SIC Code 8661 - Religious Organizations

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SIC Code 8661 - Industries Database

SIC Code Industry Title Total Marketable US Businesses
SIC code 8661 Religious Organizations 367,832
SIC code 866100 Religious organizations 46,963
SIC code 86610000 Religious organizations 46,963
SIC code 866101 Churches, temples, and shrines 316,023
SIC code 86610100 Churches, temples, and shrines 20,343
SIC code 86610101 Apostolic Church 1,674
SIC code 86610102 Assembly of God Church 4,576
SIC code 86610103 Baptist Church 67,064
SIC code 86610104 Brethren Church 372
SIC code 86610105 Buddhist temple 966
SIC code 86610106 Catholic Church 29,040
SIC code 86610107 Christian and Reformed Church 1,673
SIC code 86610108 Christian Reformed Church 801
SIC code 86610109 Christian Science Church 550
SIC code 86610110 Church of the Nazarene 3,689
SIC code 86610111 Church of Christ 9,337
SIC code 86610112 Church of God 3,172
SIC code 86610113 Community Church 6,154
SIC code 86610114 Covenant and Evangelical Church 1,281
SIC code 86610115 Episcopal Church 5,900
SIC code 86610116 Greek Orthodox Church 726
SIC code 86610117 Inter-denominational church 406
SIC code 86610118 Lutheran Church 14,914
SIC code 86610119 Mennonite Church 374
SIC code 86610120 Methodist Church 25,141
SIC code 86610121 Miscellaneous denomination church 72,382
SIC code 86610122 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints (Mormon Church)
SIC code 86610123 Non-denominational church 12,132
SIC code 86610124 Pentecostal Church 5,650
SIC code 86610125 Presbyterian Church 11,730
SIC code 86610126 Reformed Church 374
SIC code 86610127 Seventh Day Adventist Church 4,860
SIC code 86610128 Shrines 58
SIC code 86610129 Synagogue 4,724
SIC code 86610130 Temples 3,244
SIC code 86610131 Mosques 1,002
SIC code 866102 Nonchurch religious organizations 4,846
SIC code 86610200 Nonchurch religious organizations 2,656
SIC code 86610201 Convent 1,127
SIC code 86610202 Monastery 289
SIC code 86610203 Religious instruction 774

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Establishments of religious organizations operated for worship, religious training or study, government or administration of an organized religion, or for promotion of religious activities. also included in this industry are religious groups which reach the public through radio or television media.

Few of the SIC Code 8661 industries and contacts are mentioned below

  • SIC Code 8661 - Religious Organizations
  • SIC Code Churches, Temples, and Shrines Mailing List
  • Religious Shrines
  • Religious Charity Organizations
  • SIC Code Mosques
  • Covenant and Evangelical Church
  • Monasteries
  • Religious Organizations
  • Covenant and Evangelical Church
  • SIC Code Convents
  • SIC Code Community Church
  • Non-denominational church
  • SIC Code Temples
  • Religious Civil Society Organizations
  • SIC Code Churches
  • Nonchurch Religious Organizations
  • Pentecostal Church
  • Presbyterian Church
  • Apostolic Christian Church

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