Five Questions to Ask an Email List Vendor Before the List Purchase

The ability to target the correct audience is critical to the success of any marketing strategy. Contact information that is up to date, legitimate email addresses, and the capabilities of effective email list segmentation are all must-haves for any marketer, but they are far from guaranteed in an email listing acquired from any email marketing vendors. And as every marketer is aware, restricted companies email list filtering and segmentation choices, as well as erroneous data, all have a detrimental impact on campaign response rates. Building list of viable prospects and verifying that their information is accurate and relevant can be a challenging undertaking. In the present market, there is a plethora of email list and email list provider, each with its own collection of data.


Many marketers prefer to gain new members and building email list on their own by using third-party lists. There are an infinite amount of email list providers that pitch for email addresses. So, before approaching any email list vendors, do your research. However, if you ask the appropriate questions before making an email vendor selection, purchasing an email addresses list in which you have confidence does not have to be a complicated procedure.

Without a doubt, an email list for marketing is at the heart of every professional's direct email marketing campaign. If they aren't a part of yours, you're probably missing out on a lot. According to SmallBizGenius,

  • Direct Email users buy 28% more products and spend 28% more money than those who didn't receive the identical direct mail.
  • Direct email has a return on investment of 29%.
  • Because they may read it whenever they choose, 73 percent of American consumers prefer to be reached by brands via direct email.

Here are five questions you should ask vendors before purchasing a list:

1. How is your mailing list updated?

It's vital to understand how frequently your data supplier adds names to its database, but it's possibly more critical to understand how frequently names are removed from the database and what actions are taken to prevent outdated names from being brought back in. A bare minimum of once every 30 days is recommended for property data and owner information to be updated and renewed. Anything more than 30 days, and you'll be purchasing out-of-date and untrustworthy contact lists.

Therefore, buy customer lists that will allow you to verify that the data provider is eliminating out-of-date information from its system on a regular basis. In the best-case scenario, the supplier undertakes quarterly checks on its database contacts, both to validate the validity of each business contact and to give these contacts the option to opt-out of inclusion in the database.

2. What makes your email list unique from other vendors?

It is critical to ask data providers what distinguishes the data in the list you are contemplating, and then assess whether it will supplement your present database and support the campaign you are considering. Try to check if the data is dirty or clean because a majority of the data always turns out to be dirty. Simply checking email list validation for duplicates and incomplete data isn't enough to ensure you're receiving your money's worth.

3. Is the mailing list is worthy of an investment?

Is the data worth your investment? since you're about to invest a considerable amount of money, make sure that the data is of good quality and qualified to fulfill the current market's demands. Data must be validated and accurate in order to run an efficient marketing campaign. The email list of companies must provide higher accuracy and email deliverability rate, which is most important when it comes to email marketing. If the data provider doesn't assure you of these two important features, then you may want to buy customer list from another mailing list vendor.

Want to know more about business executives data and how it impacts business?

4. Whether the email list is worth its price?

The cost of email lists varies greatly. If you have to pay an extraordinary amount of money, it might not be a decent bargain. Moreover, if the data provider tricks you into the the trap of minimum purchase, then you may want to avoid that vendor. This is because, after you run the parameters to buy targeted email lists, you will most likely discover that your real list size falls below the minimum purchase criteria, which may result in a fill-up of contacts that you did not want or required. Your response rates will suffer as a result of you campaigning to prospects solely because you paid for their information rather than because you chose them. If you market to those who are not your target audience, your reputation as well as your email marketing list churn rate will suffer.

5. Is your email list privacy compliant and permission passed?

Email list verification is one of the first questions you should ask the vendor before purchasing an email list. For hassle-free marketing around the globe, the list you're considering to purchase should be data privacy compliant. You have to be certain that the contact information is completely compliant with privacy laws. The Anti-Spam Legislation secures prospects' data to keep them from receiving unsolicited emails.

Another important fact to take into consideration along with privacy-compliant is whether the list is permission passed. Because if you send emails to those who haven't given their consent to receive your emails might report you for receiving unsolicited emails, which is, by law, a criminal offense. So, always make sure that the data that you're purchasing is privacy compliant as well as permission passed.

To buy or to build an email list? Which one is more profitable?

You can also build email list on your own. However, it is time-consuming, which your sales and marketing staff can use to implement new email marketing services on several email marketing platforms. Building list is a time-consuming procedure, but it is highly deliverable with low bounce rates. However, it is not a quick procedure; if you want to rapidly leverage your marketing goals, purchasing a mailing list is more profitable.

Moreover, it is suggested that you must consider buying paid email addresses of companies instead of free email lists for marketing. This is because if you search on google for "buy emails," "email listing free" or anything like "email listings for free," it is certain that you will get some dubious and suspicious results. The internet is full of fraudsters, so to not become a victim yourself, you must find the best place to buy email lists.

Email list building is not that tough if you know how to build an email list. There are numerous strategies on the internet that will guide you on how to create an email list for business. However, the only thing that is required of you other than your knowledge and information is a whole lot of time and effort. As a business person, you may not have that much time to build email list from scratch; that is why there exist a plethora of data providers in the market that are there to help you focus that time and energy on other productive things in your company rather than this laborious work.

On an ending note- Buy from the established email list vendors

There are merits and demerits to everything that exists in a b2b marketing. It is upon the usability that differentiates a product's worth. In this article, we have covered both advantages and disadvantages. However, the benefits outweigh the demerits. How?

The best way to start your search for a good email list is to research about the vendors in your locality. Scrutinize the ratings and reviews people gave to each of the companies. It Is always easy to fall into low prices, but that does not mean that the expensive list will give excellent results. The list of questions that we mentioned in this article make sure to apply them on your next email list purchasing. We are certain that with this "how to buy" list, your money will be worth the list.

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