SIC Code 8999 - Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

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SIC Code 8999 - Industries Database

SIC Code Industry Title Total Marketable US Businesses
SIC Code 8999 Services, Nec 79,069
SIC Code 899900 Services, nec 28,094
SIC Code 89990000 Services, nec 28,094
SIC Code 899901 Artists and artists' studios 14,903
SIC Code 89990100 Artists and artists' studios 4,670
SIC Code 89990101 Artist 7,398
SIC Code 89990102 Artist's studio 1,881
SIC Code 89990103 Sculptor's studio 701
SIC Code 89990104 Calligrapher 253
SIC Code 899902 Art related services 1,523
SIC Code 89990200 Art related services 825
SIC Code 89990201 Art restoration 447
SIC Code 89990202 Greeting card painting by hand 34
SIC Code 89990203 Stained glass art 217
SIC Code 899903 Commercial and literary writings 4,511
SIC Code 89990300 Commercial and literary writings 1,191
SIC Code 89990301 Advertising copy writing 226
SIC Code 89990302 Author 1,116
SIC Code 89990303 Ghost writing 40
SIC Code 89990304 Newspaper column writing 71
SIC Code 89990305 Writing for publication 1,146
SIC Code 89990306 Technical writing 721
SIC Code 899904 Song writings 1,041
SIC Code 89990400 Song writings 147
SIC Code 89990401 Music arranging and composing 894
SIC Code 899905 Weather related services 462
SIC Code 89990500 Weather related services 145
SIC Code 89990501 Cloud seeding 21
SIC Code 89990502 Weather forecasting 285
SIC Code 89990503 Weather modification 11
SIC Code 899906 Lecturing services 649
SIC Code 89990600 Lecturing services 623
SIC Code 89990601 Christian Science lecturers 26
SIC Code 899907 Earth science services 8,312
SIC Code 89990700 Earth science services 5,181
SIC Code 89990701 Geological consultant 835
SIC Code 89990702 Geophysical consultant 163
SIC Code 89990703 Natural resource preservation service 2,133
SIC Code 899908 Communication services 2,532
SIC Code 89990800 Communication services 2,420
SIC Code 89990801 Radio and television announcing 81
SIC Code 89990802 Radio commentator 31
SIC Code 899909 Scientific consulting 7,493
SIC Code 89990900 Scientific consulting 6,826
SIC Code 89990901 Chemical consultant 428
SIC Code 89990902 Entomological consultant 20
SIC Code 89990903 Nuclear consultant 88
SIC Code 89990904 Physics consultant 131
SIC Code 899910 Personal services 7,005
SIC Code 89991000 Personal services 4,974
SIC Code 89991001 Home planning 180
SIC Code 89991002 Information bureau 1,100
SIC Code 89991003 Psychological consultant 751
SIC Code 899999 Services, nec, nec 2,544
SIC Code 89999901 Actuarial consultant 923
SIC Code 89999902 Editorial service 735
SIC Code 89999903 Inventor 289
SIC Code 89999904 Search and rescue service 451
SIC Code 89999905 Technical manual preparation 146

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SIC Code 8999 - Companies Database

  • Ert Inc
  • StormGeo Inc
  • Als Laboratory Group
  • Geological Survey
  • Alaska Division of Geological And Geophysical Surveys
  • Weylchem US Inc
  • Illinois State Geological Survey
  • Geological Survey
  • Seimax
  • Department of Environmental Quality
  • SCIO Health Analytics
  • Saksoft Inc
  • IMS Infrastructure Management Service
  • National Weather Service

Establishments primarily providing services, not elsewhere classified, such as authors, lecturers, radio commentators, song writers, weather forecasters, writers, and artists working on their own account. Establishments primarily providing commercial art services are classified in Industry 7336.

Few of the SIC Code 8999 industries and contacts are mentioned below

  • SIC Code 8999 - Services
  • Search and Rescue Service
  • SIC Code Environmental Consultants
  • Weather Related Services
  • SIC Code Lecturing Services
  • Authors, Artists, and related Technical Services
  • Record Production Industry Database
  • Scientific and related Consulting Services
  • Music Publishing Industry Mailing List
  • Natural Resource Preservation Service
  • Actuarial Consulting Mailing Addresses
  • SIC Code Commercial and Literary Writings
  • SIC Code Lecturing Services
  • SIC Code Art Community Service
  • Commercial and Literary Fiction Mailing Database
  • SIC Code Feature and Column Writing Mass Communication
  • SIC Code Earth Science Services
  • Geological Consultant Contact Database
  • Radio and Television Announcing
  • Technical Manual Preparation Executives List

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