 28999917 Fire extinguisher charges 27
SIC Code 28999918 Fire retardant chemicals 47
SIC Code 28999919 Fluxes: brazing, soldering, galvanizing,
and welding
SIC Code 28999920 Foam charge mixtures 16
SIC Code 28999921 Food contamination testing or screening kits 9
SIC Code 28999922 Frit 12
SIC Code 28999923 Fuel tank or engine cleaning chemicals 32
SIC Code 28999924 Gun slushing compounds 3
SIC Code 28999925 Heat treating salts 2
SIC Code 28999926 Household tints or dyes 7
SIC Code 28999927 Ink or writing fluids 70
SIC Code 28999928 Insulating compounds 27
SIC Code 28999929 Laundry sours 0
SIC Code 28999930 Lighter fluid 1
SIC Code 28999931 Metal treating compounds 40
SIC Code 28999932 Napalm 4
SIC Code 28999933 Oil treating compounds 23
SIC Code 28999935 Oxidizers, inorganic 10
SIC Code 28999936 Packers' salt 1
SIC Code 28999937 Patching plaster, household 8
SIC Code 28999938 Penetrants, inspection 2
SIC Code 28999939 Plastic wood 10
SIC Code 28999940 Plating compounds 13
SIC Code 28999941 Rifle bore cleaning compounds 7
SIC Code 28999942 Rust resisting compounds 10
SIC Code 28999943 Salt 209
SIC Code 28999944 Sodium chloride, refined 5
SIC Code 28999945 Soil testing kits 5
SIC Code 28999946 Spirit duplicating fluid 0
SIC Code 28999947 Stencil correction compounds 0
SIC Code 28999948 Water treating compounds 259
SIC Code 28999949 Waterproofing compounds 53
SIC Code 28999950 Oil absorption equipment 6
SIC Code 28999951 Fuel treating compounds 10
SIC Code 28999952 Drug testing kits, blood and urine 142

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SIC Code 2899 - Companies Database

  • Dow Chemical Co
  • AdvanSix Inc
  • W.R. Grace And Co
  • CSW Industrials Inc
  • Albany Molecular Research Inc
  • Church And Dwight Co Inc
  • International Flavors And Fragrances Inc
  • Geographical Secuon Albemarle Corp
  • FutureFuel Corp
  • TPC Group Inc
  • NewMarket Corp
  • Reagent Chemical And Research Inc
  • Ispen USA

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing miscellaneous chemical preparations, not elsewhere classified, such as fatty acids, essential oils, gelatin (except vegetable), sizes, bluing, laundry sours, writing and stamp pad ink, industrial compounds, such as boiler and heat insulating compounds, metal, oil, and water-treating compounds, waterproofing compounds, and chemical supplies for foundries.

Few of the SIC Code 2899 industries and contacts are mentioned below

  • SIC Code 2899 - Chemicals and Chemical Preparations
  • Fuel Tank and Engine Cleaning Chemicals
  • SIC Code Household Dyes
  • Metal Drawing Compound Lubricants
  • Concrete Curing Compounds Manufacturers
  • SIC Code Esothermics for Metal Industries
  • Fire Retardant Chemical Preparations
  • Oil Treating Compounds Manufacturers
  • Waterproofing Compounds Manufacturing Industry
  • Chemical Supplies for Foundries
  • Ethylene Glycol Antifreeze Preparations
  • SIC Code Stencil Correction Compounds
  • Rubber Processing Preparations
  • SIC Code Fluorescent Inspection Oil
  • Carbon Removing Solvents
  • Rust Resisting Compounds Manufacturers
  • Concrete Hardening Compounds Manufacturing Industry Database
  • SIC Code Oil and Powder Magnetic Inspection
  • Rifle Bore Cleaning Compounds
  • SIC Code Plating Compounds
  • Food Contamination Testing and Screening Kits
  • Spirit Duplicating Fluid Manufacturers
  • Water Treating Compounds Manufacturing Industry

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